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Hi gals,

I've got a brand new set of Biopur products for sale(Biopur purifying cleansing crystal gel and Biopur astringent matifying refreshing lotion and Biopur Balancing purifying mask). This set is suitable for those with combination and oily skin. All items were bought off the counter last night. Reason for selling is becos hubby got the wrong range (cos I don't have oily skin so it would be suitable to use the normal and combination range product instead). Thus, am looking to sell it or either exchange for Biosource range products. Please email me at [email protected] if interested to buy/exchange. Thanks.


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hi all

i am selling off the the following products (brand new): -

1. biotherm line peel serum (30ml) at $90 (original $110). also giving together line peel series day cream and night cream (both sample bottles, 15 ml)

2. clinique anti-blemish solutions spot treatment gel (15ml) at $25 (original $32)


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<font color="ff6000">I have some Brand New full size Biotherm items to clear desperately..
Interested, pls PM/ email me.

1) Biotherm Source Thérapie(UP:$85!) Last bottle!
2) Biotherm White Detox Peel Off Mask (50ml) (UP: $60)
3) Biotherm White Detox whitening makeup base SPF 25 PA++ (UP: $68)
4) Biotherm White Detox UV Extra SPF 50PA+++ (30ml) (UP: $68)
5) Biotherm Smooth Powder Blush! Shade No. 20 (UP: $55)

You can view them here>>


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Hi, anyone tried using BioTherm Slimming products - Celluli Laser Biofibrine &amp; Body Resculpt Abdo? im thinkg of purchasing but would like to know if it is effective.. anyone using these 2 products can share? or other Biotherm body products but it is effective? thanks!


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hi all, i have the following brand new items from biotherm for sale at $10 each:-

1) BIOPUR Purifying Cleansing Crystal Gel (50ml) for combination and oily skin

2) BIOSOURCE Clarifying Cleansing Gel (50ml) for normal and combination skin (2 available)

Pls PM me if keen, thanks!


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i hav one Biotherm Biosource Clarifying Cleansing gel 150ml for sale at $20.. using an old tube but doesn't suit my skin so want to let go the new tube.. email mi at [email protected] if u r keen..


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Hi, I used to be Biotherm user. The product texture is very fine, easily absorbed into the skin. You don't feel abit after applying it, especially the serum, moisturisers. Personally I find their products are quite good. But of course, each individual's skin is different another. You gotta try before you know if the products are good on your skin. For some, after paying hefty amount on certain products but yield no effects, is as bad. All I can say is their products are quite reasonably priced, with lotsa free gifts when you purchase above certain amount. You can even negotiate with the sales reps for the freebies shall you don't want the pre-defined set of gifts (my experience though).

I like the acnopur anti blemish cream. It's soooooo effective. When you spot a zit (preliminary level) on your face, quickly apply the light gel, the next min, you can see the zit is diminishing and the next day or so, voila, it's gone


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I purchased the Biopure yesterday. The lady at the boutique examine my skin and said that I don't neccessarily have oily skin, I just have shine. I apply makeup only in the morning and I don't powder often so she said that it isn't my skin that is giving me the shine it's the make up. Also she said that I don't have bad Acne, I do however have sensitive skin. So, it could be the moisturizor that I put under my make up and/or my make up that is giving me the little blemishes. If I balance my skin a little more and use less harsh make up (Mac seems to be too harsh on me) then I should be fine.

I have yet to purchase the moisturizer from Biotherm but will be doing that this weekend and probably along with a new foundation.