Cheap lightings shop to recommend


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hi jeremy
sorry abt the mistake

hi green apple
Im so sorry to hear abt ur bad experience.

The only bad incident i had with them was they theu forgot to deliver 1 more flourescent tube to me and i had to go down all the way to get it. Other than that, Andrew's very helpful and nice to me. And like wat Andy said, he' also willing to change my downlight colour ( warm, white,cool white etc ) even after installation, provided i just keep the boxes of the lights. Thankfully, the lites were bright enough and so we didnt change.


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Dear all.... DO NOT buy anything from Choong Ying Trading. They are located at Eunos Warehouse at Kaki Bukit Rd. They always advertise as having a super duper sales with things from $1 onwards. Their cheap things e.g. downlights are very inferior and the designs of their hanging lites are simply old.

When you ask for better quality ones, they will start their nonsense by saying things like the whole market does not have what you are looking for. If you want they can special order for you and then they will charge skyhigh prices. Any shop along Geylang will have better quality things and will even start their calling prices at a much lower rate than Choong Ying.



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i ve done surveys at Ballestier. I found that Lite House is the cheapest for lightings that i am looking for and eventually i bought most of my lighting there...


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There's so many lighting shops there... i see oredi, oso dizzy. i finally got all my lights at edison lighting house. actually the shop is really not so fantastic. wat struck me and my FH most was the saleperson's honesty and forthrightness.

we just felt comfy buying things from him. pricing was reasonable too...
so we're one satisfied couple.


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Yes i did. The service so far so good. Only got 1 downlite got problem now. Can't on. Now checking whether installation or lighting problem. Waiting my ID to take down the lite.


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Their address is 625 Balestier Road, look for Albert....

They give warranty 1 year for the energy saving bulb.

From my survey, i would say that most of the shops at Balestier selling almost the same lighting, it doesn't mean that those small shops with little display is not complete. If you are looking for certain type, you may ask them to check their catalogue.... The shops are retailer so they will get from the same manufacturers unless they are the sole agent but unlikely because they need a lot of money to invest....

So far I got 1 problem downlite which i am waiting my ID to check whether is the wiring problem or the lighting itself.....

One thing con for plc downlite is difficult for future maintenance if you want to change the transformer..... difficult to dismantle....


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aiyoh... like dat how? everything concealed in false ceiling, how to change in future? must contact our contractor then ah?


Hi all i bought all mine lightings from light vault @ balestier point, i would say very professional and sincere service, do have a look..


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Hi peeps...

my 3-room has a high ceiling...very high..u know those old shop house? i cannot install those hanging ones as it is too i can only get those normal lights and install them on the side of the call....

anyone got any recs or advise or know of any choeap n nice lights that will not look odd? most prob will be looking for those longish type so install them on the wall...


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Hello all,
just bought all my lights from Lite House. Our very first shop was actually L*ght Arc*d* which everyone said was good.
Erm, well, because there is staff in the shop, it means that they have to earn commission.
They didn't really explain stuff to me in detail, and the prices of exact models of lights were higher than Lite House.

Lite House: The boss, Albert patiently explained stuff thoroughly to us blur sotongs, and because he's moving shop, there's a REMOVAL SALE going on.

Since there's no sales person, there's no requirement to super mark up prices to earn commision, and he can give you discounts without consulting anyone else.

You might want to consider dropping by to see if there's a design that you are like going cheap.


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Hi Bubbles

Glad to noe that you have same experience as me.... Albert even willing to sell the glass cover only when the workers broke one of my pendant light glass cover.... and all the tubes are with one year warranty


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We have gone to LiteHouse this afternoon. Albert is the OIC at the shop. My Mum and FW and I are "nuts" "know nothing at all" about lights. We gone thru 2 hours with Albert explaining to us in details and he told us the pros and cons of different covers/casings/bulbs. He is a easy going person; offer practical choices. BTW, the removal sale will end sometime on this 30 June.


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Does anyone knows where is LiteHouse been move to? Went to Balestier on Tuesday and find that it have already moved.
Thanks in advance


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try the yahoo auction n u might b able to find gd deal n gd offer with same quality. cos i got mine there!


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Hi all, just to share my experience, my hubby and I just bought my lights from Lights Arcade yesterday. Was served by Jen-e and found the service good. She's a friendly and patient staff and is able to offer suggestions of lightings to fit our house's theme/colors. I do agree with sushibabe they might not be the cheapest around, can try to bargain a little, but prices are average-reasonable. Other than Lights Arcade, my experience with LightZone was not bad too, in terms of service and pricing. =)
We went to Italu too, service was ok, but price much more expensive than the 2 shops I mentioned above.


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My encounter with Strass. Don't buy from them!

Committed and paid deposit to 4 ceiling fans with them:
2 x 48" 3 blade ceiling fan without lights (bronze color)
2 x 60" ceiling fan with lights (bronze color)
Total damage: $900! Yes! I know it's ex!! DUH! so very regretted after shopping around, but no choice... committed liao.

2 weeks later, Before delivery, they told me that the 48" no stock in bronze color.
Told them I want bronze color to match my decor and they should have told me long ago when I committed whether they have stock or not. I kicked up a fuss, and told them if they can't find bronze for me, then I want a refund.
So, the boss told me they will surely find the 2 bronze color 48" for me.

On delivery day, the delivery guy call to tell me they only managed to find 1 bronze 48".
Since I don't have much of a choice, and 1 48" will be put in the MBR, guess it could be of a different color. So I told him I'll take white.

as my reno has not completed, we did not install the fans right away.
After some of my reno were done, I thought was changing both the 60" to white. So I tried my luck and call them to see if I could get them changed since I allowed them to change one of my 48" to white.
The boss told me that he has to check if it's in stock and will call me back.
He called me back 5 mins later to say that there's no stock. I told him I could wait and ask him to check when the stock is coming. He said he'll call me back and never call me again. I keep calling their store and no one answer. I suspect they have caller -id display to avoid calls.
I understand that on the sales invoice, it says goods bought are not exchangeable. I was just trying my luck but was unsuccessful. So I'm stuck with the bronze 60".

Then today, my contractors finished the electrical wirings and help me install all the ceiling fans.
All the ceiling fans were ok, except for the 48" bronze.
My contractor asked me is I bought a 2nd hand one as it was rusty, and the fan is very noisy when turned on!

I'm damn pissed with them now. My hubby and I are going down to confront them tomorrow!
So Angry!


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So today, we went down to the shop and ask them about it. The boss say they don't know, and ask us to refer the problem to the agent.
So, I called the Agent (amasco) to complain about their reseller (Strass). They told me that they will change (incl. free installation) for me for the 48", but they only have White color in stock. Then I told them i wanted Bronze color because the other 2 60" is bronze color (all put in living room so much be in same color).
The lady told me that she can't help me with the 2 x 60" one because they are not spoil and if I want to change, i have to go back to Strass. I told her that Strass attitude is very bad, and they told me that the 60" has no stock in white! I reason and argue, until she told me that she has to check with the warehouse whether 60" has stock in white or not first.
After awhile, she call me back and told me that she will change that for me as well, but as it was not faulty, i have to pay installation fee ($45 each) for them to change la. I'm ok with that la, as long as I get all uniform color.

SO, tomorrow I'll get all the ceiling fans change to white.

SO, to cut the long story short, DON'T BUY THINGS FROM STRASS, alot of complains about them on the forums also, I found out too late.
The ceiling fan (AMASCO) is not bad, customer service also good. Willing to help even though the faulty brand no warrenty given by the bloody store, and willing to change color for the 60" fan although we didn't buy direct from them. Can buy direct from them
I bought all the lights for my house from Vlux and Lightcraft. Lights shopping is very tiring so I didn't visit that many shops to compare prices and all, just went ahead with these 2 shops and I think prices were quite reasonable. I'm quite fastidious about my designs and there is good variety at these 2 shops. Maybe you can take a look!


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any one bought from
saw their promotion for downlight which is relatively affordable


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Me and my wife took 2 weeks to scout the lighting shops in balestier and geylang. This is my Summary:

Balestier Lighting shops: too cheap in pricing that cause me to suspect the quality to be very bad as they do not bother to explain what brands they carry. Do NOT accept IN-HOUSE Brands Tubes. Cannot be trusted. I dun really think that cheap quality are reliable. Service and explanation are IMPORTANT.

Geylang Lighting shops: Price are affordable. Service & Quality is excellent. I would like to Compliment Especially One Shop Which is 'LIGHTS BOUTIQUE PTE LTD'.

We were served for a long time and took the sales personnel 2 hrs of time but he had been very helpful and patient without doubt and most important is his knowledge that he shared with us was great. Not only he knows about lightings but also ceiling fans and furnitures too. He can help you out in many ways. Eventually i bought my whole house lighting and ceiling fans from him at a good quality and a affordable price. 101% Satisfied Customer.

I can only give you guys this lighting shop add: Lights Boutique. 686 Geylang Road. The rest is for you to find out and experience for yourself.

You can check out their website:
If you have facebook, you can look into their profile too. Search (lights boutique pte ltd)


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Just to share too. just bought my master room pendent light and dining chandelier from lights boutique @geylang and was installed by their guys a week ago. their selection was the finest and affordable. aftersale service was there too. no doubt the finest lighting shop to recommend. look for Galvin the salesman. their add: 686 geylang road


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i bought from AA lighting shop at geylang lorong 25 i think. they sell look-a-likes at much lower prices than those at balestier (with the exception of at balestier, which offers really attractive pricing). AA lighting very good service. Note that they close on Sundays though.


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I recently found $7 shop lights at Menards . I have been running it 24/7 for my new seedlings.
Ive had it for 3 wks now it 4t long and two 40watt bulbs.
You get what you pay for and they told me they had some of these be returned but Ive had problems. In fact Im ready to go get another


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My dad works at a lighting shop at loyang pt. He can give discount to my friends. Happy to share if anyone keen. Pm me.


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Try Jurong East, opposite Chinese Garden MRT. I went to this shop there called Hylite Deco. Many nice lights reasonably priced, selected items having up to 50% discounts!! The staff are very friendly and service-oriented too!


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ya there is one warehouse opposite Aljunied MRT
much cheaper than lighting shops.
Tencent.. can call 81898136 to find miss tay
service not bad