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I am getting married in July and have not get anything done except choosing the date!

Some of my friends recommend Ted Wu and Amanada Lee wedding dresses but they are not sure of the price now as they were married 8 years ago. Do you know how much is the cost for renting a wedding gown?

Lastly, is it acceptable to try the gowns before taking a package? Can you go into a bridal shop and try the gown first and then talk about the package later...

Also, any advice on any good slimming treatment/package? Focus will be on Tummy....

Thanks so much for any adv


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Hi Christine,

Yes, you may go to take a look and try their gown first. The more important thing is you must like their gown.
I signed my package with Z'wedddding at Tanjong Pagar, their services is good. You can look for Joe (their boss). She is a nice lady.
If you want, you can quote them my invoice number: Z60168 to see whether you can any additional benefits.

Good Luck.


Hi Christine,

Actually there are many factors for choosing a wedding designer. You can shortlist them according to budget, or the style of various designers.

I am not too sure of the budget that you are looking at, but based on the fact that your friends recommended Ted Wu and Amanda Lee, i suppose that you are looking at the "higher ends" boutiques. Haha!

Erms, If i am not wrong, their packages usually starts from $3800 onwards (that's a rough gauge, not too sure if they adjusted since last year). Their package usually includes MTM gowns and evening gowns but the wedding gown will be to rent and evening gowns to keep.

My advice would be to make appointment with various boutiques and go down to take a look, they will let you try on a few gowns to have a feel. And usually, they are not pushy at all, so not too worry.

Previously, my gowns were from Bridal Veil. I love their services but i did consider Amanda Lee before as well. They are all very different in styles.

Lastly, good luck in your planning! You can actually pm me if you need further help. I will be glad to help.


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Thank Asley... I saw the gowns from Bridal veil on their website and they looks really good... I prefer gown with train. How much did your gown cost and any good consultant to recommend.

I am getting married in July. Is it too rush?



Hi Christine,

You can actually add me on fb [email protected] if you want to see my photos and gowns. Just let me know who you are. =)

Bridal Veil gowns do have long trains if you want. Like mine, i have a long train in duchess satin and with organza silk couture back.

Hmm... Bridal Veil's basic package is $3988 onwards. You can call to make an appt with them. You can look for Cedric or Colin( michelle huimin's hubby). You can just tell them that i referred you. =)

I think its still alright to start now, since your wedding is in July, but are you going to have a pre-wedding photoshoot? Well... but i've know of a case whereby they managed to rushed the gown out in 3 weeks. No worries on that, even though they very much preferred a 6 months allowance usually.


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mmmm... 3.8k - that is within my budget. I have make an appointment with them on Monday - not sure who is attending to me.

What does basic package include of? Did you wear Kua for your wedding?

Yap! I have add you on fb.



Hi Christine,

I wore a Kua for my wedding. I actually rented my Kua somewhere else. But for Bridal Veil, the do provide Kua or tea dress, so no worries on that.

This coming Monday? Cool. I might be dropping by on this Sat to collect my own gowns. Left the gowns there for dry cleaning till now. Haha! Maybe i can kaypo alittle. What time is your appt on Monday?


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Di Gio Package to Let Go.

Gents Suits - 2 sets (01 pant MTM keep)
Wedding Gown & Evening Gown - off rack
Bridal's Makeup - ROM, Day, Night + Studio w/ hairdo
Bridal's Bouquet - Open Choice + Corsage (max 10 corsages)
Car for hire - NIL
Car decoration - Open Choice + following car door ibbon
Wedding Album - 12" x 15 = 30 poses (20 pages)
Canvas Portrait - 20" x 24" - 1 pc or 8R 3 in one w/ frame
Outdoor photography - Indoor + Outdoor (2 location) own transport
- 1mini album (duplicate poses) OR Change to 3 poses
- 1 pc 8R tabletop OR change to 1poses
- 1 guest book
- 1 ROM dress (MTM rental)
- 1 ROM Bouquet
- 1 Tea Dress OR Bridesmaid Dress
- 4R . 24 pcs (4 poses) OR 2 poses

*selected photo return into CD
*Suit can be changed to Father's use.

TOTAL: $3588
1k deposit paid, willing to let go at a reasonable offer.


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Hi CK ng,

Your Di Gio pkg is really attractive. mine also from there. From what i see.. you got more perks than mine. worth it.