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Discussion in 'Wedding Photography And Videography' started by blur_crab, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. blur_crab

    blur_crab Member


    Am trying very hard to search for a carousel horse site for my nite PS...but it seem so difficult to find one.

    Anyone tried gng to the one in Sentosa before?
    Heard it's closed at 7pm and worried that by that time it will be still bright [​IMG]

    Anyone found this pls msg me.
    Hope I will find this in time..

  2. cheryllimsile

    cheryllimsile New Member


    I saw under this forum in Secret heaven photography thread. They took photos at the Carousel horse. But don't know where is it.
  3. bem

    bem Member

    hihi, i took mine at fables (JB bridal shop).. e carousel is at danga bay. u can google danga bay carousel to see if this is e one u talking abt....
  4. paintednails

    paintednails New Member

    any one has suggestions for one in the day?
  5. ahblackz

    ahblackz New Member

    hi, i'm also trying to find a carousel for PS. Would appreciate if anyone know where i can find it in singapore

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