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I gave a thank you speech on behalf of my husband. Personally, I feel a speech should not be long n boring like an oscar speech. For my speech, I thanked all the helpers( without listing their names) in English and both sets of parents in Chinese. You may get sample speech online, try key words like" wedding speech". That's where I get ideas on the structure of a speech. Dun get stress out, k. Do practice in front of mirror n pl dun bring a copy of your speech to the stage. It will appear v robotic n insincere lor.


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Hi everyone..

Been to quite alot of weddings, none of the bride & groom gave speech..all are done by the MC, which i find it weird cos is your own parents that raise you up, & ended up is other ppl say thank you on your behalf..erm me personally find it weird...

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Thanks for the webbies..cos manage to find some th i like...


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I feel that the bride should say something too...but I am terrified now that my colleague told me that her cousin said something that offended her own father on her big day! I think I need a sample too.

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I do not thing we should follow a template for wedding / bride speech. It comes from your heart.

The usual thing would be to start with thanking guests for their presence, thank parents and friends for support.

You can speack on any other cheerful or heartwarming things too.

Good luck ladies.

I am sure I will be writing and giving my own speech.


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I am intending to plan my own speech and read through it at least 10 times before I deliver it. I am in the process of writing now and it is important to capture words from your heart. At the end of the day, it really comes from you. That's what matters.


Hi, can send me a copy too?
many thanks in advance

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