Buying over HDB after annulment


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Hi everyone, been reading the threads here and looking for advice.

My wife and I are currently undergoing annulment. We have a HDB resale flat that is before its MOP period. In our last conversation prior to living separately, she suggested that we appeal to HDB to sell it on the open market. Her aim was to get back the $30k cash downpayment she put in (thus far, I’ve put in $190k through CPF, and she has put in $75k through CPF).

Her lawyer recently sent in a letter stating that she would instead like to sell her portion of the flat to me (I’m turning 35 in a couple of months).

1) Would it be financially sound for me to take over the flat? Would it affect my future applications for HDB?

2) Would the payment to her be made through cash or CPF?

I appreciate any advice and suggestions during this period of stress. Thank you.