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Arizona, sorry for this moment. I think the way David answered Jess is like he is has an authority and his behavior certainly act like an investigating officer. Maybe he has "An Association" that can back him up.


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hi dkny6826 hope u had resolved ur problems wi bobman.

u noe wat? i made a crazy decision tis morning: "I SIGNED UP WITH HIM, OMG"!


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Hi All

let bygones be bygones... No one is perfect...Everyone mades mistake... so lets give Bob a chance to prove himself...
I am not siding anyone but this will be a never ending story if if continues on.....
Let the dust settle down and move on...


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Hi David,

i assume you are speaking about the union thingy that is mentioned in clubsnap? as the union is still early in its formation, and widely promoted yet, I would recommend that you may like to cease discussing this matter here, as I have noticed that somehow your intention had been misunderstood more than once here.

if you had meant to promote on this thread, i do hope that this misunderstanding here is not affecting the impression of other brides to be on foto-u.

on a side note, it may be not apt for David to introduce foto-u in this thread, since its a thread about bobman. but i guess it is still better than some photographers who are free riding in this forum and worse still, opening accounts to "advocate" and attract people to their own thread.

happy new year to all, hope that apart from all the arguments in this thread, brides and grooms to be had indeed gotten useful information for your wedding preparation.



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Like it or not, you are in NO good position to make any comments about the professionalism of other photographers.This is because , you do not have an objective and fair stand as also a photographer yourself. Being an advertiser does not conclude you are better, may be just more resourceful in marketing allocation of $$. Simple as that.Like it or not, u did give me and other readers the impression that you have directly or indirectly trying to promote and proof that you are great

Consumers select their service provider based on the price they can affort, that is the reason why some service provider can priced twice as much as the rest because they are really fantastic.If you pay just $10 for a hair want to cry father cry mother to the high court?

As for you, no point rubbing salt into the wound. No point proving who is better.

To be in such honorable committee of yours, EQ is very important. A good leader should lead, and stay cool.. Or else there are many pot calling the kettle black.

If an association of yours is that great, let action speaks louder than word, walk the talk...instead of talk and talk.

Happy New Year everyone. Be tolerance to others and have a more forgiving heart to make this world...a better place ..CHEERS


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I think what David means with regards to his association is practising self regulation by peers. Lawyers also have councils made up of lawyers, same goes to doctors and they are all made up of people in the same profession, so who better to know about what is right or wrong than the people who are doing it professionally?
With regards to bias,of course there might be, so it's important to see who sits on the commitee and whether they have integrity and high moral standing or not, else the association and whatever blacklist will be a joke.
Having said that, the post about having 9 PGs doesn't give any relevant info to dkny or to Bob and it's no wonder why bystanders might view it as blatent advertising.


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oh hahah....i especially like the part said by Jun Oh : If you pay just $10 for a hair want to cry father cry mother to the high court?

muahaha... most people I know will cry father cry mother to the high court when their $10 hair cut doesn't turn out okie.

Happy New Year people!


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Hi All

Just want to say that our experienced with Bob and his team were good. We are very happy and satisfied with the way his team worked and I can certainly vouch for their professionalism and integrity.

To Bob and team, thank you very much.


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poggy = bobman,
Hmmm, the reason i think so because btb seldom go in clubsnap forum, unless she is a die hard photography person, and this poggy seemed to know so much of bobman stuff in clubsnap.
Bobman, your name is stink, i am not going to recommend your service to any of my bridesmaid


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Err .. i think engh is engh.
whether bobman is poggy or not , let leave it that way. nature has it way to find it own path.


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U must be kidding me right? I'm bobman? Did you even read my posts above properly or not? If I was him, I'd go gushing about how good he is and how everyone here has maligned him, blah blah blah. I won't tell the people here about his history, about how he owed people money, borrow studio equipment but never pay up on time, integrity issues etc. Do a search of his nick in CS and you'll see what I mean.
I am interested in photography and I read CS quite a bit, that's how I know. Lastly, he's got a way bigger stomach and curlier hair than I do. ;)


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Thanks for giving me such an introduction. Well lets goto CS if you want to.

1. Owing people money.

I have never owed anyone money in CS if you really take into consideration that those money are deposit from participants from photoshoots and later these guys backed out and their deposit which they wanted to claim back from me.

Lets all here be the judge. You booked something and paid a deposit and you are agreed to the term and conditions such the number of participants did not reach certain number of people, it will be postponed. Before the event is ever taken place, some guys wanted to back out despite the event is about to happen.

First, they talk nice to me and ask me whether can refund, when I said it is not possible that the airticket has been booked, they began nasty and start name calling. If you think thats call owing money, then I have nothing to say.

I give you an example not pointing to anyone. People booked you for your service and pay you a deposit. Before the date comes, your client wanted to cancel your service and have their deposit refunded. Will you do it? Will anyone do it? If not, can you be called as you owing people's money.

Well that's the fact of life everywhere. Before this incident happened, I had conducted more than 7 events like this and there wasn't any problem at all.

Secondly, studio equipment rental never paid on time???? This is a joke. I will not elaborate on this cause it will get some of my friends involved.

Poggy, probably you have a different nick in CS. I am not like you, I stood by my own nick cause I know what I did has done no harm to people. That's why I do wedding in here and still using my nick.

I know I made many enemies in the photography fields because 1. I charged my wedding services very low. 2. I refuse to let some of the ill behaved photographers participating in my photography shoot. Nevermind what they think of me or what you said about me, my mission still the same:

1. To let photographers has an opportunity to do Model/NUDE photography at a affordable cost and

2. To provide tightly budget couple to have a decent wedding photography. I do not believe that just because you are good, you got to be expensive. Or because you are poor, you cannot have good photography.

Poggy, yes indeed! I need a bigger stomach to shallow such insults, humiliations and false accusations. I also need such curly hair to hang on for my survival in this hypocritical society.

Enjoy your new year. If you can check out my website next month(revamping new stuffs) and see what I will be doing next.

Quote from the movie, Rocky Balboa:

Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain't all
sunshine and rainbows. It's a very mean, and nasty place an' no matter how tough you think you are, it'll always beat you if you let it. It ain't about how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done! If you know what you're worth, then go out and get what you're worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hits and not pointin' fingers saying you ain’t where you wanna be because of him, her, or anybody! Cowards do that, and that ain’t you! You’re better than that!

I also learn from someone that one should not argue too much with idiots cause they will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.


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Now look what you've done michelle, you've woken up the sleeping tiger who came lashing back with his claws. And a very quick rebuttal too! Must be watching this thread closely hor? ;)
And to think someone said back on Dec 21st that he won't respond to this thread no matter what. Talk about hypocrisy and needing curly hair for survival! <- (what's the connection?? You got me there?!)

Anyway, there won't be a lengthy rebuttal,because I will be following valuable, albeit often-given advice and not argue with idiots, in case they respond again when they say they won't.


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to each of your own preference... =)

don't get angry about it and try to put each other in each others shoes, then enlightenment is near...



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Had our wedding done by him and his team. I must say they are good, fun, friendly, polite and professional nothing like what are mentioned in here.

Hubby and myself never regret engaging them even in the first beginning we were skeptical about him. After meeting up with him and seeing his latest works and spending about an hour with him, I find him not the guy that were mentioned in here. I guess its personal attacks rather then his bad working attitude.

We are very happy with the way they worked. Not only professional and polite, but fun and entertaining to all our guests. Our in-laws too are very satisfied with them. Overall, its a too good to be true deal for us. Now we are waiting for them to hand us their masterpiece.

My advise to all btbs, do not merely listen and believe anything that said in the forum. It doesn't hurt you just by spending sometime with your photographer whose works you like. Talk to him, listen to him and see his latest works, you never know you can get what you are looking for.

If we were to listen to what this forum said about Bob, we are damn that we missed out such a good deal and his good works. I am not promoting him, but this is our experience with Bobman and I bet many of the brides too will agree with me.

Lastly, thank you Bobman &amp; team. You guys really made our wedding looked glamourous and entertaining, we would definitely recommend you and your team to our friends.


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My earlier post seems to be edited!!! I'm a victim of EP. Had my wedding late April but till not still have not received my clips!!! Did it happen to anyone of you here??


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Would I recommend Bobman to anyone?

I don't think so..

Becareful girls.. don't ruin your most important day of your life.

Look for somebody better


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On general side,

it's best to check every single details before making serious decision. From the apperance, words of mouth, portfolios, clients' testimonials, yrs of experiences, licensed PG, any awards, from any PG asso.....etc

All this are very very cruical before engaging their services.

So lets all be extra careful of it.


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Yup, KaiStarz is right. We need to be extracareful in this matter.

Don't trus somebody with integrity problems...

He is not right at all by posting the photo.

I can see that he write a lot of 2 side story and acting with another ID to clear his name.

Trust me,this kind of unprofesional people will not last long and will not be able to grow.
The truth will be out one day!!.

Dkny, we dont know each other, but even your wedding is not really succesful, let it be a experience in your life, and from now onwards ,learn from this.

Wedding is one important thing in life.
But Marriage is much much more important than a wedding


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me too engaged Alan, studio at bugis village for my wedding day few years ago.. Very nice photos taken. highly recommended..


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I would like to share my personal experience with Bobman to you guys.

Our wedding was held end of 2007. Bobman was recommended to us by one of our friend for his photography skills. After meeting up with him, we found his price and artwork are good; hence deciding to engage him. However shortly after we paid him the deposit, he claimed that he will not be able to took the photos for us on our AD; claiming he has a private family event to attend to. He will get his team to help us. He even promised us that if we are unhappy with the output of the photo, we can get a refund from him. Everything is very smooth till after our wedding, when we met up with Bobman to pay the rest of the deposit and choose the photos. We thought that since mutual trust has been build, we paid him for the second half of payment even before we selected the photos.

After he got the payment, he did not get back to us on the photos for at least 4 months. After our continuous chasing, he finally gave something and asksedus to go to Marine Parade to collect the photos ourselves from a photo developer shop. To our dismay, the photos developed are all smudged and blurred. We called him and told him about this, but he tried to brush it away with some reasons. I told him that I will courier the photos to him and let him have a look. He also agreed to have a look. After receiving the photo, he called my husband and said will re do the photos for us. That was in May.

Now is September, 9 months after our wedding, we have yet to get any photos from him. We have tried calling him and either he give some excuses or don’t pick up the calls. Finally we got him and now guess what; he pushed the blame to the team of photographers who took the photo for us. He blamed them for not keeping the raw copy of the photos? And passed him unedited one causing all these??? I told him straight that if this is the case he should be truthful in the first place not drag until 9 months later; furthermore we have trusted him too.

And he gave a lot of excuses and said we cannot blame him the quality of the photos being lousy?? I told him its not blaming now, if is the team of photographers who have problem; we are fine to meet them up . Guess what, he reluctantly give some excuse again.

Being totally fed up, I told him to refund the money to us. He said he will only refund certain portion because he has spent money on developing the photos and he is not earning nothing. I questioned him about the refund issue he promised earlier. Guess what, he actually claimed that he is a middle man all along only. And even claimed that he will take it as a lesson not to take any couple job simply?? At this point I guess I was already feeling outraged and told him over the phone that during our meet up, he was the one who promise us if we are unhappy with the photos, we can get a refund. In additional, even though we have seen negative feedback on him in this forum, we still give him the benefit of doubt and trusted him. And he simply just replied me that now I am taking advantage of the situation based on what people commented him in the forum and forcing him to give a refund,

Eventually I told him that we will pay extra money to engage external party to edit photo ourselves. Just refund to us will do. And he has so called promised to refund only on 02nd October. However till now no refund is done and he doesn’t pick up our calls already.

I do not know whether he will fulfill his promise of refunding at this point.

I am not criticizing his work. However I hope BTB will take a second consideration into engaging such a photographer who got a problem in delivering his work to others after 9 months. In fact its already coming to October and we still do not get any of our wedding photos at all. I guess I really learnt a lesson in this case.


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Hi rei001,

Try to get hold of any evidence of fraud and the seek lawyers. These fake photographers should get a taste of it.


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If you think he is actually cheating you on his photography you can report to CASE as they can recommend you what to do. There is no point to wait, just report it.


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My experience with Bob and his team was good during our actual day. My husband and I are very happy with their work and attitude. Got the DVDs full of images and I must admit he gave all images including some blurred ones and some unfiltered ones but that doesn't bother us. You are happy with most images, nicely captured and unposed.

I don't think the word "Fake Photographer" applies to him, check out his works on his website ( and see for yourself. I believe with the rate he is charging, you can't find anyone that produce that kind of work.

Lastly don't flame me, I am just sharing my experience with him.

Thanks Bob and your team.


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I m one of the victim same as rei001. Mine AD is held in Oct08 and till now i still hv not rec'd my album yet. Have been giving him ample of times to get my pics ready. he kept telling me ok and he'll get it done asap. But till now no sign of my album. Lota of excuses given by him-busy taking nude photo of model, overseas or no stock of the album...

My advice to all brides- Pls dun not to engage his services as what he promised u will not be fulfil at all.


hmm...did u sign contract with him? is his business a registered one with ACRA(Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority,

maybe brother bobman "sees face" and selects his victims..terrible...*tsk*