Caught in between- Switching job, wedding, and house


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I am 4.5 years into my current (and first) job and due to various reasons (terrible boss(es), loss of interest in job scope, lack of prospects etc), I have decided that my time in this company is up.

The problem is that I will be having my wedding in Sep next year and probably getting my house (BTO) at the same time.

Will it be wise to embark on a job search now and leave as soon as I have found a new job? Or, would it be even wiser to hang around for one more year and start finding a job once I have settled the major events of my life (wedding and house)?

Any views will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance :)

Agree. U shld wait. Its stressful looking for job, adapting to a new environment and also taking leave before u r confirmed is a problem. Stay awhile first.


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Depending on how adaptable you are..and of course your financial status...

For me, I will take my bonus & AWB then tender le.. Of course start finding job in Nov...
I'm a simple person, I just want to be happy...


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Thanks all, Im glad to see your responses here :) I guess at the end of the day, it really boils down to personal choice though most would choose to stay first...


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Erm, I share differing opinions. How's your finances like? Do you have enough to pay for mortgage? Is your HTB earning enough?

Granted, finances are important. But being happy is important too. Not asking you to be unrealistic to quit if you know you cannot afford your wedding / house without this job (than that's just poor planning). But if your finances allow you, I would ask you to quit. Be happy. Find another job.

Every minute spent being unhappy (i.e. being stuck in your job) is another minute sacrificed in LIVING your life, not just STAYING alive. Be happy my dear :) choose what makes you smile.


I am in no different position then you. My wedding in next year... bto in 2017 though is a gap but with the time probably just enough to save up after wedding. :( sad to say i still keep hanging in even everyday i wake up hoping it's the last day at work...i even dream of resign night over night... but what come first you got to decide.
No harm looking around for another job to see what you can get. Perhaps can let ur new employer know, if they offer, that u are getting married soon and need a certain month off for wedding and honeymoon.