Car deco & feather pen to give away

Discussion in 'Others' started by Qiaofeng, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. Qiaofeng

    Qiaofeng New Member

    I have wedding car deco and feather pen to give away. You may take it for free or give any amount you like. It's no problem.

    The ink in the feather pen has dried up, but it can be easily replaced, as it is the same type of ink used in ball point pens.

    Please sms me at 9365 6284 if you are interested.

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  2. shulinaoy

    shulinaoy Member

    Wow cld I have the wedding car deco?
  3. Qiaofeng

    Qiaofeng New Member

    Hi shulinaoy,
    Yes, you can have the car deco. I have reserved it for you.
  4. cpxe

    cpxe New Member

    Hi, by chance is the wedding car deco still available?
  5. Sueho

    Sueho Member

    Hi, are the items still available?
  6. shulinaoy

    shulinaoy Member

    Hiya I gave the car deco away to another bride.
  7. wkyhjy

    wkyhjy Member

    Feather pen still available ?

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