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stalla cfa level 1 dec 08

Hi everyone,

does anyone posses stalla notes cfa level 1 dec 08 and could share I mean sell . It does not have to bee brand new books and all stuff, it just can be pdf and other things.

Please advice,



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Did the gathering ever happen?
I can't take it this Dec, so hopefully Jun next year, but would like to prepare from now.
Was thinking to even go to a course at FTC Training Centre, anybody ever took a course there?
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ust curious if there's anyone else here who will be taking the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) exam this June..

It's about a 4 hour test with 1 break, has about a 1/3 pass rate and requires an average of 250 hours of preparation. That's not a big problem.. I'm able to concentrate for 4 hours for an exam.. and can put in a sustained and regular effort over the weeks to prepare.

What really throws me off is the cramming. A lot of details need to be memorized for the exam (formulas, accounting rules, laws, etc.) which probably won't stay in your mind even if you made a successful effort to memorize them weeks or months ago. So the result is the necessity of 10+ hour cram sessions the week before the exam.

Now, I've been very poor with cramming for exams all through my life. Contrary to common practice, I've actually developed the habit of finishing things early and consistently over time rather than procrastinating and cramming at the last minute.. it's something I learned the hard way late in high school and served me well through grad school.

Anyone have tips on how to take an exam that requires a massive amount of rote memorization without cramming at the last minute?


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I finished all 3 levels two years ago.
I must say there is no short cut - i took one week leave off before exam to do the cramming, but prior that one has to study about 4 hours/day every weekend 2 months ahead. Lastly need to do schweser practice exam - very important! Good luck...


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hi girls,
I'm urgently looking for Stalla Study Guide Level 1 - Ethics and Quantitative Methods.
Do let me know if there's anyone willing to sell this.. thanks! ;)