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Lup Chai is over, just to send a note out there to whoever wants to take cakes from Kyo ( think this is advertised under the home page of Singapore brides ) I think so

1) cakes are very soft and quite good, given price of $4.50

2) The coffee walnut is not bad $5.50

however, i was fooled into thinking the names would be printed on the box, actually it is on a paper , then they sticked.... one of the brides here warned me before..

3) Schedule is gd, delivery prompt

Last minute, they entertained my request for additional 5 boxes

So, basically, everything quite ok


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Hi Bear

Great to heard that their cake is goods, what abt their tarts, I will take their "handy pack"

Do KYO provide those basket for Lup Chai.



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Those tarts are ok too, quite small, i ordered 3 for company

Remember to get the discount slip , can get 10% disc, from internet

never see them giving me basket for Lup chai.. they comes in plastic bags, bags after bags


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There a cake shop at Jln Kayu, they only sell a few types of cakes. The chocolate and durian cake is super yummy.


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Try the patissier. Fabulous cake.. heh heh.. i am eating a pc now and i realise how much i love it. Somebody from my office bought it to treat us. Anyway, it is me who recommend the cakes to my office people.. Me not really a cake lover but after a friend bought me a pc and i ate it.. i fell in love with it.. no other shop or restaurant or hotel serve better cake than this. Nway, some of cakes that hotel served were from them.
They do lovely wedding cakes too. Too lovely to be eaten. visit
Go to their website and u will know what i mean. Yum yum yum.. so satisfying.. *still eating my cake*


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sound alittle silly...but does anyone know which shop's box is light blue + white in colour? Looking for that shop in particular. Thanks!


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Can anyone advise where I can get Halai cakes? I want it like those marble cake in Bengawan Solo or fruit tartlets like Choz. Both shops are not Halai certified. I want to buy for muslim friends.


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hui bing... the bailey's version is the normal version i guess?
Better than italian restaurants or about the same as the four leaves/prima deli type?


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Hi Bookworm,

I think u should be talking about Jane's Cake Station, at Jalan Kayu, located near the Roti Prata stretch. Think they are well known for their chocolate cake.

Address : 265 Jln Kayu Singapore 799493
Telephone : 6481 1322
Fax : 6481 9139


I like melrose, cos their butter cakes and fruit tarts are very fresh and cheap.

For my kid's 1st month, I bought more than 60 boxes of cake + ang ku kueh + red egg, each box less than $8. Plus free delivery and also discount for certain amount.

You might wish to check.


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Anyone got lobang for wedding cakes from JB and free delivery to Singapore as I want to give out to relatives.Pls click my username.


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is it weird if we dun deliver cakes to our relatives? cos my mom just told me that she does not want any cakes from my FH side. pls advise. thanks


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I did my own research, sweet secrets is not bad. Can checkout their website. U can even scan your photo onto the cake. They are famous for their picture/photo cakes.


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Pine's black forest is reali good!!!! ;) they have a wide variety of cakes.. Their chocolate is good too..

Jane's cake at Jln Kayu is also good for their chocolate cakes


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Hi. I made one cake topper (of me and my hubby) for my wedding, and it impressed my guests! If you are interested in customised cake topper for your big day,

You can still keep the cake topper as your wedding gift after the banquet. :)


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Pine's black forest is really really good! the melt in your mouth kind.. but its a little pricy if its for gifts...

Try my friends order from them for all kinds of events such as baby's first month and even bridal showers... Moist delicious cakes and pretty designs


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Hi, Anyone know abt the walnut cake in serangoon drive....A Mrs..... homemake walnut cake in her hse...if yes, can i have the details of it.....her walnut cake really teaste so nice.....really hope to find her


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Ya, think is from an old lady who bake this coffee chocolate walnut cake.....all my colleagues miss her cake so much.....pls help....only info i can give is she bake those cake in her terrace hse....dont know is there a road name Serangoon drive or wat...somewhere around there......


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Hey anyone know any cake shop have nice chestnut cream cake? up to now i only found 1 ice cream shop in Liang court supermarket which sell chestnut cream cake which they call it mont blanc something, anywhere else??


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for couple who ordered from kyo, what type of package is nice?
their butter cream traditional slice is nice?


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My friend told me about this organic eggless cakes that is Halal too. I think try searching delcie's on google. She told me it was really good but I have not tried yet. I always thought eggs is needed for baking. But seriously, if the cake is really good without eggs, I rather go eggless. Lower cholesterol!