BN wedding items to let go


1) Helium Balloons

All Brand new. Great for decor the venue and photoshoot. Just bring to the florist or gift shop to pump in the helium, Great for v-day gifts too. Some are 18" and some are 24" to 36"

gold heart.jpg helium 1.JPG helium 24 drop aline.jpg helium 27 love train.jpg helium 34 clown.jpg helium 34 wedding car.jpg helium 35 wedding cake.JPG helium 40 C.jpg helium 40 J.jpg helium bottle bouquet.jpg
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helium wedding wishes 2.JPG helium wedding wishes.jpg helium whole lotta happy.jpg

Selling at: 18"- $4, 20" to 28"- $7, 29" and above- $12, Bouquet or special- prices varies. Exclude pumping of helium


73) Candle holder

Used it once for my matrimony (unity candle). Can put stick or block candle.
small diameter: 2.2 cm big diameter: 4cm Height: 4.5cm

candle holder.jpg

Price: $3 for all 3s

74) An chuan red packet
10.5 x 19cm

an chuan.jpg

Price: $0.80

75) Mini red packet
5 x 6.5 cm , 9 red and 1 pink

mini red packet.jpg

Price: $2 for all 10s

76) Thank you card
Leftover. Gave this for my entourage.

thank you card.jpg

Price: $0.10 each (left with 7s)

77) White flower hair piece
Brand new. 7.5cm

white flower clip.jpg

Price: $5

78) Bear ring holder
Brand Newn. My sis got this for me overseas. Not knowing that I have something similar to it.
Height: 15cm

ring holder 3.jpg ring holder 4.jpg

Price: $22

79) Authentic Precious Moments Ring pillow
Not for fussy. In mint condition. My cousin gave it to me but did not use.

ring holder 6.jpg
Price: $8

80) Flower ball
Brand new with tag. Bought it overseas. Can let bridesmaid or flower girl to use during march in.
Diameter: 10cm. Strap length: 13 cm

flower ball.jpg

81) Greyish-black bow tie (brooch pin type)
Brand new. Bought from Korea. Length: 15cm

bow tie 2.jpg

Price: $5.50


82) Men White bow tie (brooch pin type)
Brand new. Korean style. Suppose to use it for the brothers in the day but in the end, they all went casual. Height 18.5cm. Ship in from Korea.

bow tie 3.jpg bow tie 3w.jpg

Price: $6 each (if take all 7s at $40).

83) Silver bow tie (brooch pin type)
Bought for Photoshoot but didnt use it. Brand new. Korean style. Height: 9cm. Ship in from Korea.

bow tie 5.jpg

Price: $10

84) Black bow tie (brooch pin type)
Bought for photoshoot but didnt use. Brand new. Koerean style. Height: 12cm. Ship in from Korea.

bow tie 6.jpg

Price: $10

85) Blue feathery bow tie (brooch pin type)
Bought for photoshoot but didnt use. Brand new. Koerean style. Height: 13.5cm. Ship in from Korea.

bow tie 4.jpg
Price: $8

86) Authentic Minnie Bride hairband
Brand new with tag. Bought from Hong Kong. Use it as gift to my lovely flower girls. Flower girl can also use for march in if have mickey n minnie theme.
minnie head band1.jpg
Price: $18

87) Authentic Mickey and Minnie Brooch pin
Brand new. Got my brothers n sisters to wear this during my mickey n minnie theme matrimony.

pin.jpg pin 1.jpg pin 2.jpg

Price: $10 each. (Left with: mom-1, dad- 1, western- 6, chinese- 5). If take all will be $9 each.

88) Authentic Mickey and Minnie pens.
Brand new with tag. Can use as signing pen. Ink: Black Length: 23.5cm

mickey pen.jpg
Price: $12 for both


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Hi I am interested in your balloons with the initial C & J, the children activity book and flower petals. Are they still


90)Polynesian Tabletop Torches

Brand New in sealed bag. Bought from USA. Good for reception table or centre piece. 13". Just add smokeless oil and light it up or a bloc candle.
Price: $20 for a pair


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Hi, do you still hav the candle holder? You seem to hav alot of good stuff.Do you mind summarize if not too troublesome what is still available so that we could take alook.Thanks