Buy or rent wedding dress in Singapore?

Do you buy or rent your wedding gown ?

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I am from the US but I just moved to Singapore and am getting married in Singapore in Sept 15.
I have not much friends here hence
I am not sure what is the culture in Singapore , can brides or brides to be share with me what most sg bride do ?

DO they rent or buy their wedding dress ?
If rent or buy, how much it cost on an average ? Do you gals buy gowns online like most US bride do ?

Thank you for your help !
Hi I guess there are 2 groups of us:
1st group- sign up a package with a bridal company, providing one-stop service for pre wedding photography, actual day make up and actual day gowns. I opted for this because of the convenience.

2nd group: ala carte, I.e. source for bridal gown, photography package yourself. Most of my friends who belong to this group chose to rent the gown because of the cheaper prices.


these days, u can easily buy gowns online. a few of my friends do that too. then they get a good tailor to help make the necessary alterations.

going with a bridal company cost around 3k to 5k in singapore. and its all for the convenience, you just direct all you want to the bridal studio coordinator. a tip for choosing a studio is to make sure they have all e gowns that you like. 1 important thing i learn from this forum, always try the gowns b4 u sign for a package. i find e downside for going with bridal studio is, you will only get back a selected number of photos for your pre-wed photoshoot.

if you go ala carte, you have more freedom to choose and customize everything you want. but you have to coordinate everything yourself. the up side is, most of the time, you can get back all your photos. also you need a very good sister/brother for the point of contact on your AD for all the vendors. however, it may not exactly be cheaper as compared to bridal studio, as i have friends who paid fees that are comparable to going with bridal studio. but they have lots of flexibility.

read and search this forum and you will learn a lot. also communicate with your HTB, to see what is the best for your need and wants!

have fun planning! :)