Hi Thiasy,

Love ur caricature!! Can pm the details?

Thanks in advance!


Hi, does anyone know where avatar got their caricature and standee from? I tried PMing, but no response... ;(

Many thanks in advance..


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Did plenty of research on caricature. Gotten tons of quotes from different caricatuist and almost confirmed on one of them at the price of $270!

But thank god I found one caricaturist whose work is even better and the price has so much difference($100 only) and I must say I was never dissapointed with the result =)

I would seriously love to post the final work here, but decided not to coz many of my friends browses this forum and would want to keep it a surprise for them till closer to the wedding date.

If any of you are keen, can drop me email me (don't PM me as I don't log in often) and I will show you the final work! [email protected]


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Anyone for contacts for great looking caricatures can pm me the contacts? Some of the caricatures above looks great!!