Breast Enhancement product, BRAVA -- Newly launched!


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I am a A cup girl. Really wants to achieve a C cup. But i know that pills & creams do not work. Only plastic surgery. I am not interested at all.

I am interested in buying the Brava product. Anyone wants to buy? It does not shipped to Singapore.

I am interested in nose job, chin and making my double eyelids look "deeper". Any recommendations?
I am consulting Dr. martin Huang. heard from healthaesthetics that they do arrange for plastic surgery in bangkok by a doctor call Dr. Preecha with over thirty years of experience. And that Dr. Huang is a student of Dr. preecha. A lady in the clinic told me but not sure how true it is....

any one keen to share, advise?? thanks


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Sounds good. I'm keen. Do you know of any friends who have personally tried it? If they dont ship to Singapore, how can we get it?


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Hi Smarties,
U said tat pills n creams do not work.Then how abt Brava products??Issit olso creams or pills??pls advise.I'm olso interested.thanks


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Hi sousa, I emailed to both NZ, AUD and Korea website and they have gotton back to me. It is not creams/ pills. It is a system where you have to wear ten hours daily and for a period of ten weeks, i think so. u can get all this info from the web.

Also, they say its clinically proven and you wont need to maintain it once you see results because this thing is suppose to help to stimulate glands or ur hormones in ur breast tissue.
they do ship to Singapore but it is not available in SG. but it is quite expensive. $2000-$3000.


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hi samrties,

I visit their website and find out so expensive. How come you do not try something that avalible in Singapore and Much more cheaper??

Just wondering
ru yi


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hi ladies, i've tried it. must be the only one in singapore that have. it's super ex... had it shipped all over here. about $3k! well... it's really a chore and very very difficult process. affects my sleep pattern cos i have to use it at night. i gave up in the end. somemore i gotta keep calling overseas (so expensive) to find out more and when there are problems.


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hi hugobabe,

this is not the only one avalible in singapore. My friends told me a programe which is worth to try. She also told me some of the TV stars also use for maintance. Do not know ture or not.

ru yi


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i read in one of the UK mag that they have brava products but not sure whether they ship to singapore or not, anyone tried???


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I use a fats shifting method as I am quite fleshy, but not at the right spots! The fullest part of my breast is by the side, below the arm pits, so I needed to bring those to the front and has increased about 2 cup sizes. Now maintancement as has to prevent sagging due to gravity. Previously, when I diet, my cup size will drop, now, no such problems :)


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hi magic28,
what do u mean by fats shifting mtd? how izit done? i also ve e same prob as u. having " additional breasts " at the armpit... cant wear spegs because of that else very awful...


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hi bibi0311

It is a bra with patented pressure cuts to hold fats in place (in the cup). Fats in nearby areas (depending on where they have ran to!!) are shifted by hands (that means yourself hor) into the cup. So far, this is the only brand that I have tried that works. I am now using it as a sports bra as it is very comfortable and provides great support, especially when I am doing yoga or aerobics. Even when I am jogging, though I don't like jogging that much.


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does it block off circulatn&drainage? so there is no support if worn on its own under a dress? or still need bra to support? ..


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Hey Ladies, Check tis out.
Interested, let me know. I can get it cheaper than outside mkt.
I went 2 a seminar last sun, it creates instant lifting within 10min. Ter's 1 coming up tis sunday (28/1). IF interested, pls sms or call me @ 98532251 to reserve seats. Or u dun 1 2 arrend, can sms me 2 meet u. I provide u wif 1 ime free trial before u decide if u wanna buy it or not. Cheers


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i just bought mine a day ago and applied... and amazing it really got lifted... ladies out there should really try it... got my promo package at 3 for 500.... still got 2bottles... if interested can let me know.. willing to let go or give small sample to try.... feel my skin smoother also... hee..

Calista [email protected]
i also started using bust serum cos i want to get rid of the fats at my arms like an extra bust - so ugly when wear sleeveless until i dun dare to wear now


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I was told that there are 2 types of creams/serum. One that give you immediate lift and firm but the effect will go away after a day. The other type is a treatment type that enhances the size and more more lasting.

You may want to consider which type you want before purchase


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Hi Angelina

are u refering to the same serum mentioned by Dreamzz18 and Xin? its really effective? May i know where to get the serum? thanks!


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Any brand or product to recommend for bust enhancement? Me wanted to get rid of the rid near my arm & breast, and hopefully to enhance the size..

Pls advice.


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I have tried Slim Fit busts enhancement treatments, and it works for me, though is a bit expensive... I change from cup A- to B+, very happy with the results. I am getting married next year, so now I can choose to wear a low cut gowns without any push-up. Gals is worth to try if you really want to increase cup size.


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Phoooa!! So many bust enhancement product! Anyway, I have a recommendation which works too! It is called Miraeca (Mee ra shay). Swear by the product because it also increase my breast size. Some friend can see results in 15min. Incredible but true. I saw their photo!!!

Only SGD139 from ANG MO KIO, ELITA FASHION. I happened to "believe" it works. Then, it does!! The aunty never bluff me! Cos the aunty's breast also very firm haha

Call the shop la. I cant explain the exact location.64538012


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hi melissaa and banska,
you both sure these products help really really flat girls?coz mind really really flatleh! ;o((((((


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i did call up the num u noted.

tatz not the Shop ler..

WHen i ask then bout the Bust Serum...
They Goes "HuH"...

so is tt the correct num..



Hi, would like to get the feedback from those have tried this. Is it effective? Is this for enlargement or firmer?


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I've been personally using breast enhancement cream as well and I see the results are amazing. I went from a C cup to a D cup and at the same time it firms the breast.


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I think SlimFit sessions help but they are very expensive. Their products are price by hundreds too. Gotta go for maintainence treatments regularly to ensure the size doesn't shrink back.

All in all it boils down to massage, getting the correct pressure points. Many articles & maybe tv programmes actually states that after puberty, the bust size is more or less fixed. Will not change much unless you go for implants.

Banska>> What's the brand & name of the product you are referring to? Any side effects? Is the result long term?


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Im very falt too. =( Tried F Cup Cookies and Pills. Both increases 1/2 inch and stopped. But Im trying to maintain by consuming it religiously. Hopefully it helps.

Slimfit helps? IF so, Im gona utilised my deposit there!! But its very ex rite? How much did you spend?


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Hi gals I'm a customer frm LFI and took up a package and i've 2 bottles of DermaCare Bust Defining Serum from LFI to let go cos i dun tink i'll need it.The benefit is as follow:

Major Benefits-Making You Enjoyable
1) Lifts and firms breasts for a beautiful shape
2) Creates a "natural breast lift"
3) Refines and firms breast contours
4) Softer, smoother skin texture
5) More dramatic, younger looking cleavage
6) No adverse effects or undesirable aesthetic results

Interested pm mi okie?Can visit for more information.


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my gf wanted to have a bigger bust so i paid for her slimfit expenses. hmmm, i think it really works. she was like B70... now she can wear C32-C34.
altho her size was alr ok. we paid like 3k over including the essential oil for daily massage.

she completed her 11 sessions few months ago and the size is still there.

according to what i know, the package we paid was the normal one and the oils and stuff they used is not tat strong.

my gf told me the last session she went thy gave her a more stronger or advance treatment which they claim is 2-3 times stronger. and my gf claim that last session increase her size even more, but the sessions took like 2 hrs -.- normally is 1hr, and that treatment cost like 4-5k over.

and then there is the new propolis treatment which my gf enquire them abt and it cost 12K over!
they claim the treatment is 4-5times better.

hope all this informations can help those girls in need. ^^

my gf intend to go for the 5k package again.


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Hi hi,

I've a set of SlimFit homecare product for sale (not collected yet):
- G&C Oil $244
- Natu Biora Bust Serum $265.40

You can only buy these products IF you sign-up their G&C treatment packages. I'm letting go at my purchase price, no additional charge. Pls email [email protected] if keen. Thanks.

*G&C is higher range among their packages.