Body Shapers?

Wondering if anyone has tried body shapers? Read about them in last weeks issue of Urban in The Straits Times.

Being a working professional I have little to no time for exercise, which in my humble opinion is the best solution to weight loss. It doesn't help that I'm also weary of weight loss supplements.

That's why I'm considering body shapers. Did some research and found this on youtube -


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I'm not quite sure if this belongs here, but I didn't really think it fell under 'fashion' I have tried a few body shapers/slimmers, but they always tend to roll down on me (when i do wear them its when i'm going out and pretty active). I really like the style of the kymaro ones, but I heard the brand is awful. But basically the style im looking for is one with shoulder straps (but where it goes UNDER the bust - not covers it), and possibly the little snappy crotch so I dont have to worry about it going anywhere haha. what are your faves and does anyone have any suggestions?


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Hi Ladies,

Good and high quality body shaper made from Japan (certified). Result shown immediately and other than shaping body, also adjust our bones to the correct position. Very safe rather than liposuction. Guarantee for result.

Email me at [email protected] for more info.



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Hi ladies,

I have also tried a couple of shape wears and can't find one that really sits well that won't roll down. Had spend lots of money on them(even the well known brands)

Lately, I was so excited that I found one that won't roll down with great compression and suitable for our Singapore Weather.

I had been wearing it for a couple of weeks and still loving it! It really can shape me figure and the best part was my colleagues had commented that I have lose weight(without them knowing that I am wearing shapewear underneath )

Anyway, I will be bringing in the shapewear(fm US) to Singapore since a lot of my close friends are interested in getting them. So if you ladies are interested too, you can drop me a mail at [email protected] and I can explain more to you.