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Dear all I am a newbie here. I will be getting married in Nov 2007. So busy with the wedding preparation and so much thing to prepare..can anyone share with me the "Guo Da Li" mum wan the "Long Feng La Zu" should this bought by mum or my husband


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hi katherine,

the long feng candles will be bought by the guy's parents. GDL list will differ from person to person based on both families' requirements and dialect group.

My ILs are giving me SDJ, pinjing, nappy $, AP for my grandparents, oranges with some green leaves, dried foodstuff, wines and cakes.


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My parents are giving my ILs/us bedsheets, pillow cases, pillows, bolsters, tea pot set, clothes, belts, tie, jacket, etc for me and husband, shoes for me and husband, luggages, baby set, sewing kit, jewelry and cash dowry.


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Hi All, I am the new kid on the block... i;m residing overseas and my parent are living in singapore. any suggestion how can my hubby do the 'guo da li' when flying back to singapore just for this event is out of questions? will appreciate some advice...



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I have a list of the stuffs to prepare for GDL and wedding. Pls PM me for the list. Cheers.


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I got this from one of the forumer.

Not sure when was it last updated. I din follow it cos had a simple wedding prep.


<center><table border=1><tr><td>
Guo Da Li Must-Know.xls (30.2 k)</td></tr></table></center>


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Dear all,

I'm planning to marry in 2009/10. Any detail wedding preparation guide to share? I mean b4 AD till AD what shd my hubby &amp; I do. Thks


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hi Alice

i also downloaded the list from this forum, u browse up and see SK(m57) there is an excel file whereby she posted it out..

no worry... there so many things can buy in those 1-shop solution.. u can purchase all in 1 shop


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anyone has a GDL list of items to prepare if husband and wife are both Teochew?

i know it depends on what the families ask for but i was hoping for a generic and comprehensive one n i can filtered from there. thks in advance

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Just to check if si dian jin is exclusive to teochew custom? Seems like everyone is practicing this custom

Hi @Hopefulbride2016 , I'm a teochew and I follow the tradition of buying both 四点金 and 嫁妆.

四点金 is bought by the groom side, whereas 嫁妆 is bought by the bride side. Traditionally the more 嫁妆 you bring over, the more "face" you have. But at the end of the day, it has to depends if your pocket allows you to do so. :D