Can I revoke my cheating husband's PR status?


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My husband and I started our relationship in 2000.

In 2006, I returned to Singapore to buy over my parents' flat - they divorced that year. My husband and I married that year, we bought this flat, he got PR, then he got a job and his salary keeps climbing at a crazy rate despite having same qualification as me. Well, white man is king in this country, much to my annoyance.

In 2009, we slept in separate bedrooms for a while because all the unhappiness I bottled up over the years kinda boiled over. But last year January, we patched up. It was awesome. Like dating all over again.

Then last March, he went on business trip and I discovered his colleague went to his hotel room for several nights on the pretext she had food for him.

The rest is history. He started an affair, right under my nose, spent savings and all salaries on her. Stopped caring about the house. Stopped talking to me. Stopped sleeping with me. Didn't come home on weekends when it's payday.

Even when he ran out of money, I'd give him some to go to work. But it all blew up when he sold a Xmas gift he gave me in 2009 to pay for his night at a hotel with her. So I told him if he didn't move out, I feared I'd kill him out of anger.

So he moved out in August. Their affair went on, until November. He kinda woke up, I guess. Realised a tad too late all his moolah was gone. He told me last month to drop divorce proceedings. Just give him time to think if he wants to return home or not.

I am at a loss. Everyone tells me to go ahead with the divorce. But I want to know:

1. Is there any way I can have his PR status revoked? It's due for renewal next year.

2. Is it true that if the house has met the MOP, he can force me to sell it upon divorce?

3. He has issues. Deep-lying old issues, which I've always thought needed counseling. Is there any way I can get him to attend counseling session?

I know I can ask a lawyer but seriously, I don't feel like talking in person to one about this. Life's crappy enough.


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Are you thinking of taking him back? Hope not, he sounds like a terrible husband.. It is one thing to regret an affair yet another to "regret" only when all the moo-lahs are gone..

1) cannot answer for you
2) I think in divorce, the house will be sold and split as it is register under both names but the portion may not be equal but depends on contribution to the house.. and the judge will split de.. (( ithink)
3) Tell him, you will consider not divorcing for X months but in return he needs to see counsellor.. fair trade. Do note that it doesn't mean that you need to take him back.. just give him a sweetener/stick for going..then turn ard and say.. no thanks..


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lina, even if you managed to get his PR status revoked, the company can easily apply for EP for him so that he can continue working and living in Singapore .. not quite sure what outcome you are seeking to have his PR revoked.


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cheaters always cheaters. they just simply cant quit. dun even think of giving him a chance. all r BS. u think this is yellow ribbon project? give him another chance n he will take you for granted again by cheating.
Well Man are like that.

For all it seems fine with me that if he wake up and return. $$$ can save and everything can patch back it's part of life and if u divorce him then by all mean but what's the point?

There's up and down in relation and he cheated on you because he's a horny monster. Most guy or shall I say all guys when there's a temptation they'll go toward it and they want everything. remose and regretted when waken up but will indulge in sex and seduction and need waking up again.

All man are horny monsters and if given a chance to F around and spend time in Fatasy then it's good

Who's the woman anyway? why u allow her to F your hubby? she enjoyed the white meat stick for sometime and spend his money away but she won't be enjoying it forever.


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"He told me last month to drop divorce proceedings. Just give him time to think if he wants to return home or not"

well, he certainly doesn't think he's at ur mercy...

well then, why wait for him to decide?

forget abt punishing him or getting him counseling (that's contradicting :p)

just do what needs to be done and do it for urself ONLY...

and the best thing u can do for urself now is to get him out of ur system...

u'll be better off moving forward without him


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"Who's the woman anyway? why u allow her to F your hubby? she enjoyed the white meat stick for sometime and spend his money away but she won't be enjoying it forever."

is this even relevant anymore?
dun get emo pls...


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hmmm...i want his PR revoked so that he goes back to where he came from. i plucked him out of the village, so to speak. he quit his job, serving notice. i did tell him before no way i gonna consider giving him a second chance if he still works with that skank.

it's his colleague. she knew he's married. i have her pic, phone number, everything. when i confronted her, she ran off. she has also blocked my phone numbers so i can't get through to her with my phone.

thanks guy for the advices. they certainly have shed light on some grey areas.

i just want to be spiteful, it's for my own satisfaction. u have no idea all the trouble i went thru, crossing the causeway every week until his PR was approved. so if she wants to enjoy my sloppy seconds, she can go work on his new PR.

the house bit, i checked. i can buy him out. because i had put in the downpayment and i have enough cpf to buy him out.

i should have known. such a tiny advertising firm located in a skanky part of the island must be filled with unethical skanks.

the counseling bit, i want him to get some help because as a friend, and partner of many years, i think he needs help there. and even if things sour, there's always a soft spot there.

i'm not an angel of a wife, so...oh well. yeah, men will take any freebie that throws herself at them. but then again, it takes two to f.


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get the hse back, dump him and hook up with a hottie...

i think the biggest satisfaction u can get is to show him u're doing great without him AND happier in the arms of another guy...