CHeapest Place for Electircal GOODS!!


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i agree the prices at jln besar are cheaper than asia excel. the variety at jln besar seems to be more too


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Ya true, I call asia excel a few time for some quote, until now still did not get back to me. This is call good service meh


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I do not agree with astro girl. I went to Asia excel before and their service is awesome compared to the service in Jalan Bersa.

Went to compare prices of some electronics items with the famous Hong Liang elctronics gave. It was reasonable but Asia Excel gave me a better price. Look for Alan, he will be able to give u guys a very fantastic prices.


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i checked out asia excel briefly too... i oso think the shops at jln besar offer more competitive pricing. so in the end, i got all of my stuff at jln besar.


i bought my franke sink & tap from asia excel... is actually package deal but i got further discount... hv tried ask arnd jalan besar, no shop able to give further discount...

find tat their after sales service at asia excel is good too. bought 2 sprayer frm them, after abt 1 mth, 1 of them the water leaks, bring it back for 1 to 1 exchange....

the EF hob i bought there much cheaper too...


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I bought my stuff at Poh Joo (Jln Besar), the boss offered quite an attractive pricing, and the service is goood, friendly and detailed.

Actually before we closed the deal with Poh Joo, I went to Asia, Eng Soon Huat, Royal Franco and Tai Heong.

Well, Royal Franco has a good price for its toilet accessories (better than Poh Joo I should say), but bcos Royal Franco don't carry Rinnai's Hob & Hood,and also bcos the shop is small, they don't display everything, but they do have brochures for you to choose from (but my FH is that type who need to see and feel it in person), so we forgo Royal.
Same with Asia,their service, pricing is good, but bcos they don't display everything (but have brochure to choose from), so we forgo Asia too.
Eng Soon Huat's pricing also not too bad, but their customer service not that fantastic (not as helpful and friendly compared to Poh Joo- my personal opinion la), so we forgo ESH too.
Only Tai Heong offer me the highest quotation (abt $600 higher than Poh Joo).


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Hey check with you much does a samsung 23 inch LCD cost in shops like GAB or Sweetson? I saw it retailing @ big dept stores for 1399 only. Any idea?


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hi does anyone hv the quotations for the following? appreciate if can share the quote and where you got the quote from:

1) Sharp aquos 37" LCD TV model LC37G4M
2) Electrolux front load washing machine 7kg EW670F.


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Has been calling up some these electrical shops for a quote of the stuffs we need. Among all, Mxx Shxxx quoted the cheapest.

However, like to hear from you guys, is M.S reliable?


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starcom, for me they are ok... i saved about $1.5k buying from them... but some people had bad experiences with them... you may want to refer to the thread on Min Sheng


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I bought my electrical goods from the shop,SWEETSON as recomemended by this forum and had encountered a lot of delays in their delivery. SO WAT IF THEIR GOODS ARE ONLY ONE HUNDRED CHEAPER but you got to waste your leave for nothing. Guess our pay per day and the time waste/ anger cost much more than that.

Because of them, we had to take many days leave to wait for them to send. Up til today, our Fridge had not arrived since 22 May. They had requested us to give them 1 wk grace notice to scheudle the delivery. They so far have given us 3 dates for delivery since and still no sign of fridge yet. Everyday there are new reasons coming up from the shops such as the delivery man has sent out the goods, shld be there soon, the fridge is damaged when in warehouse, the model is discontinued..the delivery guy is sick,the new model is not here, no delivery dates exact blah blah.
Sick and tired of talking to her.

The shopowner is always giving us a vague date like either today or tomorrw kind of stuff. No exact date and timing.
This is definitely not the right attitude to work with. Giving inaccurate dates and the timin too incorrect.

My advice is to go to other shops to get ur stuff.


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I bought my Mit folio fridge from Kong Tai (Jurong West) last month. Asia Excel's Ray was not able to meet the price even though I prefer to get things from Ray.
DElivery was as scheduled.Thumbs up!


New Member my turn to review on DAv electronics performance.

I bought tv, fridge, washing machine from them.

i went there on 2 separate occassions. so i have 2 invoices with them. i schedule for 1 July but change to last sat. had to call them twice to confirm address changed.

Since i had 2 invoice, 1 is with TV, the other is fridge and washing machine. The fridge and washing machine, dav gt Accord pple to come and deliver to us. the address was updated. the Tv is delivered by samsung pple. but their address not updated but they are the ones who call me and came to my new address eventually.

their price are definitely not the lowest as compared to sweetson. But i dun like the attitude that sweetson give. when i called for quotes. they sounded buay gum wan. like not interested in my biz. although cheaper but i choose dav eventually. when i went there, its vince who took my orders on both occassions.

so far since devliery not done by dav, nothing to tok abt. but dav followed up and call to said the cheque are paid to them instead and not the delivery pple and they will come down to collect. they said to test the system and when they come n collect the cheque, they will listen to our feedbacks.

true enuff, dav sent 2guys and they ask if there is any prob. inform vince maybe tv abit high but then im the one who choose the height, so cant blame them. vince said actually is ok after he seated on the sofa and look at the tv.

so overall, other than coordination prob of the address, no issue with dav. very satisfied with them. highly recommended. areadi started recommending my friends and relatives and colleagues. but then the only con is the shop is at bukit timah. not very accessible unless u gt car or tke taxi.


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Hi Hi~

Can i have the contact and address for:

1) Dav
2) Sweetson
3) A.Excel
4) Min Sheng

If i call to ask for quotation, will they entertain us? And do they accept credit card payment?


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HI Jo,

Here you are.

1) Dav - 91442799 Jimmy
2) Sweetson - 65632308 Linda (Lady boss)

This is what i have.


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Hey jo-heres asia excel of ray.

ray-91052286/97621938 imm #03-10b. address not sure correct anot cos i nvr visited them b4. i called ray and he said will get back to me but did not.

tink have deleted minsheng contact in my hp liao. cos their attitude not gd.

yeah can call them and try ur luck..better than gog dwn since they are all over sg.


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Anybody knows if Dav Electrical can accept Credit cards without any surcharge? any 0% installment?


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Can accept credit cards but with surcharge. They can arrange installment plans but also subject to surcharge.


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welcome.. I bought some of my elec. items there.. 2xLCD TV, fridge, washing machine

Hv checked ard & they r still the cheapest. Service is good too.


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Just called sweetson and they have 0% installment plan with uob and dbs card. And their price is pretty good. Looking at mit fride baby folio. hope the service is just as good


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oops. went there yesterday and realised they are only a few units aways from their old units :p wonder how come I missed it the last time. Anyway thanks sinkor.

But I don't seem to see any electrical appliances there. so how to buy like that? Or should I do my research else where then go there ask for the price of the model I want?


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no one tried HONG LIANG electrical enterprise?
blk 123 #01-170

its opposite queensway shopping centre.


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so far from my research for the past 1 month...DAV is the cheapest...i got my samsung LCD R71 40" at only 3080 after minus voucher...and some other electrical appliances...

hong liang is also cheap but so far i ask DAV on certain items...they are still cheaper..


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im waitg for my electrical delivery from DAV tis wk! lookin forwrd to c my stuffs keke.
for my samsung tv i paid installmnt


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is it?

mayb u can tell them how much others sell...see whether he can compromise...btw wat product u getting?

but i feel i general DAV will be still cheaper then hong liang


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1. system 3 toshiba inverter aircon certain model, he say don't have. i ask him what model he has, he say dun know

ask me to call later

2. electrolux front load washing machine - quote me over thousand dollars, i ask him "are you sure?", then he reply 900+.
> Hong Liang less then 800

3. LG 602 - quote me 840.
> Hong Liang only 800

so i doubt going down DAV personnally would be fruitful


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hi, wat an experienc u hav. hp bet luck wif hongliang or other shops

my experien with dav was gd thg even over the phone. got the prices of al my items within mins

but nrmally i think to b fair, its hard for them to tel u wat model they have, they wil hav many models,fel anyw also same de. normally we have to say wat model we want,i cal up sweetson also lik tt.

then u can get from hong liang since its cheaper no nd to go dwn DAV


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i bought 2 tvs and 1 fridge from audio hse aljunied yday.
bought one 32 inch samsung R81 and 42 inch samsung plasma for $3700.
mitsubishi fridge 3 door for $799.
is it considered cheap?


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wat is the model for yr fridge? then for R81, wat is the price? plus, wat is your payment mode? cos im also checkin price n if we pay cash will b lower as compared to card payment...