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you let me know too late chick77
i just bought mine today as well.
0.36c, F, VS1 slightly less than 3K. And I only got 10% discount. Did u also get an additional $200 voucher? In anycase, urs is a really good buy!

Oh well. its ok. I'm happy with what i bought. i just want to plan my proposal now. Cos each day that i'm keeping it from her, i am afraid i may blurt out details...haha. i'm gonna use the "shall we apply hdb flat kidding. hehe

thanks to all whom gave me advice. really appreciate it. Wish me luck!


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Hi Hayashi,

Wish you good luck, all the best~


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I am choosing B.R for my proposal ring..
I browse and got this ring 0.24 VS1 G colour...cost at $1578... is it consider a worth buy?



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Hi Kelvin,

Why dont you go to a few outlets to check it out? I am not sure about G colour
What kind of discount did you get?


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Hi kelvin,
So u bought the ring already? Well, I can't tell if u got a good buy, since i'm no expert on diamond commodities. But it seems to be alrite.

However, just to share with u the discount i got.

Assuming a ring cost $2K. You still have to add in the ring setting price which is $308. Thus total is $2308. Here's the discount calculation i got from S**K** (why do ppl spell the brand name this way in forums like this anyway?):

GSS 10% discount
2000 * 0.9 = $1800

Points accumulated (even for new customers)
1800 / 20 = 90 pts

GSS 10% on ring setting
308 * 0.9 = $277.20
Using points accumulated to offset ring setting
277.20 - 90 = $187.20

Discount vouchers $100 (for diamonds >0.3 carat)

Total Price: $1800 + $187.20 - $100 = $1887.20

I'm not sure if u buy the ring directly from their show case, whether if they add in the ring setting price. Mine was brought in from their head office. Well hope this helps


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My fiance bought me a ring last August from S**K**. It is a 0.47, E colour, VS1 for $1520 nett. There was a 50% discount promotion off solitaires at that time, but my ring was brought in from their head office at Ubi and the purchase was at Suntec. It came already set in 18k white gold. Sometimes negotiating with sales people can bring the price lower. Friends commented that my ring is very worth the money my fiance paid. I think the reason for the cheap price is that the GIA certification was done in 2003. I was told that the cost of certifying diamonds goes into the purchase price of the diamond rings. The older the certificate, the cheaper the ring, all other things equal.

Another thing is to buy just below the price increases. The price of diamonds increase at 0.5 ct, 0.7 ct, 1ct. So it is more worth it to buy a ring at say, 0.49 ct than 0.5ct or 0.51ct, for example. Within a 5 pointer range, diamond size looks about the same, especially from afar. hope this helps.


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Oh,forgot to add. My diamond is normal cut. Not special cut. Special cut diamonds tend to reflect more light and therefore look bigger from afar. That's something you may want to consider when shopping for a diamond ring. The weight may not be there but it still looks big.

Also, don't shun away from VS1 grading. Sometimes, VVS2 may appear to have more flaws than VS1 if VVS2 diamond has carbon specks as opposed to the VS1 which has feather because carbon specks are black.


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Hi cactus_79,
thats a very gd deal!!
i got the propasal ring for my gf from LH
0.35, D colour, VVS1, GIA certified @ S$1500nett also 50% sale
jus a normal solitaire no extra cut but put together with a BR of same size but F colour, VS1 really can c the difference lor..
my normal solitaire look so much brighter n whiter.. even the extra cuts cannot fight the sparkle.. so sometimes extra cuts may not b so fantastic..


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Hi Kancheong spider,

We spent 2 weekends shopping for ring... hehe. before we settled on one.

Yeah,extra cuts may or may not be better than normal cut.Alot has to do with the clarity and the colour.I think D and E are good colours. F is not so good.It affects brilliance.
But for those who do not want to spend too much time selecting diamond rings,extra cut diamonds may be the way to go - if budget is not a problem .. cos some places ony use their better diamonds for extra cuts (ie. at least 0.3, at least D,E,F colour, at least VVS2 diamonds are used for extra cuts). I think L**H** is a place which selects its diamonds very carefully to use their best diamonds for extra cuts. I'm not sure if other places does this also. But if you know exactly what you want, then normal diamonds may be the way to go. I personally think extra cut diamonds are very over-priced...

Actually, solitaires are overpriced.... look at how much "discount" the shops can offer... Have to shop very carefully..


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im quite surprise u said normal solitaire is more sparkling.

i feel that extra cuts diamonds are more brilliant. i compared the LH destinee and their normal solitaire and S**Kee's brilliant rose to normal solitaire. if u put them side by side, the b.r and destinee is definitely more brilliant. for me, i decided to get b.r bcos it appealed to me most. (plus b.r. is patented hehe) color and cut are quite standard features. D or E or VS1 and VVS1 is more or less the same between different brand of diamond. But the cut is what makes the difference. of cos the price is much more ex. no offence ya. just my 2cents worth

anyways, i someone on this forum told me to go with the feel of the diamond (was it googal?). and i agree. cos in the end if u like the diamond alot and it can represent ur love when u propose, that's all that counts. ;)


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Anybody know how much will it cost for a 1 ct ring? I am looking for one... need to buy for wifefor our customary.. =)
VS1, Colourless range...


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Hi wee wei,

I not sure how much 1ct is. But one info thou. Don't get 1ct. Get .99 ct. Cos the jump between .99 and 1ct is alot.

Check out this page (replace the dot with .)
www.proposalring dot com/tutCarat3.htm


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I think it's not so easy to find 0.99. Get a 0.9. Will already look quite big. Or else, get a 1.05 or something. Like what Hayashi says, 1.0 is a bit of a waste.


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Hi WeE Wel,

Maybe you can try the diamond factory for diamond that are of good range like VS1, E and above if brand is not an issue to you?

Let me know if you are ok before i say somemore.


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I am getting a ring for my girlfriend. B.R 0.32 pointer,H colour,VS2 at $1,843.00. It is ok for the price?


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hi kelvin,
i think the price is ok. considering its a branded item.

As a comparison, I've asked SK jewellary before. And they quote me about $2800 for a 0.5, E, VVS1. It's a normal solitaire with GIA cert.

One thing thou, why did you choose H color? As you know, coloring gets worse down the alphabet category. Recommendation is to get at least a F color. So unless the H coloring is not noticeable at all to you, I would suggest F color.


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Hi all, just to share, u guys heard of HEART ON FIRE, its the world most perfectly cut diamond.. Can be bought at local TIAN PO store.. Alot of celebrities swear by this brand.. Besides the cut, clarity, colour and carat, u all shd also loon at the crown, girdle, pavilion setting and percentage.. alof of factors will result wheter ur diamond shines.. My gf has a LARRY 0.5 $8000 but the diamond doesnt really outshine compared to HOF, not to mention local brand like SK, LH, GH, BR and all.. u can have a bigger carat but doeant mean it will outshine.. Do drop by TIAN PO and take a look at HOF diamond, u then will realise how beautiful are the diamonds.. Im aiming at one.. Hee.. just my 2cents worth.. nothing negative...


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Hi all, I was reading though the msgs. Therefore would like to share my 2 cents worth opinions on purchasing diamonds.

Firstly wht i know between ideal and brillant cut, like Goooogal shares, its a personal preference. B.R is 66 facets, Celestial is 73 facets, Destinee is 58 facets. I felt that the more facets, the more fire (glitterings) the diamond has. Therefore look more attractive and captures more attention. Hehe!
I personally prefer brillant cut.

Secondly, wht i sees most importantly is the trade-in value of the diamond. Cos, i felt that it is a investment. Like Tianpo-HOF, Sookee-B.R., Goldheart-Celestial (maybe a few more), within 2 years, u may upgrade with full 100% net price u purchase. Tiapo requires 20% more in next purchase, B.R. at least $350.00 more and Celestial, a little bit more(that wht the salesman told me). What will hapen 2 years later, still checking with them, like Tianpo, they will deduct 35%, in otherwords, there will not be 100% trade-in.

For me, the 4Cs diamond, most important is the cutting. See a good and not good cutting diamond through the ideal scope to understand it. For clarity and colur, nothing less than VS2 and H is my perference. Just a difference in alphabet and clarity, can costs a big $$$, and also the naked eye cannot see the difference. Therefore, carat is my last option, i rather buy a 0.32carats 100% trade-in diamond and slowly upgrade within 2 years to 0.36carats, or just better clarity or colur. (This may not be applicable to proposal ring)

Another thing about Hearts and Arrows diamonds, a salesgirl did told me, that actually, it is the all the same except the branding of different names. (Maybe salestalk) But what i read about HOF now, it seems to be not true, very confusing. Can someone help to explain for me. Thanks.


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Hi, l need advice on the Passion (8 Hearts and Arrows) cut by Citigems.
Is is good?

Just went down and was quote $2.1K after discount for a 0.37,F,VVS2.

Is it worth the buy?
Seems like no ppl talking about the passion cut by citigems.

Need to get one for my prosposal..



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hi bappy,
what's the cut? its prob not ideal cut for 2.1k. If that's the case, it might not sparkle as much. If u can, ask for vs1 or vs2 instead. bcos u can't see the inclusion with vs2 unless u use a x10 magnifier. even then as we are not expert, we may not notice the inclusion. with a vs2, you can get a bigger caret or if u prefer 0.37, at least u can reduce the price.

SK is selling a 0.5, F, VVS2 at about $2.8K last time i checked. The outlet i went to is at plaza sing at the main entrance. But DON'T get a 0.5, instead ask for 0.49 cos the price will def drop by a significant amount.

Good luck.


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hi all,

personally, i feel buying of diamond all depends on your budget. you cant possibly say u wan all the high end 4Cs yet u wish to pay less for it. that is impossible.

firstly, you should prioritise ur 4Cs. Which is the most important factor you would like to have more prestigious over the others?

this is just my personal preference. If it was me, the first thing is to set a minimum carat. for example, go take a look at all the price for different carat diamond. in fact, most diamond make a huge jump between a 50pointers below and a 50pointer above. but dun be surprise, if you buy a 48pointer diamond of good cut and colour, it make look like a 50 pointer above diamond.

next you will choose the rest of 4Cs depending on your budget. if you may afford it, say ard 6k, u can choose a probably E-F colour VS1-VS2, depending on the brand, as different branding carries different premium. should budget not allow, then u may have to settle G-I colour of maybe say VS2-SI clarity.

Choosing of diamond depends on which "C" factor you favour. some people wish to show pple their diamond is big,so they will settle for any big diamond of average colour and clarity. but if you wan ur diamond to shine, then prioritise colour and clarity is more important.

trade in value is actually not important. most Jewellery shop do not give u full trade in value. most time u only get 70% to 80% trade in.
but since u r trading in the diamond, frankly speaking, u wun even know the next diamond u bought is a prev trade in by some other pple.

i would like to share with u a shop another diamond which is not widely discuss here. its known as isee2 diamond. take a look at website. jus type www*isee2*com.



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hello all,

i brought my FH to a diamond wholesaler to buy my solitare diamond. its ALOT cheaper than lee hwa or even soo kee.

you know all the stuff about hearts and arrows? besides thru the scope the shops let u see, u really cant tell fromt he naked eye. to me the most important thing is COLOUR. it is D or nothing. that is the most obvious with the naked eye. Carat is a bonus lar.

i bought my 52 pointer with D, SI and i cant remember what cut for $2280. cheaper than the 32 pointers out there as compared. this is cos i bought from a hole in the wall wholesaler with an ugly shopface. and yes, it comes with a cert and everything else!

just my 2 cents worth!


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An Obsessive Compulsive Brand Freak Chick's Musings on Branded vs Non-Branded Diamonds

Just wanted to share how my fiance and I went about hunting for the "perfect ring". I was lucky as my fiance decided to let me pick out the ring myself as he knows how finicky I am. I guess similar to many couples, we were started off looking at all those branded stones eg BR, celestial, HOF, destinee, lazare, gabrielle...I tend to think that branded = better! All those adverts are definitely effective
Said like a true blue shoppaholic!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, after 2 months of searching and visiting nearly every jeweller in Orchard, we wandered (or rather I dragged my long suffering fiance) into a nondescript looking jeweller at Centrepoint ground floor. At that point in time, I had my eye on a BR and had already asked for it to be shipped to Sg as the stone I wanted was overseas. But lo and behold, my OCD traits paid off as I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the stones at the unknown little shop were all VERY shiny, even more so than the BR. BR is white blinding flashes but the no-brand diamond at Centerpoint was dazzling rainbow shimmer. So of course, by a twist of fate, I chose the no-brand stone. Why? Read on..

GIA versus AGS versus branding
It was a GIA certified stone. After doing lotsa research and footwork, I would STRONGLY recommend GIA over AGS as AGS stones tend to cost around 10% more than the GIA certified ones though the 4C are the same. Branded stones are just AGS/GIA stones that have a brand attached to them...which means you end up paying another 20% more?!? However I must add that very well cut AGS/GIA stones would cost more than non- excellent cut AGS/GIA stones. So do check out the cert.

As for colour, I chose a G and Im perfectly happy with it. Frankly, I dont think you'll be able to tell the diff unless you put it right next to an E. And who's gonna be crass enough to do that?? I chose an ok size diamond and even then, the colour diff is not very obvious. So for smaller stones, I dont think the colour diff would be very noticeable. Anyway, as my stone is shimmery and keeps on giving off wildly coloured flashes (no kidding!!) the colour distracts the user from how white it truly is. But I think colour's a personal choice as some ladies would want it perfect and perfect means D.

What I heard is that the imperfections in an SI grade diamond can be observed with the naked eye so I settled for a VS1. Wont have minded a VS2 too as that would be even cheaper but they didnt have that in the colour and carat I wanted. I really dont think it's worth it to pay tons more for a VVS when I cant even see the imperfections! Basically, my guiding principal is very simple...I wont want my fiance to waste his money on something that I cant see!

I dont think that more facets = more shine. It's truly the cutting that matters. So dont fall for ANY store that tries to tell you more cuts = more shine. The salesperson wont be worth his weight in salt if he tries to lure you with that. Can consider getting the ideal cut, think it's call the Tokwolsky(?!?) cut. Cant remember the exact proportions but you'll be able to find it online. It appeared to me that the BR is not an ideal cut (thus not AGS cert) as it deviates by making the table bigger and whole diamond shallower. That makes the stone look bigger and lotsa white flashes but no sufficient depth for rainbow effect.

Price jumps crazily once it crosses the 0.5 and 1carat boundary...But you can use that to your advantage too as in my case, my 1.1 was just slightly more expensive than a carat. So might as well get the bigger stone as long as it is within budget.

Well to wrap it up, gotta state the disclaimer that the above is only backed by the observations of non diamond experts (ie my fiance and I)...You can also differ in opinion
Just wrote the above in the hope I've rendered some help to those out there who are still looking for a stone...I can totally empathsize with your dilemma as I was in the same boat myself...maybe Im now just doing my bit of comm service?
It's been 3 months since I got my ring and Im still fascinated by it...Dazzling! I play with it during boring 3 hour meetings... Im now on to choosing the perfect wedding venue/bridal studio/wedding ring...the quest continues...

All the best to you out there seeking the "perfect" ring!


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Hi Vez, Totally Agree with you!!!! You are spot-on re cut, IMHO. My HTB & I also went through the hunt and also almost bought one from S**K**. But, the more we see and the more we learn, we also came to realise that there is a lot of hard-selling from the shops here and v little info/knowledge provided. In the end, we bought our rock over the internet from a US jeweller.

Glad u are enjoying your diamond! Me too - can't help "playing" with it in different lighting.

Gd luck with your wedding prep!


New Member thinking is for my FH to buy a diamond ring and then propose to me with a can i do that when i need to go shopping to choose the ring with him?

can i have the wholesale's contact too? please email [email protected]. thanks


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Hi, my FH just bought me a Lee Hwa Destinee 0.31 D VS1 Solitaire ring at $3733 (before discount is $4148). Do u think it is over priced? pls advise.


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destinee tends to be higher priced but then again, there is alot of shine in the destiny diamond. really sparkles!

I have a pair of earrings which is about .40/.41 (total carat .80+) ,F vs I/II, each side which I am keen to let go at a good price for the pair. Anyone interested, please let me know... its from LeeHwa and I have all the certs etc, etc. I am selling it as I have been wearing another pair i bot for myself early this year so this one kinda left aside... dont ask for pictures looks the normal five claw type earring in LeeHwa. I can bring it to you and even authenticate it at LeeHwa. [email protected]


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In fact, if you are not brand-conscious for BR or Destinee, you can get a certified H&A diamond at a much cheaper price. Common shop names like those mentioned above tend mark up their prices by a lot. If not, how to sustain their heavy advertising campaigns?

Btw, isn't Destinee also an H&A cut? Just for the branding, you have to pay a few k more...


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Hi folks,

May i know what does BR stands for?

I got my engagement ring from a wholesaler in HK. Mine is E colour, cut is ideal, clarity is SI1 and weights 0.52carat.

The jeweller that i got it from told me that if budget allows, its best to get a 0.5 carat & above coz it has resale value. And the most realiable certification is from GIA.


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BR is for Brilliant Rose. Claimed to shine more than H&A diamond, but from what I heard, resale value is lower.


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Going to get a proposal ring soon.

Budget is 2k. Based on what i've read so far around the threads, understand I won't be able to get the best but I'll settle for alright

Looking something along the line of 0.49 carat, ideal cut,vs2. Possible? Any recommendations? Would like to go to a reputable shop to purchase.



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Hi Oasis,

The carat club sells really good diamonds that are reasonably priced. I got my diamond from there. Although they may look expensive but for the quality that you get of them, I realised that it was cheaper and better than leehwa, goldheart etc... Maybe you can give them a try.



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Dear All,
I realize someting was wrong when the price difference between a branded diamond and non-branded diamond was so large.
I saw a 0.37C, colour F, VS1 Br for 4027 (after discount). Is it expensive? my budget is around 4k-5k and of course must get the best out of this amout...
And i check out "the carat club" websute adn it really look exp. And only by appointment....
any other suggestions??


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ct, mabbe u just made an appt with them and checked it out...

Besides, i believe they wont hard sell u to get a diamond immediately.

For my case, i select the diamond and get it set.


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hi ct(bone), as wat u had mentioned above for e brilliant rose diamond is world class branded dia. e main registry is in new york.. as wat u've seen a 0.37ct vs1/f, is almost close to a 0.4ct.. for br, u're paying more on the quality.. the cut of ultimate brilliance. it is also branded.. compared to e carat club, is more on branding.. feel free to email mi if u stil have any enquires.. i believed i can give u a beta informations an knowledge on diamonds...


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Hi reinstar & Vez

can you forward me the wholesaler's and the ctrpoint contact.
I'm also searching for diamond ring, saw the celestial and fell in love immed. with diamond.
please email me @ [email protected]

Many Thanks
: )
sunny gal


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Be enlightened. Get informed.

About 130 million carats (26,000 kg) are mined annually, with a total value of nearly USD $9 billion. Now if you do the math - that works out to be US$69.20 per carat! The prices of diamond is artificially controlled and inflated. Mined diamonds are bought by cartels and kept in vaults to control supply and keep prices high, in truth there is nothing rare or precious about the stones.

For a detailed exposé of the De Beers cartel, read this article by Edward Jay Epstein in the February 1982 issue of The Atlantic Monthly -

Have you heard of conflict diamonds?
Roughly 49% of diamonds originate from central and southern Africa - that's the majority of diamonds in retail. But this is the same region where conflict diamonds get worked into the system.

A conflict diamond (also called a blood diamond or a war diamond) is a diamond mined in a war zone and sold, usually clandestinely, in order to finance an insurgent or invading army's war efforts -

In some cases, the United Nations has prohibited the export of conflict diamonds, arguing that their trade finances armies in fighting against legitimate governments and perpetrating human rights abuses, and prolongs devastating wars. It points to the UNITA rebels in Angola and to the Revolutionary United Front rebels in Sierra Leone (who it states were financed by the government of Liberia, also through diamond sales) as purveyors of conflict diamonds.

The UN is attempting to implement certification procedures to decrease the number of illicit diamonds on the world market. On July 19, 2000, the World Diamond Council adopted at Antwerp a resolution to strengthen the diamond industry's ability to block sales of conflict diamonds.

In 2002, the UN approved the Kimberley Process scheme aimed at preventing conflict diamonds entering the market.
See -

Still there is no guarantee the Kimberly Process can enforce 100% that no conflict diamonds make it to the market - see National Geogrpahic interview with reporter Dominic Cunningham -

Natural mined diamonds have been coming under a lot of heat recently. Award-winning journalist Cecil Adams sums it up the best in a recent article: “diamonds are a scam, pure and simple.†Most people in the new millennium understand that between the DeBeers diamond cartel, the issue of child labor in Third World diamond processing operations, and “blood diamonds†used to finance oppression and genocide in Third World African countries, not to mention your snooty and pretentious local jeweler, diamonds are just not worth the hassle, guilt, and let’s not forget thousands and thousands of questionably spent dollars.

7 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Buy a Diamond:

1. The price of diamonds has been artificially inflated since the 1880's via the De Beers diamond cartel. Read this article by Edward Jay Epstein in the February 1982 issue of The Atlantic Monthly -

2. Current public perception of diamonds is the direct result of a masterfully executed marketing campaign by De Beers that began in 1938, not inherent scarcity or value. If you've read the article by Edward Epstein (you really should), you know all of the gory details. Isn't it amazing (and scary) how brainwashed people are about the "value" of diamonds, even though they're not actually worth that much?

3. A diamond is an illiquid asset, not an "investment". Try to sell a second-hand diamond ring on eBay or at a pawn shop. Do you really think you'll get anything close to what you paid for it? Do you really think the price of any diamond you purchase today is going to go up significantly over time? A diamond ring isn't even a good "insurance policy" to fall back on during hard times - it's an illiquid asset that you'll have a hard time selling for a price anywhere close to what you paid for it.

4. The diamond industry funds warfare, genocide, and terrorism. A conflict diamond (also called a blood diamond or a war diamond) is a diamond mined in a war zone and sold, usually clandestinely, in order to finance an insurgent or invading army's war efforts. Profits from conflict diamonds are used to finance warlords in Angola, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, who use their weapons to kill and maim innocent people. You won't be able to tell if your diamond is a conflict diamond or not?
Read BBC reports

5. A diamond is - by nature - just a pretty rock. Think of the oft-quoted "rule" of diamond ring buying: the ring should cost a minimum of two month's salary (pre-tax), and you should spend as much on a ring as you can afford. Let's put this rule in its proper context: according to the people who sell pretty rocks, you're supposed to trade a full two months of your time and effort for one of their pretty rocks. Does that seem wise?

6. People notice the setting more than the diamond itself. To the naked human eye, most decent quality diamonds look the same. Unless the stone is yellow, has major inclusions, or has a distinctly lopsided cut, no one will be able to distinguish an ideal cut, E color, VS-1 stone from a lesser-quality diamond just by looking at it. What people do notice is the setting - how the stone is featured or placed, side stones, and the craftsmanship and artistry of the band. Knowing this - does it make more sense to focus your attention and dollars on a better stone, or on a better setting?

7. The opportunity cost of buying a diamond is huge. Opportunity cost is what you give up by spending your scarce resources on a single option. In other words, if you drop ten grand on a diamond ring, you have $10,000 less to spend on other things, like a fantastic honeymoon, a car, furniture, a down payment on a house, investing for the future, or further education. Are all of these options worth giving up for a little piece of colorless carbon?

From this guy's rant - funny yet true -

If you still dun get it... go watch Blood Diamond -