BTB in 2020

Discussion in 'A Meeting Place For All Brides' started by Linlin2105, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Linlin2105

    Linlin2105 New Member

    Any BTB in 2020? We can form a group together! :)
    Let me know!
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  2. AcEofSpadeS

    AcEofSpadeS New Member

    ‍♂️Not a BTB but rather GTB
  3. Charcally

    Charcally New Member

    I’m most prob gonna have it in 2020! Starting to do some research
  4. xkrybabyx

    xkrybabyx New Member

    Jan 2020
  5. Sjdra

    Sjdra New Member

    3rd quarter 2020 BTB
  6. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

  7. Pokkiedots11

    Pokkiedots11 New Member

    Jan 2020, anyone going for BS in JB? Am going in to enquire on some packages tomorrow.
  8. nophee168

    nophee168 New Member

    Most likely will have on Mar 2020
  9. Knightinblack

    Knightinblack New Member

    JB bridal shops are ok... take a look at the ones near Taman Sentosa quite a number of new luxurious ones opened there

    But do look at the materials used and the design and compare it to the quality and price in Singapore

    Sometimes it’s only slightly cheaper there!

    But one thing I’m sure is that the photography package is definitely cheaper there lol
  10. SnoopyQueen

    SnoopyQueen New Member

    Hello, is there any telegram chat for btb 2020?
  11. Jocelyn90

    Jocelyn90 New Member

    Hi fellow brides/BTBS :)

    Would like to find out from you girls if there any online tools that can help me with wedding planning?
  12. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    Hi @Jocelyn90 ,

    Welcome! You can take a look at our wedding guide here:

    You can also try our wedding to-do list:


    2. (Google Spreadsheet with budget version)
  13. Jocelyn90

    Jocelyn90 New Member

    Thanks! Very helpful! Is there any tools to help with guestlist or sending invites? We have booked our venue and looking to send out invites soon! Will be great if there's a tool that can track my guests RSVPs (other than manually on excel :()

  14. Jane0312

    Jane0312 New Member

    Any BTB in 2020 group ?
  15. Jane0312

    Jane0312 New Member

  16. Monolife13

    Monolife13 New Member

    Yes. Add me pls.
  17. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

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