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I am providing carpool from AMK to Commonwealth / Buona Vista. Time is 6.15 - 6.30am. or Buona Vista/Commonwealth to Hougang 6.45 - 7.15am. price is neg

sms me at 97342992 if interested.


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sorry to ride on this thread as well.. looking for carpool from Woodlands to Science Park II or anywhere nearby (SP I or NUS). PLs PM me. Thanks!


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Sorry to ride on this thread too...

Helping my hubby organise carpool from Khatib to Outram MRT / Cantonment Rd (near Keppel Towers). Leaves home between 7.45am to 8am. Reach work before 9am.

Gets off work at 6pm so that can be arranged too.

Pls email [email protected]. Thanks!


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Hope that dont mind me riding on this thread too.

I am looking for Carpool from Buangkok to ITE Simei. Need to reach by 7.30am latest.

If any of you can provide the ride or maybe share a cab, please email me at [email protected]

Thank you!


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Perhaps you can contact someone who provide car pooling services. He provides a lot of stopping point from Choa Chu Kang. Negotiable price. Will PM you for details, whether you want to know more about the car pooling services and hope it help.


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I am providing carpool:

1) from AMK to Commonwealth /Holland/ Buona Vista.
Time is 6.00 - 6.15am.

2) from Buona Vista/Holland/ Commonwealth to Hougang 6.30 - 6.45am.

price is neg

sms me at 97342992 if interested. tks


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Providing carpool services from Admiralty MRT to Kaki Bukit View

1. Start point : Time : 0730 Location : Admiralty MRT station bus stop
2. End point : Location : Kaki Bukit Techpark II Time : Approx 0800-0810 depending on traffic
3. One way with no in-between stops, payable at pickup time
4. Driver : Pleasant and courteous, with 5years + driving experience and safe driving record
5. Music on the way : Class95FM
6. Car : VW Passat (Auto) with comfortable aircon and ride space for 3 passengers +bags/brief
7. For enquires, email to [email protected]


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Hi! Are you interested in taking private minibus/coach for below route & timing?

1. Monday - Friday 8.15am pickup - Trip from Admiralty to Raffles Place
Should reach Raffles Place by 9am based on normal traffic conditions.

Buses used are recent 13-seater minibuses/coaches such as Mercz and Toyota Hi-ace.

I'm so sick of squeezing in the train and taxi fares are getting too expensive, so I've got a quote from a transport coy for each trip at $900 per month, which calculates to approx $70/pax or $3.50/trip.

Return route is available for a separate charge:
2. Monday - Friday 6.30pm pickup - Trip from Raffles Place to Admiralty - also at $900 per month.

If we get 13 pax for each trip, we can start taking the transport from April.

Post your questions if any.

Let me know if you can confirm taking the transport and put down your contacts details: Name, Email & Contact no.


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I drive a spacious sedan .

Carpool from Seng Kang (Compassvale Pri School) [ETD 715am - 725am] to Tai Seng (Upp Paya Lebar/ Air Port Rd) [ETD 750am - 755am]

$4 per pax (max 3 pax)

mailto: [email protected] with tel no and name


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Hi all, sorry to ride on this thread...

I've checked with a reputable transport company who is able to provide the Woodlands/Admiralty/Sembawang - Raffles Place routes at reasonable rate of S$4.50 to 5.00 per 1-way trip.

You will pay the fare monthly direct to the transport company once the route and the pickup/dropoff locations are confirmed.

Minimum of 12 pax is required before they can start a minibus route.

If you are interested, please email me a confirmation with the following information to <font color="0000ff">[email protected]</font>:
<font color="0000ff">1. Your Name
2. Contact / Mobile Number (you can pm me)
3. Email
4. Pickup location <sup>(either Woodlands/Admiralty/Sembawang MRT stations only)</sup>
5. Earliest and Latest time you need to reach Raffles Place in the morning
6. Dropoff location <sup>(you can state your office building, if the place is not convenient to pickup, they will plan somewhere near)</sup>
7. Earliest and Latest time you can meet at the Raffles pickup point for going back to Woodlands/Admiralty/Sembawang MRT.</font>

The above information is required to confirm the pickup/dropoff points and get a firm rate. There are only few places they can pickup/dropoff in Raffles Place so they will need time to plan.

<font color="0000ff">Kindly send in your confirmation before 18 September 2009.</font>

Look forward to your response to get this minibus running soon!


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I'm looking for carpool from Hougang to Raffles Place Area.
Willing to pay $4.50-$5 per ride depending on where is the pickup/drop-off location. Reach office between 830am to 9.30am
Require morning ride only. Thanks =)
Please email me @ [email protected]


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I'm looking for carpool from Hougang to changi south area ( Near Tampines). Please let me know if you have any lobang


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Hi, I'm looking for carpool from Upper Bukit Timah to NUS (Kent Ridge Road, near NUH). Please let me know if anyone can help.

Currently I rent a car, anyone wants to share with me?


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dun mind me riding on this thread...

Need carpool/transport from Whampoa to Shenton/Marina House/M Hotel/IP by 855am. I can be reached at [email protected]

I might have another person interested to take this ride as well.


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Urgently looking for carpool/transport from Kaki Bukit Ave 1/Eunos Link to Yishun in the evening after work, need to reach Yishun around 6.15pm. Please PM me if you have any lobang. Thanks.


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I know someone providing carpool services from Dakota MRT to Bukit Merah Central daily Mon to Fri in the morning

1. Start point : Time : 0745
Location : Block 62 Dakota Crescent

2. End point : Bukit Merah Central
Time : Approx 0800-0810 depending on traffic

3. One way payable at pickup, able to drop off at Suntec, Cityhall, North Bridge Road, Cantonment, Neil Road, SGH, Bukit Merah Central

4. Driver : 5years + driving experience and safe driving record

5. Music on the way : Class95FM

6. Car : Mazda 3 with comfortable aircon and ride space for 3 passengers

7. For enquires, please PM


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i am still looking for carpool/private transport from marsiling/woodland/admiralty/sembwang to TTSH/Novena.


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i am looking for capooling from Jalan Tenteram to Shenton way, MOn to Fri, reach work before 9am. Contact me at 97247678 if interested


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hi, if anybody interested to share transport from admiralty to orchard or shenton way. Monday to friday to reach last stop by 9am. Pls contact me if you are keen so that i may be able to organise a 13 seater van .
Route will be from admiralty MRT via yishun MRT via Thomson to orchard or shenton way.


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Hi Cougar, I'm interested in the trip from Admiralty to Shenton Way! I tried Pm you but unsuccessful. Can you contact me at [email protected]? I may have others who will be interested to join too.


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hi that you have already organised a van from the previous thread that i see you post online in sep 09? did you proceed with that arrangement?


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hi artitute and anyone keen out there, you could email me your pick up and drop off location, how much you prepared to pay so that i can organise the final amount and advise you. unfortunately, at this point , i think its gonna be about $100 per pax at this stage due to increase in erp , petrol etc


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Hi Cougar, yea i tried organising a mini bus but less than 10 pax interested due to cost so unable to proceed. I'll check with the rest and see if it's ok to pass you the contacts so you could take over. I'll email you my details. Thanks a lot!


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Is anyone keen on the following?

Time: 730am from Admiralty MRT via Yishun MRT via Thomson Rd to Orchard Towers and Shenton Way.
Daily - Monday to Friday except public holiday
Price - $90 to $100 per pax per month

Interested parties, pls contact me at [email protected] and provide the following details:

1) Name
3)Pick up point
4)Drop off point
5)Email contact


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Hi, I am looking for carpool from Yishun mrt to Outram &amp; must reach before 8.30am.....anybody?? Please PM me, thanks.


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hi, calling out to those who need carpool from Whampoa/Jln Bahagia/Jln Tenteram to Shenton Way by 9am!
For those who need carpool for this route, until we can get a regular carpool, I am offering an ad-hoc deal ($5/pax/ride) that happens once in awhile and tomorrow (18/03, Thurs) is one of them

Tex me at 9383 0939 if interested.


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hi all,
have spoken to transport company, he is willing to do at $90 per pax per month.
Details as follows:
Monday to Friday ( except PH) per month - $90 per person
Minimum : 10 paxs
Route :
1) Pick up from Admiralty MRT
2) via Yishun MRT / Thomson Rd
3)Orchard ( Claymore ) via Outram MRT and last stop Shenton Way.

We need minimum 10 paxs before we can start.
Currently there is only 3 paxs, hope to hear from more of you living in Woodlands or Yishun.
I am sure you dont mind paying abit more than squeezing in the MRT and worse when its rainy season.....


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Dear All,
Starting in July.Monday to Friday ( except PH )
1)Pick up Vista Point and Admiralty MRT @ 715am
2)Pick up at Yishun MRT ( Northpoint Bus-stop) @ 730am
Drop off at Orchard Claymore , Outram MRT and final stop at Tanjong Pagar MRT.
Pls contact me if you are keen. No more rushing and squeezing in buses and MRT.....only $90 per month