Brazilian Waxing

Miss Faith: well..i only tweeze cos i happen to have free time n nothing to do at home..if not i'll just go wax them off. the end result is my wife likes it. more fun. =)

Mr. bedokboy: go try it


Ya, unusual for sure, if I have free time at home, I will not pluck hair for leisure and to past time, there are a lot more meaningful and fun things to do lor....

Why actually people wax on that part? For hygiene purpose, practical reason of wearing bikini or to add on to the sexual appeal?


You enjoy plucking? Why? Its painful...


Why more fun?
Miss Faith: u mean u enjoy plucking ur SO's hair right... -_-"

Miss Outcast: Cos my wife went holiday with friends and MIL and i was at home doing the chores and washing clothes so cannot go out. therefore free time at home lor.
And by fun part means making love more fun.cos i dun have to spend too much time cleaning myself.can better use the time on my wifey. =)


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usually plucking during watching TV that multi tasking


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lol lol lol.....Mr Daniel bed room dont have TV ah??? btw what is wrong to do it in the living room? Just shut the window lor...Not difficult right? I m not that daring to give free show.
oh..ya bedroom can have
still.. tweezing in living room dangerous.if underarm or legs still ok..but down never know when ppl will use binos to look-see or take pics! then they report police say got ppl expose themselves at home.then kenna charge. =x
I dunno about that..Last year the papers had reports of ppl walking ard naked in their own homes then other ppl take pics to submit to papers and police.then police spokesperson say that the law says walking ard exposed in your own home is prohibited.

so..yea..own home also no 100% privacy.
Miss Faith: there was this japanese family in sg who were caught on camera walking naked out of their bathroom.then police gave them stern warning after the pics were sent to the papers. very brave indeed!

btw has anyone tried the services of Golddust wax salon that was recommended in this thread?


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not wrong if it's all covered, wrong if there's ppl peeping,it's super disgusting jus to imagine those sex maniac peeping and somehow quite dangerous for gals to do that too.

U might be "targeted" for the wrong reasons. My hb once caught someone peeping @ me changing clothes outside the corridor.


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daniel, my hb nvr caught him, the culprit ran v fast w/o any footwear.

Hence ladies, do be careful when u r going hme late at night.


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My mom's flat is a corridor unit and there was once a man peeped into our flat from the top tiered windows!!! A stray cat had also managed to squeeze itself through and landed in my home.

If you live in a corridor unit, don't do something "candid".


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Beware of lousy Brazilian waxing...can cause u to have infections.
From people I know, HoneyPot's v dirty n wax is too hot. So...just beware when u choose a waxing salon.
well,ppl say the Golddust home salon is good. I've patronised Winkwax before. Their service is rather good too.

For first timer..sure will have some pain cos your hair will be pulled out en masse. but if u want to try just go ahead. can let the therapist know beforehand.


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My wife (Stella) is operating HOME SALON @ CCK. If you are interested, can call her @ 9745 8052 for details. The price is almost half of what the outside saloon is offering as there is no high rental cost. Good compliment from her existing client.
hmm...sengkang..don't think so leh..mostly concentrated in city areas.and golddust is the only one i know that's in the east..


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I always wanted to try wxing but scared... looks very painful... I do trimmed most of the time or shave if not lazy.... waxing hmmm I just wondering how to wax the two balls lols ..
Dear Claire (clairem),

It has come to our attention that there has been a misunderstanding. Please let us clarify.

Your first visit to Pink Parlour was dated 4 August 2010 while we were running an opening special for 50% rebate coupon on treatment spent. You spent $49 for your Brazilian Wax and was given a voucher of $24.50 which may be used on any treatments at Pink Parlour within 60 days. Basically, this voucher expires upon 60 days and it cannot be used thereafter.

We have done a detailed check on your history and realized that in fact you did not purchase any further treatments on that visit, thus your impression that you were pressured into buying another treatment upfront is not accurate. Unfortunately, when you called our outlet on 9/10/10 (a week after expiry) wanting to make an appointment, you were informed that the coupon has expired and was told that we cannot extend expired coupons as they are no longer usable as our computer system tracks them. According to our phone logs, nothing was mentioned with regards to your surgery that you've highlighted in this forum.

As with all companies, discount vouchers and coupons cannot be honoured once expired. Pink Parlour does make exceptions on a case by case basis for clients especially those who wish to extend deadlines on packages or even prepaid treatments or gift vouchers.

I believe that in general, your experience with Pink Parlour has been good as you did purchase a package which has no expiry with us. We hope that we have cleared this misunderstanding and assure you that you did not have any monetary loss on your end and none of your pre-paid treatment expired.

We hope we can continue to serve you better in your future visits with us.

Thank you.

From the Management of Pink Parlour


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I went on a session with Fabulous tan.. they have brazillian wax services as well, effects are ok, I won't do it again cos I am not too keen on the "botak" look.

I feel weird out and even viotlated, though I must say the therapist is a nice lady..
Its just in my head.. not used to the after effect.. botak and all.


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botak looks ok for both male and female i find it more pleasing actually (from point of view of a male) easy to find my target and bushy sometimes hard to paint mah tongue sore after a while hehehe

And i find it clean also and no smell i notice than once with partner when she shave


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I'm wanting to get a full brazilian done (everything off) and I was just wondering what happens when you go to get one done?

Like what kind of wax is used, do you get ingrown hairs afterwards, what actually happens in the waxing room, and is there any regular maintanence you have to do?

Please let me know!


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Hi Nina,

My wife (Stella) is operating HOME SALON @ CCK. If you are interested, can call her @ 9745 8052 for details. Good compliment from her existing client.


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I wanted to try waxing but scared of pain lols so now will try shaving.. sadly very few to no shop doing male grooming service...self grooming ok also but those hard to reach area will be a problem... I tried once and end up some hair left unshave in some area that i cant reach or do proper shaving


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Ninz: You should try out
you'll feel so clean and different after your waxing! There is 1 types of wax, 'hard wax or soft wax'... Have ingrown anot, is up to individual~ For me, i'm used to wax.. And I go mthly for regular maintain :D