Catholic Wedding with buddhist HTB


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Hi All,

I am holding a catholic wedding service and was wondering if anybody who has had a mixed marriage - catholic and buddhist/other religions could share their catholic church ceremony script with us?

Understand that there is a part in the script on the exchanging of rings where the bride and groom will say "<partner> receive this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity. In the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."

Is the last line required to be said just based on the fact that it is a service held in church? Or is it ok for the non catholic partner to omit that part from his speech?

Appreciate any advice
Thanks so much


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Hi, I just drafted my wedding booklet (subject to confirmation from my celebrant). This version is given to me by my celebrant as my partner is non-Catholic too so I think should be able to be used. Can PM me and I can share with you.