Blended family issue


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Hi, I’m married to my husband, who has a stay in teenager son, for about two years. I reckon I’ve overestimate myself that I can blend in:(. My future is this marriage is so dim that I need some advice here. My hubby told me the house that three of us are living in now will be shared with son even aft he is no longer around? I could understand if this happen now as children need a home no matter what. As a stepmother without a husband, the least I could do is provide protection and shelter till he grow up. But what was mentioned to me was even 40 years later, children grow up as adults, half of the house will still be given to him. I’m not materialistic here but what abt me when I’m old? What if I’m force to sell the only hse I’m staying in if the son wants his shares for whatever reason? Anything can happen now in this crazy world. Is this really a good husband that I can trust totally or should I go into protective mode like the worldly marriage?