Bridesmaid dress - Rent or Custom made?


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Any advice if bridesmaid dress should rent or go custom made? And, where could we go rent or custom made bridesmaid dress?


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my wedding in 10/2010.i custom made 8 bridesmaid dress from elas dress at very cheap price (~$60 per piece).they r pretty and fit well too. u can try :)


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hi linda, do u have a contact no. or person to talk to from elas? and also, any pics of your bridesmaids? =)


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Hi Linda,
Please send me the details too.

[email protected]

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Linda,

Ok for you to share some pics of your bridesmaid dress as well as the contact person from Elas? Will be of great help! Many thanks!
i managed to get mine done at $60 bucks per piece too... with matching tie in the exact same colour at $8 bucks per piece!!

but its not with the contact given above..

yay so happy...


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Hi Ladies,

I have 6 pcs of brand new white bridesmaid dress to sell.

Got it from a blogshop and due to the change of my wedding color theme, decided to sell away.

If you are getting all the 6 pieces from me, I will bundle it the red flower accessories which I intend to match with the bridesmaid dress.

For more info, do email me at [email protected]

Thank you.


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Hi brides!

I'm looking for WHITE dresses!
cos can match sash colours to my tea dress and evening gown.
anyone wants white too? (can custom made at MLB)
or anyone have lobang for white dresses?

do email me [email protected]