As some can't make it for Sep outing, we will cancel Sep outing and hold the next outing in Oct.

For next outing, all must come ok so that we can draw lots for the person name whom you are supposed to get Xmas present for.

Do you all prefer 23rd Oct or 30 Oct?
27 Nov is fine with me.
7.30pm? Where should we go for the celebration? The place that we failed to go 2 times?

Oh yah, we must remember to draw lots for Xmas pressies this time lol.


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probably .. i will need only one chair for the eldest though cos my youngest will probably sit in my lap .. she's shy with company.
Date: 27 nov, sat, 730pm
Venue: Marche @ 01-39/46 313 @ Somerset

I have called Marche to make booking. They do not allow us to make booking for 12 people.

Marche only allows booking for >15 people and we must pre-purchase vouchers.

So we can only do walk-in for Marche.


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Thanks for the arrangements, Greenie. See you all on Saturday.

Re: the Christmas Meet-up, I have to check with the hubs cos i think he mentioned he was due to go to Beijing for some conference. Bleah!