Beware of Fake Photographer

Discussion in 'Wedding Photography And Videography' started by cleosg, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. cleosg

    cleosg New Member

  2. art

    art New Member

    Oh! this is bad... I did receive his email though...
  3. cleosg

    cleosg New Member

    He has been found out to be lying to another couple whom had paid deposit. When confronted pertaining the accusation, he had the cheek to say he was framed.

    'Liar, liar pants on fire'

    The pictures he downloaded from the couple mentioned, has steped up to verify the truth that Albert of Everafter was indeed the photographer for her wedding day and not Chris Soh.
    Such is this issue that all brides forthcoming must take note of who they hire.

    I hope that this thread is not taken down as it is important that every bride get to know what could go wrong when hiring photographers
    Are they really showing what they had done. Rumour has it that there are bridal shops that 'buys' pictures from overseas to claim as their own to secure deals with couples.
  4. pausini

    pausini New Member


    I even ask Chris whether he is willingly to take pix of my baby girl and he told me he wanted to do it free to add into his profile.

    Oh dear, anyone engage him? How is his service and how does the pix turn out?
  5. sunny_gal

    sunny_gal New Member

    oh dear, dat is very despicable! i saw his so-called "portfolio" on his homepage, and was quite impressed....almost wanted to meet him to discuss more details.
  6. meixue

    meixue New Member

    Yup, this chris soh is very despicable. I only realised that he's a fake when another bride posted her Everafter AD photos on singaporebrides and i found them familiar cuz chris soh actually showed us the same photos when we met up with him.

    Luckily i didnt sign up with him in the end.
  7. butterkiss

    butterkiss New Member

    ai yo... this is so terrible...
    I also received an email from him... almost wanted to make arrangement to meet him...
  8. peeper

    peeper New Member

    gosh! its so horrible?! the fake one is the one tat he has in his website? the actual wedding day one?
  9. sweetpea

    sweetpea New Member

    Thanks for alerting us...if not many brides will get conned coz I must say that the pics on his website was quite impressive.
  10. celtricia

    celtricia New Member

    hmmm.. i've met up wif chris soh juz last friday.. he seems so sincere abt everything n his package was cheap.. almost wanted to sign up wif him.. luckily i din.. i notice one thing abt his collage when he showed me.. its dat he din really do a proper pasting of the collage in d album n u could c d pics sticking out.. another thing.. i asked him if i wanted my collage to b done up in a frame style rather den in album n asked him hw much he charge.. he was quite unsure n say he could help us get d frame frm ikea n he'll do d pasting... hmmm.. which i tot was quite unprofessional..
  11. sweetpea

    sweetpea New Member

    Hehe Celtricia

    He's not a professional in the first place lah.. [​IMG]
  12. audreysu

    audreysu New Member

    hmm...lucky I din have the intention to use him as my AD photographer. cos I find him very irrating sending me the same package rate a few times to my e-mail.
  13. celtricia

    celtricia New Member

    hmmm.. yah hor.. kekeke...

    its quite lucky dat we r inform abt tis fake photographer.. haiz.. if not who noes there might b more couples engagin in an unpro photographer n ruin their wedding day.... haiz....
  14. kohtan

    kohtan New Member

    I almost wanna meet up with him when I received his first email and saw those nice photos.... but I got irritiated when I received a number of emails from him and find him unethnical (to take our email addresses from this forum).... thus didn't bother to meet up with him....
  15. qing

    qing New Member

    wow i nearly sign up with him as his package and photo look so attractive

    thank goodness i saw this forum

  16. meixue

    meixue New Member

    the Everafter photos that he claimed are his work have been taken off his website. The remaining photos are nowhere as impressive.
  17. yamiyogurt

    yamiyogurt New Member

    So unethical.... [​IMG] i emailed him to ask him to stop sending the same email to me, but he didnt stop. going to block his email address.
  18. mrsleong

    mrsleong New Member

    yami: i did recieve one email from chris too... found his price attractive and given him a ring, but they dun seems to be able to handle my queries. Glad that u all never sign up with him.
  19. yamiyogurt

    yamiyogurt New Member

    May, u receive only one. i receive numerous... gonna block his address. lucky nv call him..... was thinkin of using a cheaper photographer for ROM to save money ...heng...
  20. mrsleong

    mrsleong New Member

    yami: that seems real bad. dun understand why have to use other's ppl portfolio and pretend to be his. dun he ever thought that one fine day, this lobang will picha? He is sick manz
  21. cleosg

    cleosg New Member

    Melbourne Australia Photo Shoot for $1,500 inclusive of 30 pcs 8R photographs in album.
    Albert of will be doing a shoot in Melbourne in mid September 04. Anyone interested to have their pre wedding photos taken there as well since you don't have to fly him there.
  22. delfino

    delfino New Member

    oh no! I already paid my how now? Can anyone verify if it's really true? Any way where I can get evidence? Jessica and Meixue, you said that the couple whom Chris claimed to have been their photographer had come out to dispute the claim. Where can I see the posting or their pictures? Is it still available? Thanks alot!
  23. bluey

    bluey New Member

    hi delfino,

    you may go to the link that Jessica provided.
  24. bluey

    bluey New Member

    hi delfino,

    you may go to the link that Jessica provided.
  25. relaxfun

    relaxfun New Member

    hi delfino

    Interested in viewing my AD photos bo? My photographer may not be those who are here promoting serivces and is at a reasonable price but i believe the products can speaks by itself [​IMG]

    IF you are interested, you may email me yr email address at
  26. troubles

    troubles New Member

    Ai yoh, really lucky,

    i've met up with him last month and luckily didn't pay him on the spot, actually wanted to, cuz his pkg really really very tempting.

    luckily hubby said want to consider first cuz he got no proper studio and office.

    Few days back, he called me and ask for a $200 deposit, even wanted to come to my workplace to collect, but i tink fortunately something cropped up and he didn't came!

    And one more thing, i noticed he don't pick up private numbers, only phone number appearing den he pick up.

    Lucky for me! Close Shave!!!
  27. fleurg07

    fleurg07 New Member

    Hello All.... Phew.... !!!
    Me too....almost ...sooooooo close... i met up with chris...even emailed him the confirmation...though i said I will not be able to pay him his deposit cos of the 7th month... hence asked him whether he could just reserve his time for my AD...and then i will pay him after the 7th month... Good Lord...he actually sms me to tell me that he needed me to transfer the money to him... I was not comfortable about it...Thank God..... Lucky Check with Mayling and she told me about this discovery....
    This is soo scary...
  28. yamiyogurt

    yamiyogurt New Member

    mag i am also interested. please send to me ur AD pics :

    thanks in advance [​IMG]
  29. zoeanne27

    zoeanne27 New Member

    i saw the forum. I also saw his email...
    Lucky i did not call him
    Thats bad of him
  30. celtricia

    celtricia New Member

    hi.. anyone here receive email frm derrick too? hope he is not another chris...
  31. cinderella2005

    cinderella2005 New Member

    hi celtricia i did [​IMG] derrick whom is does photoshoots for sony right?
  32. lol_lyn

    lol_lyn Member

    Hi, I did receive derrick's email too. Anyone with commments on him or his works?
  33. celtricia

    celtricia New Member

    hi cinderella...

    yah.. he's d one.. but anyway i've chosen my AD photographer liao.. but its not him.. [​IMG]
  34. cinderella2005

    cinderella2005 New Member

    hi celtricia, i'm still considering...
  35. celtricia

    celtricia New Member


    so whh other photographers u had in mind?
  36. snowybear

    snowybear New Member

    Hi gals,

    Recently I have met up with a photographer whose name is also Chris but not sure of his surname. Just wonder was he the same fake photogapher that you all are talking?? How does he looks? The chris that I met was wearing spectacles, about 1.7m, medium built and age around late 20s to early 30s. He looks introvert type of person. Appreciate your feedback so that I can avoid using fake photographer. many thanks......[​IMG]
  37. cleosg

    cleosg New Member

  38. gin

    gin New Member

    Dear all,
    He is my photographer for my ROM. If we are toking abt the same person. I feel that if someone's has the skills in photography, tis person shldnt steal other ppl's. Anyway I will judge his work base on my ROM pics...I guess for the rest, everyone do needs a chance....perhaps it is his mistake to post other ppl's work without acknowledging it...and perhaps he needs and open apology to the affected party...but please judge on the person's skill rather...
    Juz my 2 cents worth...
  39. sharon__joseph

    sharon__joseph New Member

    I am shocked to read this thread and wonder if we r toking abt the same person. Anyway K@h Heng is my ROM photographer and he did a great job! Gin has seen my ROM pic to verify that! watever or whoever it is, i judge him by his skill and my personal experience with him so i will still consider him for my AD. if someone else ask me, he is still on my "highly-recommended" list.

    anyway Gin, u collected ur photo liao? can share? [​IMG] i seen a very tiny photo of u in one of the thread but not clear leh.. [​IMG]
  40. gin

    gin New Member

    Hi sharon,
    Not yet leh..leave me ur email..i will send u when i got them. [​IMG]
    I guess there are more ladies who will appreciate skills and works rather than character perhaps... [​IMG]
  41. sharon__joseph

    sharon__joseph New Member

    think so too. We not looking for husband so we dun look at character & personal backgound etc.. my photographer got skill can liao! hahaa!

    anyway, heres my email add:
  42. lol_lyn

    lol_lyn Member

    I really have nothing good to say abt KH aka chris.

    He sent me unsolicited e-mail promoting his own service, then when I email & sms him, he simply dun reply.
  43. gin

    gin New Member

    Hi Sharon,
    Same sentiments. [​IMG] I will note ur email add...tonite..when i reach home.

    Hi lynn,
    I dunoe y, but i got reply from KH when we email him. Although he takes around a day to reply..but it is ok cos he also got other customers to deal with. Any reply more than a me its not acceptable. Im a very service oriented person as im in the service line. [​IMG] anyway it's ok if u dun like him...
  44. sharon__joseph

    sharon__joseph New Member

    Mayb he busy with assignment lor. I can see that he put alot of afford & time in his work... my friend who ROM about the same time as me engage a more reputable photographer (naturally more ex) end up photo not as good.. i think its bcoz they too commercialized liao and ROM package is just small fry and dun earn much thats y they dun bother much...

    Mayb i lucky coz he always reply my sms. he also arrived 1 hour before my ROM. My outdoor shots exceeded the number of hours in our contract he also never charge me extra. most importantly, even my bro who learn photography praise his work...

    thats my personal experience lar.. Gin, u ley?
  45. sharon__joseph

    sharon__joseph New Member

    yah, i agree wi Gin that its okay if u dun like him coz me & Gin just speaking of personal experience and mayb we lucky... Anyway we dun earn commission. [​IMG]
  46. lol_lyn

    lol_lyn Member

    I emailed & sms him mths ago leh, then I sms him again last mth. Just no reply at all.

    Then why he bothers to get my email off from SB forum in the 1st place.
  47. sharon__joseph

    sharon__joseph New Member

    Lynn, down ley.. i really dunno wat to say coz he is quite responsible in terms of producing my ROM photo on time and all the things that he had promised... when he pass me the ROM photo he still said that anything can call him and later i think my fh called him to check on the raw copy and he is still contactable ley...

    so r u still interested in his service? u wan me to try to contact him and ask him to return your call or email? u can pm me ur email address if u still interested in his service.. [​IMG]
  48. ababelicious

    ababelicious New Member

    is this KH realli chris?
  49. lol_lyn

    lol_lyn Member

    Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for offering your help. I'm no longer interested in his service.
  50. tou2

    tou2 Member

    Hi Baby,
    Well, at least KH is really called Chris (that I'm sure) but as for if he is really Chris S0H, I have heard from a BTO that he has let slip his surname during their conversation and someone has also verified with the handphone no. But I supposed unless he admits it, we cant be 100% sure that he is indeed the bogus photographer [​IMG]

    However, just a thot, I'm sure KH visits SBO very often since he got all our emails from here, he should have caught wind of this rumour going around and if he is indeed "yuan wang" one, then shouldn't he have protested his innocence by now? Especially since this is damaging his career. Hmm...does silence mean admission of guilt?

    Although we are not "marrying" him, personally I feel that by continuing to give our business to such dishonest character, we may be seen to tolerate or even encourage this type of undesirable behavior. Just my thots....

    Has anyone called KH up to check with him in case he is really "yuan wang" one hur? [​IMG]

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