Can I sue him for rape ?


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Hi all...

sorry for coming back so late..

jus tat my mind was in a whirl and not quite sure what to post...

actually, i was reluctant to go for STD/HIV test.. i mean, i dun feel good to tell the doctor i need to test for HIV, afraid of being judged... Ok..shall not elaborate much on such stupid inner thoughts....

But.... recently, dunno is it psychological or wad, i feel a little different "there"...

i would like to know (from lady forumers) , if u gers know of any lady doctor GP ? I would like to do the HIV test and let her know of my discomfort there....

please do not recommend me gynae... i understand there are clinics in spore tat do tests for the woman private parts... so would like to know if u gers have been to any ?

thanks so much in advance...


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Ashamed: you might want to enquire such information from Joy Clinic. It is in Yishun and lead by an experienced female GP.


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Ashamed, you don't need to reveal this incident to the doctor when you order a blood test for STIs and HIV, if you are not comfortable. Simply say you want such a blood test. If probed further, you can say that you have recently had sex with a particular man for the first time, for peace of mind you want to know results.


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HI Ashamed, have you gone for the test?? DOn think anymore. Get an answer and ease your mind. What has Happen had heppened and you cannot turn back the clock. If you really feel so relutant to go to the police. Then start a new chapter ahead. If one day you see news of gals being treated the same way. Would you regret further that you have not done anything to prevent this ?? Or is it you feel what has happen to other gals is none of your business? And all you need now is actually words of comforts from other kind souls?


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Not to worry. Make a police report. the police will guide u the way. no point thinking n worrying whether you have sufficient evidence or not. Should bring his guy into justice. I am sure the judge will look into this aspect from all view, solid evidence, medical n emotional test. Be brave n face it.


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it might be cruel and harsh to point this out but it is exactly your personality that make you an easy target. You got rape, u don't report. Suspect got infection, don't see doctor. Don't feel good? When personal comfort is more important than your personal interests, u suffer your own consequence of your actions. You really need to wake up gal. For no one else but yourself. Get a grip on yourself. No one will protect you if you don't.
rape victims tend to feel victimize by their own actions when they don't report matters like this.
it is one's social responsibility to keep this guy from doing the same to other ladies.

the part on how he could penetrate TS so easily also means that he is some sort of sexual predator already.