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Anyone has recommendations on contractors who do carpentry at a cheap price but with quality workmanship?


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Email me and I can provide you the contact. U can even come to my house to see the workmanship. My fren saved at least 2k going to this guy, as opposed to giving the job to his contractor.

I'm happy with the quality and also the price. L
Btw, he's no relative or fren of mine.

My email: [email protected]


Hi doremon and mike888

I'm only thinking of re-doing my whole kitchen cabinet and kitchen table top and I want to know an estimated amount for it. Can you guys share your quotation with me and give me the contacts too. Thanks in advance.
My email [email protected]


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Does anyone have recommendation for carpenter who does carpentry at a cheap price but with quality workmanship?


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Thinking of doing some book shelf. Is it ok to post his contact here. think a lot of pple will be interested. Thanks.


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I'm looking for a carpenter to build a built-in wardrobe for one room. The length is 1.8 m (6 feet) and the height is about 1.8m too. Depth, about 0.65m.

I've found a carpenter who's willing to build the cupboard for $120/pfr. With additional mirror outside, it'll all add up to $800.

Is there anyone whose carpenter can give me a better price?

Please email me ([email protected]) their number.

Thanks much!


does it include d accessories inside? eg rail, shelf, drawers w/ lock,...

mine cost about $1700. my bro's also around that price.

drawers cost more. cost more for those with locks too. does urs come with drawers?

also need to check wat kind of doors? sliding? with 1 track or 2? or doors that open outwards.

doors that open outwards cost a bit more. more convenient cos get whole cabinet space as compared to half of sliding door...

for sliding doors, check that it has only 1 track running on top. must also b a solid wood door. if not, door may run off track...


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hi turg!

yes. it comes with the overhanging bars, shelves and 4 drawers. no lock. we're getting a safe so there's no need for drawers with locks.

the doors open outwards.

i didn't realise that doors that open outwards are more expensive. my contractor told me that sliding doors with tracks on top will cost me $100 more. but that guy (my contractor - e one who's doing reno for the rest of my flat) will charge us $200/pfr. so no way am i going with him.

however, i'm not taking sliding doors cos the carpenters i asked say they'll be able to provide me with only 2 doors - not what i want. i want four doors.


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Would like to know, is it normal to see a thin black line along the edges of carpentry work if using lamination?
jus visit a house and dun like the black line if the lami is in light colors, but the ID said it will be there unless use wood


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I have contractors to intro. However, i wish to make it clear tat i m not earning commission for this. The purpose is to share with others which I have encountered. This contractor i m recommending has more than a decade of experience. Moreover, he is nice and friendly. If any of you needs his contact, can email me at [email protected]


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I have found a pretty reliable carpentar. He is friendly and nice. thot of posting his name here but not sure if it is ok..anyone pls advice is there any code of ethics in this website, for the time being e-mail me at [email protected]


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Hi all

i need to do some carpentry for new house:
tv conso
shoe rack
feature wall
walk-in wardrobe
built in cabinet

On a really tight budget. any recommendations for cheap and good carpenters?


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hi newbride,

I had my contractor to do up my house for abt $11K which include;

shoe cabinet
walk-in warerobe
kitchen cabinet
false ceiling
hacking of kitchen wall & replace with glass
installation of all electrical & plumbering items.
kitchen bi fold door

my bro whom also shifted to be my neighbour, did his house with the same contractor or only abt $10K. (exclusive of hacking). If u are interested to discuss with my contractor, do drop me an email to [email protected]


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hi jas, i have a carpenter whi did a full ht wardrobe for me on all bedrooms, if u need, pls pm me, i tried pm u but u did not activate it..


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me too, have a carpenter who did full ht wardrobe for me, pls pm me if u need the contact. I will email you its website for more info.


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Anyone have contact for cheap customize carpentry recommend? Like to sub-out some carpentry works. Thanks.


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poox, i've not seen the end product yet. expecting them by next week.

i can send u the contact first, u can just call and ask for a quote, then see how from there. hopefully i will be able to tell u more on workmanship by the time u got your quote


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Hi all,

If you're looking for interior designer to do lots of carpentary work, read this:

I got my quotation from Irene at The Interior Place. She also showed me 2 showflat (her customers' house). BUT, workmanship very disappointing and her designs are also not as good as I've expected although I must say she's very hands-on and experience. Her quotation is not the most expensive for my 5-rm pemium flat but also not the best value for money. Her designs are average although the office looks nice.

Fuse Concept, Designer James, has great ideas, good at design and is wonderful to work with, but quotation quite steep and workmanship not very good. (been to customers' flat)

J System (at IMM) is the worst! Terrible workmanship (been to the customers' flat), extremely high and unreasonable quotation, no design and is more like a contractor that over-charge than a designer company.

I've search for about 10 interior designers and presently has about 5 quotations (including viewing their showflats - customers' house) while waiting for the rest to respond. I have expensive taste - prefers modern but tastefully designed flat using light colours, yet having a tight budget ($30K including lots of carpentary work, design feature walls for living and dinning, lost of mirrors and frosted glass, 5m walk-in wardrobe, dressing table, 1 full height bookshelf, 2 full height display shelf, tv console, cabinets under vanity top for 2 bathrooms, L shape study table + top hung cabinets, top & bottom kitchen cabinet, + electrical) I'm also doing alot of carpentary work, including a 5metre walk-in-wardrobe, so workmanship and design are very important.

I've found that Frontier Concept at IMM #03-93, Designer - Gary, is the best. Best in workmanship - excellent for carpentary, best in design and practicality consideration, best in service - was shown floor layout + perspective view (free) for most rooms, even at the 1st appointment! I've seen 2 of his customers' flat, both fully furnished and wonderfully design. Excellent and consistent workmanship. I think I'll most probably going to choose Frontier Concept unless other ID could offer a better quotation and equally good workmanship and materials.

By comparision, The Interior Place and Fuse Concept are not as good, in quotation, design and definitely workmanship and materials for carpentary work.