Cheapest Sink & Wash Basin u have seen?


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Ya,I agree.The boss there has no airs at all.Best of all, he always give discounts!


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hi VL, ya lor... i just came back frm Poh Joo. Talked to one of the directors at the outlet opp jln berseh hawker centre. very nice & patient fella. the stuff are considered cheap too as compared to other shops i've been to so far. think i'll get all my sanitary wares from poh joo


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I wanted to let off some steam due to an recent incident at Sim Siang Choon.

2 weeks ago, I went to buy a few toilet bowls (the brand start with C made in Australia) from SSC near EXPO.

Due to mis-alignment between the toilet bowl and the sewage pipe of my home, I had to go down and purchase a different model.

Upon making the changes I was given a new invoice where I had found that they had conveniently replaced my toilet bowl seat cover with a different model.

I was surprised that I had to made the enquiry instead of them (SSC staff) who should have informed me. The model of the old seat was the kind with the contour while the replaced seat was the thin flat plastic used in some old coffee shops.

In fact, if I had not spot this, they had planned to conveniently deliver the replaced seat to me eventually.

Coming from such a big establishment, this unethical practice shocked me. They made no attempts to salvage the situation and agreed to full refund only 3 working days later. This was again after a feud with the lady staff who initially insisted that we can only exchange with other toilet accessories.

Fearing that there may be more accidental "screw-ups", I decided to void the entire transaction.

Sign! I am now back to sqaure one and will have to go all the way down (currently staying in the north) this week to pickup the cheque. Hopefully, it won't be a wasted trip.

So whoever has bought from SSC, my advise is that you go down and verify that they have wrote down the correct model number. Remember the design model that you bought in case they happen deliver something else to you.

Has anyone encountered a similar experience?


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Hi all,

Went to the Franke showroom and have a look at their sinks. Indeed, Franke's brand is an ideal choice. But they do not sell it to us as they are the agents so i m being referred by the salesgirl in the Franke showroom to one of the dealers which she says that they can give me a very good discount.

So i made my way down with my hubby to Asia Excel located at Imm. The guy who served us is a young chap but he has wonderful knowledge about the products. From what i compared to others shops which carry Franke products, Asia Excel still give me the best price so i committed my whole stuff from that place, including the plasma tv i gotten there. Look for Alan and as he will give u the best price provided that u must ask him for some discounts.

Till now, still fantasize about the sinks i have bought.


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I bought my stuff at Poh Joo (Jln Besar), one of the director has offered quite an attractive pricing, and the service is goood, friendly and detailed.

Actually before we closed the deal with Poh Joo, I went to Asia, Eng Soon Huat, Royal Franco and Tai Heong.

Well, Royal Franco has a good price for its toilet accessories (better than Poh Joo I should say), but bcos Royal Franco don't carry Rinnai's Hob & Hood,and also bcos the shop is small, they don't display everything, but they do have brochures for you to choose from (but my FH is that type who need to see and feel it in person), so we forgo Royal.
Same with Asia,their service, pricing is good, but bcos they don't display everything (but have brochure to choose from), so we forgo Asia too.
Eng Soon Huat's pricing also not too bad, but their customer service not that fantastic (not as helpful and friendly compared to Poh Joo- my personal opinion la), so we forgo ESH too.
Only Tai Heong offer me the highest quotation (abt $600 higher than Poh Joo).


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VL: thanks!!!
will visit them tml!

btw, anyone got any ideas or suggestion for a very very small toilet?


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During reno 6 mths ago, the plumber told me that things from poh joo, quality not as good.

Now I realise it's true. 2 sinks that came with those push buttons to let water flow or stop are spoilt. The toilet bowl flushing is also not strong. I guess, you get what you pay...


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My experience in Poh joo not very good leh...went to Ho Kee in Jln besar first, the service is pretty good, salesman gives us quite some information and will not psycho you to buy the more ex stuff. He even tell us to go look around maybe at other places first if we are not sure. And i like the blanco brand sink he recommended.

Wanted to compare price, we then went to Poh Joo
firstly, small shop with too many pp and too few salesman. We blur blur walk ard for quite some time and this salesman is serving a couple. There are many others waiting like us. Finally, he came to us, we ask if they have blanco, then he says no, and say, why do u want blanco?! apparently he knows ho kee is selling blanco, there seems to be a tingh of mockery in his voice and made us feel a bit stupid for listening to others. I believe the stuff in poh joo are all made in China (which ho kee says quality not good). This salesman keeps introducing us the more ex- range and the "in" thing, which i don't really mind, but when i say i don't like the so-call "in" thing, his expression changed a little leh...generally, i find his taste very different from mine, his "in" thing looks obiang to me, who prefer something simple in design and clean (wah lau, he actually introduce to me a mirror frame with seashells...)
but hubby is quite comfy with him and becoz' we are in a rush and it's raining heavily, we ended up buying everything from poh joo.
the service is not very very bad lah, but personally i prefer ho kee loh, now a bit regret but hubby still thinks poh kee is ok...just sharing my experience.


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I have a S$ 115 credit with Poh Joo that i need to use by this week.

Anyone needs to buy anything above $115 from Poh Joo? Please call Adeline and Keson at 9437 2618 or 97810661. We'll arrange to go down to Poh Joo together this weekend.

You see, my HB and i bought a frosted glass basin for S$115. But now we decided to retain the vanity top and sink that HDB provided, so we want to return the basin. We have nothing we need from Poh Joo, and they refused to give us back the cash. So now we end up with the credit.

Would be grateful if anyone can help us use this credit and pay us cash.

Thank you!


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Is Hoe Kee the sole supplier for Blanco products in Singapore? I'm interested in one of the granite sink that's currently on promotion at Hoe Kee, but not sure if that's one of cheapest that I can get in town.


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Hi. I bought mine at Royal Fanco. THe boss is very friendly and explains things in details/ Prices is also cheaper than those bigger stores like Ho Kee or Poo Joo.


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how abt search at e-guide?
its a jalan bersha, a very old shop not very prominant.
near the shop selling bean curd "tou hua cheng".


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hullo all

I purchased bathroom accesories plus hooh/hob today.

Just wannna to confirm if my purchase is worth it:

Claytan anti slam soft cover WC x 2
Toilet hose x 2 with stop valve
Kitchen Basin with tap
Mistral Heater x 1 Flat type not those bulky type (include shower/tap/hose)
Toilet Basin x 2 with hole "pop up" not with the old design plus 2 taps
Bath room set (7 pieces) x 2 include 2 mirrors
Washing machine tap (contractor/ID will not include)
Cuizino Made in Italy Hood "Air suction 540m/hr and Hob "TEMPERED GLASS-3 Burners" Model : TS92X and P83VCWGT2


I have gone to JB but the accesories are quite ex when I include the hood and hobs...

Any one have the same stuff I got?


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For toilet.. get NEOREST from Toto. This is my dream toilet bowl and would defintely get it had it not been my budget issue.

As for faucet, for good quality, I will say hangrohe, grohe and alex something are very good in quality and asthetics.. if your budget allows. However, real italian faucets are also quite good. I use grohe for all my taps and shower. My kitchen tap is from Bellari, which is also my stainless steel sink and kitchen top.