Buying resale HDB by myself

Mike Kendall

New Member
Hi all. My wife suggested buying our resale HDB flat by ourselves. I've been reading up HDB website, but just curious if anyone has done it before? If so, do you mind sharing your experiences? Would really appreciate if anyone can offer some direction, especially the order of process. Thanks in advance!

Ang Shiau Wei

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Hi, I am actually doing the opposite. I am trying to sell my hdb 4rm corner, high floor unblock by myself. I suggested to my husband to do it without agent. This is my first time doing, but I am quite confident doing it with some advices from HDB's staffs or friends. I am wanted to share 2 pictures that I downloaded from HDB web on the procedures. I believe it will help you to have clearer picture as a buyer. But, the pictures are too big.Do drop me an mail. [email protected].

If you have any friends also looking for a flat please share with them my flat too. Search for gumtree 336146413 . Thank you.

Wish you all the best!

Samry Goh

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Hi, I'm a resale 4 room flat owner and first thing u need to do is discuss with your wife do u wan go for bank loan is 1.5 percentage interest and hdb loan is 2.6 percentage and your budget and location prefer? and property agent got two type one is buyer agent and seller agent and egxample u enage a seller agent u don't need to pay commission but if the agent u enage is a buyer agent u need to pay 1 percent to them . And example u are looking for 4 room resale flat at 320000 and the commission will be 3200 and advantage is that u can the key within 6 month time and do consider are u guy go for house that are already renovated or u have budget for renovation and size or the flat and do look up for black spot of the ceiling wall and make sure everything is okie before u commit happy house hunting