[Calling for Couples] FREE proposal plan/service support + feature in Japanese bridal ring brand video!


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We want you and your plus one to participate in our Proposal campaign!

As part of a marketing campaign. we'll be providing assistance to an individual who wants to propose to their significant other, but require some guidance and encouragement. For couples who are keen, we are offering total support from planning (i.e. consultation on rings, proposal) to the actual proposal (i.e. decoration set up).
In return, we would like to film your proposal journey and showcase it at a closed-door event (video might be utilized for future marketing purposes)


  • Planning to propose in Oct-early Nov
  • Open to appearing in video (video will be showcased at a closed-door event and possibly utilized for future marketing purposes))
  • You and your plus one have a open, cheerful and energetic personality
  • Ideal if you do not have an engagement ring (yet)
  • Will consider to purchase an Engagement Ring with us (a special offer on Engagement and Marraige Rings will be provided to the participating couple)

Contact us for more details:

Subject: Proposal Support Campaign
email: [email protected]