Cambridge Diet 7days Challenge


Hi Revlis,

For my box is a combination of 6 flavours, Cuppucino, strawberry,chocolate, butterscotch, vanilla and is good enough.......that website is still expensive compared to $77...


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wow... i just bought 2 packets from someone at $4.50 per pack... should have known of this earlier. :-( But really, thanks for the info.


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HI, thinking of trying this CD after seeing so much good testimonials, my mum takes herbal life, and wanted to force me to take.. URGH!!!!.. its so powdery, she mixes with peelfresh orange juice.. yucky!.. Is cambridge as bad?
Anyone tried other meal supplement? like Herballife? I think I have smelled a pack of CD before. Dunno what flavour, but its was very milky n powdery. Can't remeber well, too long ago.
I am 55KG, targeting 50 or 52. So going to slimming centre would be a waste of $$. Can't excercise regularly, cos too BZ.. no motivation too.


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so gals who tried ENSURE LIFE? Please update if you have lost some inches..

BTW What is the Calories per cup ?


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Dear snowysoul,

How you lose weight with that? Just replace daily meal totally with that and no more other food? Can result maintain after stop taking? Can give address and shop name? Me desperately wanna get rid of my tummy at tight budget...

Thank you.


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Hi all,

I have 13 Cambridge Diet packets for sale. I have bought 21 packets at $120 (old packaging). Willing to let go at $55 for 13 packets. Expiry date is in February 2006. The flavours are as follows:
2 Chocolate Flavour
2 Cappuccino Flavour
2 Chicken & Mushroom Flavour
2 Vegetable Flavour
1 Mushroom Flavour
1 Butterscotch Flavour
1 Strawberry Flavour
1 Banana Flavour
1 Vanilla Flavour

Anyone interested???


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Hi, I have just received a call from The Cambridge Diet inviting me to participate in their 7-Day Challenge in May 2006. It sounds quite attrative, just pay $85 and get a product package worth more than $250! According to her, in their last challenge somewhere in March, the weight loss ranging from 2 - 8 kg in just 7 days!

Just wonder anyone has tried this before? Was the result promising? I'm quite keen to sign up.


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wah. reli! i dun mind taking part in such contest. weell. can reduce weight, y not?! please do update the details ya?



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2 of my colleagues joined during the march competition.

1 gave up on the 4th day, cos she said she lost only 1 kg.

Another lost 3.5kg, but gain back over the weekend.

I believe cambridge works, cos my gf lose 8 kg but she now gained back too.

In short, still need to exercise else $85 will be down the drain also.


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I no need to lose weight :)

but 1 of my vendor joined the challenge last year, he lost about 5 kg. From what I understand from him, he continued with some sort of Cambridge Diet maintenance program after the challenge. I was supprised when he shows me his 'before and after' photo early this year, he has lost 20kg.

I heard that the product is not that cheap, but $85 for the challenge should be a good deal if you can lose some weight from it, at least it is a good start.


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I have just returned to Singapore. Contacted the Cambridge Diet counsellor today, the challenge will commence on 13 May and last for 7 days till 20 May. Unfortunatelly, it crashes with my business trip, I got to give it a miss.

If you gals are interested, can contact their counsellor at 6858 6846 to register.

Please do update us your progress, all the best!


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Basically,it is a high protein very low carbohydrate diet.You may loss quite a significant weight in a short time,but is is difficult to sustain the weight unless you permanently replace some of your main meals with it.Tastes good though.I personally tried some of the products.Rapid weight loss will cause the body system to go haywire and it is better to loss the weight gradually.My body went out of sync with these fad diets,so for now,I am sticking to a sensible eating plan and exercise.


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any information on the competition?
Do we have to take Cambridge Diet for all the days during the competition? Any requirement?


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Helo, I am attracted by the idea of able to lose the extra kilos by taking Cambridge Diet in such a short time, but can I know whether during the period of having cambridge diet, do you have to do strenous exercise daily???


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Just to share on what I know about the Challenge:

Period: 13 May to 20 May.
Requirement: BMI 23 and above.
Orientation: 13 May, 'Before weight' weighing & photo taking, challenge programme briefing, collection of challenge package.
Celebration: 20 May, 'After weight' weighing & photo taking, prize presentation.
Vanue: I think is Toa Payoh HDB Hub, pls call to confirm.
To register: contact their counsellor at 6858 6846.

Not sure how will the Challenge carry out, but they said there will be a very detailed briefing during the orientation.


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I have 4 packs of Cambridge Diet For Sale (Cappuccino Flavor) which is expiring on 24th May 2006. Anyone interested?


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Can anyone share your experience of how many pkts you take per day and in how many days u lose how many kgs?

I want to motivate myself with your result!!!!


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i hv CD to let go too. NOw stop taking as trying to conceive. Mixture of soup and drinks. have 48 sachets on hand, willing to let go at $3 per sachet or if u r taking all 48 sachets, can let go at special price of $80 :) expiry date september 07


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how much can one lose within 2 weeks if the cambridge diet is religiously followed? Does it really work?


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i took it last time... like the chocolate and bana flavour... quite nice... although i lost some kgs.. but my weight bounced back drastically... so quite upset...

but recently i tried some toehr blood type slimming prdt.. lsot 2-3kg in a month.... maybe not be as fast effect but i find it more effective ....thats wat i find it personally la...

Calista 93828958


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Hi gals, I know this shop having a sale of cambridge diet. 2 packs of 21 sachets for $144. I am not sure if I like cambridge diet and think that 21*2 sachets are really too many for me. Anyone care to share? The best part is, this shop even allows you to choose the favour you want!

By the way, this sale is coz they want to get rid of soon to expire sachets. Out of the 42 sachets you buy, 21 sachets will be expiring in June 2007. I think that this is a fair timeline


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Hi kook car

Do you have sample packs for Spicy Tomato, Oriental Chilli and Toffee & Walnut? How do these 3 flavours taste like?



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<font color="0000ff">Hi Satinchris</font>

The Spciy Tomato isnt Spicy at all. Taste exactly the tomato soup we get in restaurants.

Oriental Chilli is like Japanese curry. Also not spicy.

Toffee &amp; Walnut - taste like Lockers crackers with walnut smell &amp; taste. Personally I like it over butterscotch.

Sorry, no sample on these.


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<font color="ff6000">health&amp;beauty (getfit)</font>

Did you know that even when you are trying to concieve or pregnant, you can still take CD? Not as a meal replacement, but a supplement.

As it contains 46 vit &amp; min and a balanced formulae, you can take it on top of your regular to provide your body's needed nutrient.

Especially during the 1st trimester, you might feel naseau and hv no appetite. You can take CD as a supplement but it should not replace your meal.


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noscon, Yes you are right. It cannot be used as a meal replacement, but alright as meal supplement. As preganant &amp; lactating woman needs more calories and nutrient, thus meal replacement is not recommended. But they can take it to supplement their normal meals for a balanced nutrient intake.


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The coy change marketing strategy and took the pdt off the shelf. Now only available through CD Counsellor.

PM me so that I can email you the choice list of flavours, and we can talk more.


Looking for people to share the cambridge diet promo:buy 1 get 2nd one at 50% then cheaper if we were to buy more..
Can choose flavours and soup/drinks for your favourite flavour.
PM asap. Thanks!!!


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i also a cambridge diet user i found it effective but need alot of displine.I also know that the price is abit higher from last time.Current price if no changer is SGD147.70