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Hi gals,

My AD is on 10 April this year at STC.

Anybody can spare me samples of wedding booklets and checklist? I am totally lost.. appreciate your kindness.



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i'm having my church wedding end of this year or early next year. Still sourcing for bridal packages, caterers.. any recommendation?


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Hi Anastasiazen

i think booking has to be made at least a month in advance and subject to availability. If you know that your wedding is going to fall on hot favourite days, book early.


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Hi Macy

For caterer, i can recommend Rasel as I received good feedback from fellow members. Most probably I'll book with them unless my hubby and family changed their mind to have it in hotel.


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Hi all,

It had been quite some time since I logged on to this thread. I was a Sept 2009 bride and I just want to share a little of what I realise in the months after being married..The importance of the venue of your church wedding.

When I looked for the church, it didn't occur to me that I need to find one that is very pretty, I just choose the church that both me and my husband was baptised in, and the church we frequent. Thinking back now, I am really glad that I choose the church that we visit every Sunday. For I kind of get reminded of our special day every sunday, emotions flow even more when the passage that we chose was read or the hymnes that we chose was sung. It also reminded me at least of the wedding vow that we took even when we're in the middle of an arguement. Usually we'll reconcile after the sunday mass even if we had been in cold war for one whole week. I feel that this is something important to consider for those who has yet to select the church for their ceremony. I personally feel that it is more important then getting a pretty church which you seldom go to.

Something for all to ponder upon.


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Since I'm logged on, I might as well answer some of the queries.

For those want a copy of the mass booklet, can PM me. I have another version which is the mass leaflet. It's 4 pages of A4 size which we printed on one A3 size and folded into half so it look like a newspaper. Do let me know if you want that. But before you start doing the mass booklet, ask the priest for advice. Usually they'll pass you one standard mass booklet that they use in chuch where you can select the different readings and psalms. Those are the only ones that you can select from I think, unless the priest allows otherwise.

anastasiazen - you may need to call up individual churches to check their availability. Booking of church needs to be done early. For my church, it's 6 months in advance. Dun forget you'll have to go through either EE or MPC. Each of EE & MPC has their benefits. For me, I chose MPC cos it stretches out into 6 wkend afternoon or mornings. The time in between are time to discuss in depth with your fiance on the homework that is given. We learn a lot about each other during their 6 weeks. There's also a couple that you're tagged along with for those 6 weeks and they'll share with you their marriage experience.

For my AD, the sequence was this
Morning Gate crash - Church (lunch catering) - Groom's place - Brides place - Hotel (Dinner Banquet) (it was super rush)

Macy - for bridal packages, you may wanna 'shop' around at tanjong pagar area first, after you're quite certain which BS you are interested in, look out for their bridal show which they usually gives better packages then when you walk into the shop. Remember to bargain for everything. Including Bridesmaid dress, bestman suit, fathers suit, mother's dress, etc etc... Also ask them to list out wat you can change the 'extra' dresses for if you dun need it. I was offered 4 poses for each suit / dress that I dun need.

For catering, I did had Rasel. They allocated a catholic coordinater as well (I dunno if it's by chance or they planned it that way).. everything went very well.. If you wanna try out their food, do look out for the wedding show. I attended both Rasal's and Kr*ston's one last year.. They're all FOC.


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Hi Noknok

Happy New Year! Thanks so much for your advice.

i just missed the bridal show that took place at Suntec last week, hope i'll be able to get more ideas from this week Dhoby Ghaut Green wedding fair.

Do keep me posted if you know of any wedding show by Rasel and Kri*ton.


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Happy new year to you too.. Dun worry abt missing suntec's bridal shows... there's nothing much there except many bridal shops (some from taiwan too) setting up booths there.. I dun quite like it cos a lot like to hard sell..

BOWS is not bad.. have a variety of wedding stuff there.. quite interesting. Do look out for those Hotels one which will usually include some food tasting.. those are quite worth it as well.

I think you can check Rasel & Kris website now and then for their wedding shows. Rasel one should be at ACM and Kris one should be at sg flyer.. those are the places that they are the sole caterers.

Any questions can PM me too.. jus in case I dun check the forum already..


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Hi Noknok

i agree that bridal shops always hard sell which can be quite irritating when you just want to look around.

i'll most likely be going BOWS this weekend..



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Some tricks that we use in the past... wear ur ring on forth finger on e left or walk seperately.. one in front one behind..


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Hi all,

Just wondering if any of you have done a military wedding in a Catholic church before? I'm holding my wedding next year and according to the parish priest at St. Teresa's, the bishop has set new rules about having swords in church. So no sword is allowed in church. I'm pretty disappointed about that decision.


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Hi Noknok

BOWS is advertised as the largest outdoor wedding event but i thought it was quite small and mostly photography.
I went there alone but still they want to offer their services in the hope that I would sign up with them. Can't blame the sales staff too as this is part of their survival.
How's your weekend?


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Macy - my wkend was busy but fun.. hate work.. haha.. last year BOWS got quite a number of things leh.. nails, wedding favors, wedding cakes, BS, outdoor event org... etc.. nv go to this yr one so i dunno

Craois - if bishop set the new rules then no choice liao.. no matter wat you say priests also won't allow one.. how about the compound jus outside church?? find a smaller church where people on pews can see outside and have the sword thingy outside?? priest allow?? if must be in St 3sa then maybe can try the chapel.. provided father allow swords in the surrounding compound.


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Hi Noknok

ýou went to work last weekend? hard on you but it is a good thing that you have work to do. Was it the same organizer for this year's BOWS? I saw many photography, bridal and hotel..but very scattered.


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Thanks thanks

macy - my tough time passed le... 1st trimester was BAD.. now ok le..

hahaha.. yah sobe.. it was jus last year.. haha.. time flies..
hi ladies,

i'm new here and am intending to start planning for my wedding in 2011. My FH and I are catholics (or I am soon-to-be Catholic), and are currently having some planning issues.

My future in-laws and parents have met a few times, but they did not talk about the wedding stuff.

my future in-laws wanted to talk to to my parents after Lent about the wedding. My question is, when is a good time to start all the planning? My FH thinks that we should only start planning when our parents have officially discussed about the wedding. And we have not really decided on our wedding date because our parents have not met. Everything seems to hinge on this meeting. =(

Can I seek some advice on these issues:

1. How do we go about securing a church for a wedding on a Saturday or Sunday? We are looking at non-peak periods (periods that don't coincide with Lent, Christmas, Easter)
2. How is your date decided? A special day for the 2 of you? or is it a date that is convenient for your guests?
3. Has anyone held their wedding in a church where you are not too familiar with the parish priest? or do you go to a church which you are familiar with e.g. yours or your FH's parish church even though it is relatively out of the way?
4. Is your church wedding larger than the dinner? Is it ok that the church wedding is larger than the dinner?
5. My FH and I have attended MPC already. So is it ok if we book the church nearer our wedding date because we have neither decided on the wedding date and the church?

sorry for being pesky. But I think my FH and I have problems making decisions as our parents (both sets) can be very bossy at times. So I just want to find out what happens if both sets of parents suddenly pulled out of planning for our wedding and then the problem falls onto me and FH to deal with it.

Many thanks for your advice!!!


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Hi rubberducky,

first of all, congratulation!

I'm not a Catholic but my fiance is. Hope I can help you out abit.

1) I believe most of the church will advise you to have ur wedding on Saturday as Sunday is meant for mass. But you can try asking, some church may allow.

2) for my case, my future MIL wan to chose a good date by asking someone/shi fu. but we dun know where to find and moreover they are catholic. so we decided to chose a date which we want and have a good number(like having number 8 in lunar calendar). It is not a special day for us. We wanted to have it around a public holiday so we dun need to apply more leave. and also more convenient for the guest.

3) we chose the church which my fiance have gone to. but we invite the priest from other church as he is priest who baptised my fiance.

4) in my case, my dinner is larger than the church as not all my relatives and our friends are catholic.
I dun find it strange to have larger church wedding than dinner... If that is what you want, go for can't pleased everybody. But of cos most of the time, couple will have larger dinner. discuss with your fiance on that.

5) it is advisable to book it like 6 month before your wedding date. if it is a popular church for wedding or you must have it on that particular date. think you better book it early. and you have to ask the priest as well so he could write down on his diary.


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hi, can i just check with you gals whether the bride's march-in song must be a catholic hymn? or can it be any song that i like?

and also, does anyone have sample of wedding SERVICE booklet? i managed to get some samples so far but all wedding MASS and mine is a service. I'm just wondering how many songs i should get my choir to sing!

Hi Josie! Thank you!!

I understand where you are coming from and my fiance and I will take all these into consideration.

we are just afraid that if we get married in other churches, and we don't know the priest there, and we did not invite him, it is not too nice. maybe we think too much.

we didn't really want a big dinner because of the cost component. it is very costly and we are afraid ang bao cannot cover the cost. so trying to think of some ways to do cost savings by inviting people to the church but not to the dinner. HA!

Thank you for your advice though. it helped us.

Hi Hermione,

The choice of song is dependent on how comfortable the priest celebrating the Mass is like i guess. Because some can be pretty fussy over the choice of hymns and songs. Best is to clarify with the priest when you meet up with him for pre-marital enquiry

I think you can discuss with the priest during the pre-marital enquiry how the service goes about and he will be able to advise you. So I suggest bringing your wedding Mass sample and see what is not needed so that you can arrange for it to be deleted.

As for the march in, from the few weddings I attended, the guests would stand as the bride walks in. Because usually the wedding mass will start when the bride reaches the altar.

Hope this helps?


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Dear ALL,
Need some help here...
i) Does anyone has a sample wedding service booklet for me to use? I'm getting married this coming May... need to start choosing the readings and songs =)
ii) Any suggestion on good & cheap florist where i can use for my church wedding decor? My wedding is going to be held at St Teresa's Church =P

please kindly advise.. Thanks!


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Hello! Am getting married 10 Dec 2011, Saturday. Our wedding will be held in SFX, probably morning (have not confirmed but that's very likely). Am looking for another couple to share church decorations with (like flowers at the altar, pew decorations etc).

My friend has offered to do pew decor for us so it will be more affordable (less than $100 or thereabouts). Not sure how much it is for altar flowers, but my HTB and I are hoping to save where we can!

If anyone is interested please email [email protected]

Also my HTB is one of the choirmasters of Christ the King (and I'm with the Immaculate Heart of Mary choir), if anyone needs help with their wedding mass booklet or needs a choir just drop us an email too


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hi all,

does anyone knows which of the below parishes accepts matrimony service for non-parishioners other than St.Teresa? TIA!

-Cathedral of the Good Shepherd
-St. Alphonsus
-Church of Our Lady of Lourdes
-Church of St Bernadette
-Church of St Michael
-Church of St Teresa
-Church of St Peter and Paul
-Church of the Sacred Heart
-St Joseph's Church


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Thanks Macy n Jess, am having a gal.. hee.. yeah.. my first child.. I jus got married last year.

Hermione, usually bride will march in with the bridal possession before the entrance hyme where the Priest will come in. Guests will be standing.

Gertrude - think u PM me.. I send you the sample already.

For those preparing the mass / service booklet, the wordings are actually in the wedding book that churches have. Ask the priest for it and ask him how he wans the order of the mass to be done. there are a few to choose from.

Caroline - I guess the fastest way is to call the churches individually. Different priest works differently.. most will allow non-parishioners but will give priority to parishioners.


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Hello! My church wedding is in 2 mths! faints
need a small fav from BTB who have held their ceremony at Church of St Teresa. Anyone have a map that I can use to insert in my invite?
Your help is greatly appreciated! Do send it to [email protected]


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Hi Smooch, does your friend own a florist? I am also looking for a florist to decorate the church venue. My wedding is at Nativity on 13 Nov 2010. Would she / he be able to help?

In any case, I am also hoping for another couple to share the cost of the florals with me on that day. Mine is the 11am slot. =) I was looking at the past posts and it seems that this is not a popular choice so chances are low I guess. But well, if anybody knows of anyone who's interested, do drop me a note.

Anyone here attends the Sunday mass at Nativity? Was hoping to get some comments on the choir there. Thanks!


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Hihi ... can anyone be kind enough to give advice on how much they would give in the ang bao to
1. 1st & 2nd readers for church
2. Choir
3. Altar Boys
4. Sacristan
5. Priest
6. Couple for offertory
7. Flower girls/Page boys
8. Emcees
9. Dinner Reception helpers

Just a guideline for me so no worries to share your views


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aj2wed, she doesn't own a florist but she has a contact for flowers and she will do the decor for me. usually the church will have it's own florist to do the altar flowers, you can ask Nativity for the contact


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Hi Smooch, sorry for being out of touch for so long. thanks, I did contact the church florist and they gave me an option of using paper / cloth to "bundle them up" so they look like flowers to design the pews. It is $150 cheaper than if I were to take real fresh florals. What do u girls think?

Also, does anyone have a cheap contact for designing / printing of the mass booklets? Please send it to me!


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Anyone holding their wedding at St Teresa Church? Able to advise on the preps please?

e.g. choir, flower decor, invitation cards, caterer, any nice BS to intro?

Many thanks!!!


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Your gal must be very cute right?
Haha, all baby are cute!!!


Mine is at St Mary of the Angels
choir & flower decor - internally from church contact (Normally church has their own contact and prices are reasonable compare to outsource)

invitation cards - got it from T-dragon. I find that it quite expensive but my hubby say "stop all the hassel since many ppl got their service must be good lah" we got it at $4 per card. Nice card worth the money.

caterer - From Rasel Food Fusion. Good service, decor and good food as compare to other church reception which I have attended. Reasonable price, I cater my wedding dinner from them too at Asian Civilisations Museum. Actually so long as total price don't burst budget and no complain at the end of the day what else is more forturnate than this when arranging for wedding?

nice BS - Got mine at Bridal Zone. is a transfer package from last SB member. Got it at $2200+ $500 with 65pics in 1 big and 1 small album. I top up additional $500 for 20pics. I find them pushy but hubby feel that pics are well taken and even if they push us to buy he will most slightly ask for more. "Sign"

Here's my overall experiene, if you need additional help can email me at [email protected]


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Hi dolce, we've done church weddings before. Pls contact me as your pm is turned off. Happy to provide a quote for your consideration.



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Hi Catherine (thiasy) & Jess,

Many thanks for the helpful info. Real nice of you gals.

Wishing the both of you a blessed long weekend!

Take care!


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Hi everyone,

I'm catholic and my htb is christian, we attended the MPC in his church (about 8 weeks) as well as undergone marital counselling, with the intention of getting married in his church. However, due to unforseen circumstances, we have decided to get married in a Catholic church instead. In this case, do we still need to attend EE or MPC? Thanks!


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Hello everyone

I'm new to this thread, so sorry if I'm asking a question which had already been answered.

The boy and I have attended EE and we're getting ready to book a church. Was wondering if the march in song for the bride needs to be a hymn? Can it be some other song, especially since there is an entrance hymn for the priest?

Looking forward to your advice.


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Olivia, yes, I think it's a requirement to attend EE or MPC.

Best way is to talk to the priest cuz I do know they may be able to squeeze you and your fiance in to attend EE over the weekend.


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Hi fleur fleur - my view:
1. 1st & 2nd readers for church (my godsisters - token sum of 10-20 SGD)
2. Choir (paying for organist / choir for SGD400 - dun think extra ang pow required)
3. Altar Boys (10-20 SGD)
4. Sacristan (no comment)
5. Priest (10-20 SGD)
6. Couple for offertory (propose for wedding couple do offertory ourselves)
7. Flower girls/Page boys (10-20 SGD)
8. Emcee (10-20 SGD)
9. Lunch Reception helpers / ushers (no comment / not discussed yet)

I have a question to all:
we are getting married at Risen Christ parish next jan, does anyone have idea if we will need to include the "Unity Candle" ceremony within the service?

thanks lots