Change the colours of wall & floor tiles


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Anyone heard of changing of wall & floor tiles without hacking or over-laying??
Meaning they will use colours to stain / glaze onto ur orignial tiles.

Anyone tried before?? Care to share ur experience?


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Nobody heard of ah??

Perhaps u would like to refer to this website :

I happened to find this website while browsing thru old thread in this forum!

Can someone please share more if u happen to know abt this tile coating.

Thank you very much.


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hi angeline, i'm interested in this newkoat thing. that means change the colour of existing tiles with hacking/changing them? have you checked them out? thanks


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Hi, i've just refinished my kitchen (partial) & both bathroom wall tiles. Just completed last week. I can't stand the default HDB wall tiles' colours and to hack & relay new tiles were off my budget.

Here's some shots that I took (the before & after look):


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Hi storeberry, thanks! Yup, finally my bathrooms look clean, bright and more spacious.

I spent abt $3400+ for refinishing the exposed wall tile areas in the kitchen, common bathroom wall tiles and master bathroom wall & floor tiles (inclusive of $600 lumpsum for master toilet floor refinishing)only. If I were to hack & lay new tiles for the above areas, it could cost me well above $6k!

Areas covered:
- kitchen wall tiles 165 sqft,
- common toilet wall tiles 195 sqft and
- master toilet wall tiles 211 sqft.

As for the colours & texture, I got them to custom-blend for me (creamish almond colour) and I requested for matt satin sheen look, as per a tile sample I borrowed from my ID as reference.

With good care & maintenance, the refinishing work should last about 10 years. For cleaning, I was advised to use the normal soft dishwashing sponge (not the coarse green side one) and mild soapy water only. So no need for harsh cleaners and scrubbing, because the grout lines are also covered by the reglaze.

As per the Newkoat's invoice, their warranty is 3 years for reglazed wall tiles & 1 year for reglazed floor tiles against material peeling and discolouration. The warranty excludes chips/scratches and/or other forms of damages caused by foreign objects.

When I saw how the workers did the surface prep by repairing some chipped & many hairline cracks found on the tiles, masking the unaffected areas carefully, wahh not easy hor! It took them 1 whole day to do such works for one bathroom not inclusive the reglaze spraying yet.

Overall, the end work is neat & nice, as per my expectation.


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HI gendon,

Could you share the contact of the company that had done a good job for the refurbishing of your tiles?



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hi gendon...

thanks for your sharing on the changing of colour tiles! veri useful.. i jus bought my resale flat and super dun like the pinkish floor tiles in the kitchen done by HDB during MUP. think they shld really rethink style and colours man.. but im a bit concerned that floor tiles warranty is only 1 year


Hi Gendon,

I am thinking to do the same as I am on budget too. Has the work started? Satisfactory? If I were to dismantle the toilet bowl and basin, do you think I can still just change the tiles colour by staining? I am afraid after removing the sanitary fixtures, there will be chippings on the wall and I will still have to hack / overlay the entire wall and floor tiles...Please advise...thanks!


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I wanted to refinishing or recoat my kitchen tiles and also reglaze the floor. Anyone know how much will that cost? Do you think I can asked Newkoat to come down for a quotation?




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hi all, i'm having some trouble looking for colored tiles for a portion of my kitchen wall. Whole looks is in neutral color and need some colored tiles to brighten the place like yellow, orange, pink tiles.

Anyone knows where can i find them pls?


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Hi, I realise this thread is very old. Can you give an update on how is newkoat holding up after all these years? Thanks.