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Discussion in 'A Meeting Place For All Brides' started by Buibui91, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. Buibui91

    Buibui91 New Member

    Hi, anyone got any good florists for bridal bouquets to recommend? :)

  2. SihuiL

    SihuiL New Member


    My friend did mine for me, if you want his contacts lemme know.. I can't seems to share th inage of th hand bouquet here..
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  3. Buibui91

    Buibui91 New Member

    @SihuiL Hi Sihui, thanks for your recommendation and reply. Only saw your message now. Gotten our bridal bouquet from First Sight SG in the end which we are very satisfied with. :)
  4. SihuiL

    SihuiL New Member

    Hello! No worries on tht :) Hope you've had an enjoyable wedding!

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