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Iris: @ 4:15

Fat and tender.. Crispy on the surface yet tender within mark aka roasted pig... wahahahah.......

Me @ 4:20

iris could not resist after witnessing and had a bite. Slowly chewing on the flesh to savour the juice and essence that's oozing...

Salsa @ 4:23

She totally forgotten about how much fat she is swollowing

Me @ 4:29

Thereafter, she stares blankly at the well done pig's "whip", in awe of it's roasted golden glow and seriously considering if to chew it slowly or gobble it up in a flash... Tonic...

me @ 4:32

Can offer as a prayer item to the heaven during chinese new year?

Salsa @ 4:35

Already been devoured till the bones are left.. how to offer for prayer?

I am in a stonning mode...


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NBz HBH.. your translation super good.. wahahaha..

I dun really like roasted pig or suckling pig... too oily lah... Likewise salsa mention, cannot imagine the calories, fats intake ahhhhhhhhhh...


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so cute how to eat...


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TO Green

First question -> Are you sleepy?
If yes, then you must be feeling dizzy even w/o the tremour so no diff to you

2nd question -> Are you a sugar Addict
If yes, then you must be hyperactive and everything around you seems to be moving; or at least you are the revolving tower yourself

3rd question -> Not exactly like the first question but what time u slept last nite. If its over 3am then i guess you are still dreamy and tremour don occur in dream land
Your building is so tall and located at South tip of Spore. Your location is much nearer to Indonesia than my location, of cos u feel the tremours more mah.

So what if I have insomnia? I still manage to turn up for work everyday on time hor.


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the husband's colleagues felt yesterday's tremors but he said he felt nothing cos he was standing up. their office is at level 25.

green, my colleague is very clever - told me that i had to change my cards by 31 Aug so i changed my cards then ..
Mark's floor is far higher than our floors lol.

I'm glad that we dun have to quene like siao for the new ezlink cards. It probably takes more than 1 hour.


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Singapore is so small but no matter where you are in SG, the impact should be similar.. so whether in southern, eastern, western or northern - it does not matter.

I was in Sengkang on 16th floor.. definitely can feel the tremors.. my maid was terrified..
I used to stay with my parents in Sengkang for years. We stay at the 9th floor but none of us ever felt any tremours even if the news reported that there were tremours.

Are my family and I too 'numb' haha?
I msned u 2 times but u didnt reply. Maybe msn got problem again. Can I buy 1 bottle of shampoo, 7pts from the shop this month? ;) I may go to the shop later. I'm on leave today.


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That why Green wont be feeling the "shakes"
ei gReen... on a serious note. u NEED REST..

exercise @ 11pm then shower then read some damn boring book. That is my elixir for insomnia.


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Have a massage in the evening? loosen you up and easier to sleep. Arbo a few drinks would also do the trick.

Hmmm seriously green, when was the last time you slept long and how long? haha


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Green is a very productive lady. sleep only like 4 hrs. she got 20 hrs wide awake working de loh.

ei.. green. hbh drinks refer to beer not bubble tea.


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well exercise liao will be tired and koon de.
u must be exercising with your bestie until 5am thus both wide awake.


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Let me rephrase my statement:

As a humble servant, i do not have the honor to have Mayi å°å§ as my DEAR bestie. We seldom chat over @ msn. She would never comfort me in the loneliness of the night nor mention to me that she will have her BEAUTY shower @ the break of the day aka 5am.

Maybe what i know is just the TIp of the iceberg, maybe there is more of the closeness of the SISTERHOOD (with her bestie ofcoz) that was beyond the ears of a stranger (ME). Ohh..... how sad.. so much envy, jealousy that fill my heart.

Ohhhh... she will tell me GND and STFU. She so high handed and vulgar towards me, be please do not be misunderstood her. She was so WARM and SWEEEET and exhibits such a camaraderie. My Apologies, it should be more then just mere "camaraderie" but maybe its deeper than BLOOD ties. Yes... it must be after witnessing how her bestie beaming with happiness and joy when she shared those "moments" with me. I guess the most word seems too shallow for describing their relationship. Her name was mentioned repeatedly just like words of joy, Mayi Mayi... Mayi... just like how those the divine melody of those wedding bells chimes during the matrimony of a couple.

Its beyond comprehension. its too profound. But end of the day, i learn a great Lesson after witness the Limerence.