Budget for Wedding


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Any one got any idea what are the basic essentials needed for a basic Cantonese/Christian wedding ?? How much should we budget?


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Rough expenses
Church venue booking: $200
Church floral deco: $500
Buffet catering: mine is wedding lunch. NA
hotel lunch banquet: $5000 deposit
Bridal studio/ MUA/ Bridal car: $3000
PG + VG: $1200
Angpaos for helper: $1500
Total: $11400

At least must have $10k?


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A simple one should be:
Bridal studio - $3000 (depend)
Hotel banquet deposit - $2000
MUA/PG - $1000
Angpao for helper (incl Jiemei,Xiongdi) - $1000



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dear btbs,

i have a comprehensive bridal package to let go due to last min intention to go for overseas PS instead of local PS... other than MTM gown include, there's also a MTM pants for groom to bring home afterwhich... most impt RESHOOT IF UNSATISFY!

i'm open for any reasonably offer from any keen buyer who wish to save more on their wedding planning or on tight budget... pay less yet enjoy the full package...

email me at [email protected] if you would like to know more details!



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I spent a total of $62k for my wedding. After deducting angpao of $28k collected, total nett spending is $34k. Out of this $34k, spent $12k on honeymoon and $10k on jewelry. Minus out this additional items,a simple wedding will cost about $12k. Had a 25 table hotel lunch banquet plus photoshoot at jb and other miscellaneous items like AD PG, VG, helper angpaos etc.


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My wedding key cost breakdown:

Banquet - around $20,000 (I had 20 tables)
Dresses, accessories, groom's wear - $1500
Angpows - $300
Photography - $3000
Make-up - $1000

All in all, I'd say mine is the cheapest wedding I know of. My husband and I both felt that we didn't want to spend alot on our wedding as we had long term expenses (like housing, kids etc) to save for, but we also wanted good memories so we tried to balance the two ideals. Of the wedding experience, for us, we didn't mind spending on photography and make up. We didn't mind not having a grand decor for the dinner, but food had to be good. All in all, we really enjoyed our wedding day!


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wah~ make-up $1000!! sooo expensive, I think $500 is good enough for me


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lol $1000 is indeed steep to pay for basically paint on the face... but I have to say, looking beautiful in the pics is very important for every bride!! especially pics are forever, it'd be nice to show grandkids "hey your grandma was a beauty in her day!" hehe.

budget differs bride to bride, my thoughts and experience is this: use an MUA who uses
a)quality products. quality products keep in touch with colour trends and technology. remember the flat garish colours of the 1980s? i had one MUA apply that on me, suffice to say i wouldn't look out of place in changi village.

b) good technique. check out the actual portfolio of brides. do they look good in pictures? the top end photographers usually do a camera test, one shot of bride with make up to see if it looks good in pics. for one MUA, a top photog requested immediate change of MUA on AD itself... because MUA make the bride look like a clown. the bride was distraught and in tears.. but thankfully a good replacement was found.

a bride who is beautifully made up with beautiful hair do, can make a relatively cheap gown look classy. but ah lian make up and ah lian hairdo can ruin a vera wang.

p.s. good make up sure cheaper than expensive gown. this is one way to save money!!

my 2 cents.


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I have a MY DREAM WEDDING package to let go. It's local package but can convert to HK or retain as local. I have paid the deposit. Due to personal reason, no point Holding on to the package.

Willing to absorb $(NEGOTIABLE) long as I can release the contract.

My package in contract consist of 32 poses w all the standard stuff at 3000++.. PS and AD gowns, car deco, thank u cards, fathers jacket.. Etc. A 7 seater vehicle along w 1 PG and assistant and a MUA out for photoshoot... (after much bargaining..,)
Quite good deal cos spent much effort to bargain more perks

Feel free to email for details or question. Await offer.
[email protected]