Can undischarged bankruptcy keep the sales proceeding from HDB flat?"


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Hi all,

I'm an undischarged divorcee and in the midst of selling my matrimonial HDB flat.

I understand that HDB flats are protected against creditors and my OA said I need not contribute the sales proceeding to my bankcruptcy estate. Also creditors cannot take further legal actions to claim monies from debts incurred before bankcruptcy.

But are they able the garnish the sales proceeds?


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Hi there,

any updates to ur situation? I'm also a bankrupt, and considering selling my house. What I'm afraid is the OA take all my proceeds and I'm left with nothing to help me pay cash portion if i downgrade.

If i sell my hse now, i will get back 250k cash. I'm fine if they give me a big discount of 60% on my debt of 120k and I will settle early.

In short, I would like to know if the net sales proceed or simply put cash portion can be frozen by OA to pay ourstanding creditors?

I was told by a few ipto staff that no one can touch that proceeds, but until i get a black and white confirmation from my OA, i will not believe it. My OA has never replied my emails or phone calls, I've never seen her and dont know who to go to for real answers.
yeah, those OA or creditors cannot touch the cash proceeds from selling your flat..

yes th hdb flat is protected by the bankrupty laws. or another suggestion for the peace of mind, do ask the OA to transfer the cash proceed to your wife in name and u can proceed to ask your wife to assist on this

my husband is still undischarged bankrupted and we did sell off the flat n i took the cash proceed in my single name without problems years ago.