Bookstyle wedding photos printing


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i did a project for my company and used Just1book (dhoby ghaut). though the pricing was reasonable,the quality is really bad..the printing paper and the colors were really sub-standard...


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deerixp, sorry for late reply, I just came back from HongKong/Macau.

Yes, you can just add the pages as you go along.


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Photobook is having a promo for, buy ne get one free! Happen to see this when i was sourcing for a good are the details:

Make one of the following books,
and get the duplicate copy for FREE!
Medium Landscape Hardcover Photo Book with Debossed Window
Medium Landscape Imagewrap Hardcover Photo Book
Medium Classic Softcover Photo Book
Small Square Softcover Photo Book

Veri value for money..but I am worried after seeing so many comments that their support is not very prompt..


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your book is very well done

i agree with one of the paragraphs in your blog..
Wedding is our day, and it is fun if we do it the way we want... people who complaint abt our wedding will not remember it anyway!!!

seeing this sentence in ur blog make me feel better.. because my relatives did complain abt my wedding, my parents are not happy too because it is buffet style... but we did it in our dream location, and also had our Salsa Dance... overall very fun... should not let it affect us so much tho

by the way, i had just done an album with albumstories for my ROM photos... now waiting for the book to arrive !!!!


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hui, thanks for the kind words.

It's really great that you've reconciled with that small hiccup.

I must say that it's really common for others to remark, especially so in Singapore eh, we are so quick to criticize, and yet overlooking the impact we may have caused for the concerned parties.

Sounds like a fun party you had there! Don't worry, people are forgetful, even if they are not, they are probably not important to us. People who mattered to us, will eventually come to terms with what makes us happy, and I think that is good enough for me.

As far as I am concerned, I wouldn't change a thing if things could be done differently. hahahaha, I am truly a headstrong and stubborn woman!

I love stories!!!! Must share the stories eh!

I am recently hooked on Jane Austen's books (Pride & Prejudice being my favorite) and got distracted in finishing up my own product catalog and travel books. =P


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lissy.... ya it was a fun party for me... and ya the word party is really close to describing my Wedding... love it and miss it alot...

i received my book too... very well done by albumstories... love it... may consider doing it for my AD pics

I like your book that i had seen from your blog, really look like a Story


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I sent my travel book for printing.. finally!

I am such a dork, I just realized that I can also print with iPhoto (Mac) since I am using Mac, and seems like the binding is better. May try out with them the next time around. The application comes with iLife though.


It should be fun to print travel book with iPhoto, because it has ability to extract maps of the places you travel.


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I choose the landscape portrait. I paid USD24.88 (should cost me USD53), but I paid half the price only (there was promotion back then). You can use the price list to estimate the price though. I printed the wedding book with premium paper, image wrap.

I just received my travel book, it's a whopping 156 pages. I chose hardcover imagewrap also, standard paper, same landscape size, I use the promo code to waive USD10 off shipping, and paid around USD64 (including shipping).


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lissy : it's lovely. we have to do everthing from scratch? how long did you take to do yours?

Do we have to enhance colour, photoshop and etc? Or we just copy and paste?

Very new to this. Anyone can share more details?


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Hey shermaine, I believe this can be done within days. I procrastinated a little because my HDD crashed, and to reinstalled everything else killed a little of joy to anything else.

Personally, I think the photos that the professional/studio photographer provides would be of ready to use condition. I did some enhancement to the b/w photos because the shadow is too dark.

As for my travel book, the cover page and the subdividing pages, I did the layout myself. It's really your creativity call though.

I use illustrator, photoshop for artwork. If you are not familiar with those, you may just select the layout options from the software.

The best way to gauge is probably to download the free software and try it out yourself, so that you know what options are available.

Basically, there are options in background, layout styles etc, you can play around with them, it's easy to make changes, or undo the changes. For photos, you upload (step by step prompt) from your computer, and then you can start to choose the layout, and then drag and drop from the panel to the layout and adjust the alignment accordingly, pretty straight forward.

Give it a try, it's fun.


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Not a great difference, but I print artwork a lot, so I can feel the difference, but generally, I would say, the diff is very slight.

I would notice that the print is less 'see-thru' from pages, but for others like my husband and parents, they were only interested in the pictures, and not particular about the paper.

It's really individual. I don't mind spending slightly more to comfort myself psychologically that I am getting the better paper..haha, but the truth is, no one else care about it. =P


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did anyone of u you display ur wedding book at the reception? how many pages were there?

i'm afraid that if we display at reception might get creases from all the flipping by guests.. and if too many pages, guests might not have the patience to finish flipping all the pages...

what would be the ideal number of pages? would the book look too flimsy?


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im so glad i found this thread. i almost took up those professionally taken coffee table album that cost so much more exp!!

lissy: thanks so much for sharing, i haf the same qns as ntus about u, is there minimum no of pgs u gotta do? or any pgs will do? and also, mus all the pics be of high resolution?


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I only have actual day photography, so didn't display anything at reception. I had been to several weddings that displayed large photo albums at reception, a little hurried to go through the pages because other guests were waiting to see too. Then again, it's excellent for early birds who might have nothing to do. =P

To answer the min. pages, I believe there is a min. of 20 pages. Since the book pricing page starts with 20 pages. refer here:

That is for blurb, and I have only used them thus far, hence unable to provide more info on other vendors.

Kling, I wouldn't compare pro coffee table album to blurb, the quality is definitely different. First off, the binding would be better, secondly, the quality of the pages and book cover should be better too. I wouldn't take up pro coffee table album strictly because of personal preference.

I prefer easy to tuck away books, and I like personalization, so it's kind of awesome to do up my own wedding book, which is still passed around (and I am not exactly so worried about the book getting damaged, since I consider it easy to reprint and rather affordable) even though I had my wedding in early 2007! (good gawt! I am married for that long already!!!)

Yes, it's best to have high resolution images. I have just done up my travel book for 2008, and I foolishly downsized most of my images for Cambodia/Vietnam trip and discarded the original files. Due to that reason, the section of the book that documented my Cambodia/Vietnam trip, was plastered with smaller images, (most book making software has an indication when your images fall below the desirable resolution) in order to have clear prints. They turned out really nicely though, just that I could have more options in laying out the photos if I had kept the original high resolution images.


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Kling, you may want to read up the older replies in this thread, I believe there were other recommendations of local vendors. You may then see if you could go see see look look at the quality. I am very online person, and have been buying/selling online for the longest time, so I am very comfy with online shopping.


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It's like any photography books you get in the bookstore, it's definitely not solid hard like the pro wedding book. Even the premium paper is just slightly thicker than their regular ones.

This is one of the reasons why I printed the photobook. I am not quite a fan for thick books, limited pages, and additional pages just make the book bulky and heavy. I had seen so many couples chucked away the wedding book after a few months down the wedding date.

Like I said, it's very individual. On demand printing definitely has its limitation. There are however, other providers in Singapore (afraid you got to start a shout out to see if others have used alternate service) who make very good quality photobooks.


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Lissy, I really love your album from blurt. We just completed our wedding album to be printed by photobook Singapore. Haiz,I didn't know about the negative feedback they had. Well, now we are waiting for the actual album. Will leave a feedback here for the rest after seeing the actual product.


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For anyone who is interested in photobook feedback, we just received our photobook album.

Must say they are really fast in delivery. We submitted last Wednesday at 130AM and we received the book via DHL next Tuesday.

We ordered the large landscape debossed hardcover style and overall, we think it is value for money.

Our book is 40pages or 20sheets, 6color CMYK printing with premium smooth 170gsm paper. It was $154 originally, but after 25% discount, it was $115.50

The colors were alright, not too far from the screen colors, though on screen, the photos looked brighter and sharper.

The binding is nicely done.

No creased pages.

The only complaint was the 170gsm paper was too thin, easy to crease. We would upgrade to 200gsm in future.

The front picture was pasted on the cover, not printed on but it is still acceptable, ie not too ugly.

Lastly, the paper edges were bluntly cut, we can still see the paper residual bits on the edges.

If you are expecting bridal studio quality, then it would fall short of expectations but I would say, it is value for money for those of us who just want a nice momento.

We loved the numerous templates provided by the software and also the easy to use frames for the photos. The software is user friendly, was able to download everything without much hassle.

Verdict : Acceptable quality for the price.