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Hi pink tulip,

yes we talked b4
happy.gif it the curtain thread or motherhood thread?

ooh i see, so mine is considered carpenter. ok i'll PM u his contact.


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Hi all,

wanted to do a wall hung books shelf.
abt : L170xD36xH42 with doors laminated finish.
anyone knows wat will be the rough price??
any recommends for gd carpenter with reasonable price that would want to do just the shelf.
my email is [email protected]


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I'm looking for a carpenter to do a customised shoe cabinet & possibly cupboards for one room. Anybody got good recommendations, preferably with some work samples? Thanks.


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hi blessed, i'm new in this thread..can share your carpenter contact with me as well? i'm actually trying to look for carpenter who can help to build some storage spaces..but i like clean want the storage spaces to be flushed with the wall..has anyone done that? do you think the carpenter will know what i mean if i tell him that?


Hi Blessed
I am also new in this thread. Am looking for a carpenter now too to do some simple works like study room shelves, shoe rack shelves, a partition. Does your carpenter do all these?
Can you share with me his contact too? My email is [email protected]



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Hi All,

I am looking for a good carpenter to do up cabinetry for my study room using solid wood anyone knows any skillful carpenter who is really good and i dont mind to pay abit more.

Thanks a million! my email [email protected]


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Hi all,

i have this carpenter who did my kitchen cabinet n wardrobes.... they did a good job esp for my tv console and dining table. however, we will have to provide the designs for them...

if u need her contacts, pls let me know....


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Hi Iz_leng and Hi blessed,

Me too. I'm sourcing for a good carpenter to do my kitchen + wardrobes. Would appreciate both of you to drop me an email of the contacts.

If you have photos to share of the good carpentry done, that would be nice, too. Looking forward to receiving your email ... Much thanks!
[email protected]


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Yoz everyone,

My best friend's dad is a carpenter. Quite a lot of my friends use him coz his work is pretty decent and quotes usually the lowest or at least amongst the lowest, for carpentry work. But dun expect his work to be the dizzy-dazzy kind. Its up-to-date, but not a exactly fashion-statement.

From my experience, his weak point is timing as he can be quite busy.

Anyone interested to check him out just drop me an email [email protected]
Will let you more details so that he can give you his best quotes.


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hi iz_leng & Idono, pls let me have your carpenter's contacts.. if u have the price range n pics, pls care to share can? many thanks..


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Hi all,

Have just recently finish the carpentry work for my new house. The contractor did a very good job and hence would like to recommend him. Anyone interested in doing carpentry can drop me an email at [email protected] and i will send the contacts to you.


Hi all

am looking to do my kitchen cabinet. Any recommendations? We are only looking to do the bottom, and leave out the top. Yah. What is the market rate and what are the things to look out for when looking for a carpenter? Yah. May use the carpenter for some other stuff eventually too, like bedroom..

Would be great if u guys can recommend... in need of real help ... thanks!
can email me at [email protected]. Can send fotos also if u have them. Thanks!


Hi all,

Juz to share some pics of our home where we did the reno ourselves using sub-contractors. We did not engage any ID at all.









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Stars... ur hse is v nicely done up. Can share contacts of your sub-contractors? I am also trying to save $.... thinking of just getting the contractor to do wetworks and finding separate carpenter to do carpentry... What is the range of pricing for bedroom built-in wardrobe? I am not sure of the price difference for different designs of wardrobe (whether it makes a difference in terms of cost for sliding or open doors or the type of interior material used...). Can share your contacts pls? Many thanks. My email: [email protected] Or you can also PM me


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hi stars,

just get a new flat, wanting to reno it. if i get a sub contractor like u, would it be more troublesome as in paper work and admin? oso can share with me the contractor contact no u having to do up ur hse?
tks a lot!!!

[email protected]


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Hi all,

Try to upload my home pic but was prompt that my pic is too big.. got to resize the pic.. how can I do it ?

do pm me if anyone keen to hv my contact & also my home pic since I hv porblem uploading here..


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hi all,

i am looking for a carpenter very urgently to do a built-in wardrobe for my master bedroom. Any good recommendation to share? can email to me at [email protected]

Thanks so much for the help.