Champagne Gold London Cab


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Dear White Twinkle,

Victor cab is the champagne Gold. He can be contact @ 96385275.
He is a very nice uncle. He even have carpet in his cab and the Xi word in the car as well as a just married sign at back window. Very thoughful of him. Thumb up for his service.


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Hi, anyone who had engaged the service of the pink london cab?? May i know hows the service and what are the charges like?


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The current charges are $298 for half a day of 6 hrs. Anyone knows if thats the cheapest already? If i contact the drive myself, do you think i can have a cheaper rate?


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hi ann,

i had the pink cab for my AD...$298 is the price for ur AD usage only..if u need to ask the cabby go to ur BS/florist for car decor on eve of ur AD, TIBS will charge u another $100 for 1hr after 7pm to do the decor..need to make sure ur BS is ok to do so late..

for me, i called the cabby directly...he qouted me $328 includes car decor charges on eve of my AD...but he is famous for anyhow qoutes depending on his mood when u called u may get a gd deal or u may friend who has the exact same requirements was qouted $368 instead n he refused to reduce price even when she told him i got a better price from him...

but hor, mr.Low provides excellent services if u r fortunate enuf to get his cab for ur AD
so if u r still interested, do PM me for contact details..


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xuanxuan, try checking with this uncle, Jason Hp:94309619. He was the 1 who recommended Mr Oon to me.


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Dear all,

Can anyone share the contact number for Murphy please? I will like to have a red LC for my AD but the contact number i hv seems to be wrong.

Thanks for the help!


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there are quite a few colors for LC. You can browse smrttaxi website for all the colors. So far i find the champagne gold and red is the nicest.

Anyone booked the champagne gold cab from Victor recently? May i know his rates pls? My email is [email protected] TIA!