Beware of the MUAs you choose


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Just want to share with all the BTBs out there to be careful of the MUAs you choose. Best to get those that are recommended by close family and friends or have multiple good reviews over the forums.

I had bad experience with a MUA before my ROM in May recently. We approached the MUA as early as Feb and confirmed her services in early April by paying her a deposit and getting a receipt.

Just 2 weeks before the wedding, she called to say that her company had asked her to do a job on the same day of my ROM so she called me to cancel on me. She tried to remedy it by passing on another MUA to me, which i said i was not confident about since it could be anyone who just have some knowledge about makeup. I told her we had an agreement but she was more concerned about her job and expected me to understand her situation instead.

In the end the situation was pretty tense so we called off the deal and scrambled to get another MUA before that. Not funny since both my fiance and i then were undertaking everything by ourselves.

Not sure if i can put her name and contacts here in case anyone tried to book her already. She is a Ms Sim, her english name starts with an "E" and ends with an "N", and her email is "makeupartist(her name)". She seems to be in her early 20s.

Well we thought that was the last of her we will be hearing from but got a call from her one week before my wedding that she is willing to do my makeup and hair for me. I was quite flabbergasted since it seems that my schedule is the only flexible one to suit hers, as and when. Obviously i declined, and after all that that has happened, i was afraid my makeup and mood will get affected if i really took her on again. Anyway who knows? She might bail out again.

She places her adverts in popular places. So just hope no one gets the same bad encounter as I did. But if you have already booked her and everything went well, congrats. Otherwise you'll never know when someone like that will bail out on you due to their own commitments.

So just be careful girls..