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Hi girls,

i'm with MY BRIDAL ROOM (MBR) and i find that they have good service attitude and there is no hidden cost in their package... if anybody wants info about their packages PM me... i can email you


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hi girls,

i can send my MY BRIDAL ROOM (MBR) package if anybody interested. you can kinda use it as a "gauge" of what to expect...

MBR staff are very friendly so after looking at my package, just head down to have a chat with them. they wont hardsell you...

email me at [email protected]


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Dear BTB,

Sale: Bridal package with The Bridal Zone.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are letting go of our bridal package with The Bridal Zone.

Package cost at SGD 2,988.00, with a deposit of SGD1,788.00 been made and the remaining cost to be made upon collection of album.

We are willing to let go at a negotiable rate.

If you are sincere buyer, please email [email protected] for more information/details.

Many thanks!


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im fables NTB think i can recommend a reliable online wedding planner / organizers .. They are agents selling new/resell packages .... quite satisfied with their services ..


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Hi, a 2011 BTB. sourcing for a bridal package from the following. Can anybody send me details of your package pls?

1)My Dream Wedding
2)The Aisle Bridal Boutique
3)Thomson Wedding
4)Di Gio
5)Sophia Wedding

Thanks a lot!

[email protected]