Beware! 5 day to actual wedding!


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Today is 5th days away from my actual wedding and something unhappy happen.
This bridal shop promise me a benz wedding car, so there was this man called K who have a contract for wedding car service with the bridal shop called me for some discussion.
During the discussion, i discovered that my wedding car is going to be a 92model old benz and he cant even tell me the color and number plate till now(maybe a surprise on actual day), i was so unhappy and requested for a newer car, and he said there will be another additional charge of S$80 if i wanted a newer benz.
But all these are not stated in the contract with bridal shop in the first place.
I stop the discussion immediately and think for a while.
What is this??? Why is there an additional cost if i want a newer car???
Why is there hidden cost?
Is this going to be one of their dirty trick again???
This not about that $80, but it about honesty and business ethics.
So i decided not to take the car from the bridal shop and called them up to refund me the car rental and look for a wedding car myself.(i never told the bridal shop the reason and the whole conversion with K)i just told them i just wanted a car of my own choice.
The bridal shop said ok and it is fine with them, they will refund me back the money and they will called K to cancel it.
Guess what happen next?
K called me.
K told me to call the bridal shop and tell them that i decided to take back the benz and he is willing to let me have the newer benz WITHOUT any additional cost and he told me the color and number plate of the new benz.
I asked myself,
what is all this about?
now that i decided to hunt for my own choice of wedding car and K changes his mind and willing to let me have the newer car without any additional cost?
What happen if on the actual day the old Benz that K mentioned to me appeared?
Guess what i did???

The moral of this is:
When you are going to book a wedding packing that wedding car are included, please remembered to be specific in the contract in order to keep yourself safe from all hidden cost.
Be specific with the kind of model or just state the lastest model of the time (which my friend just did), the color and not just E200.
Be as specific as possible, this does not only apply on wedding cars but also on the others things like number of photos, sizes, any additional cost, and NO hidden cost etc.
Asked them alots of questions like: What if ... there going to be any cost? please state that in the contract. Although it is a bit troublesome but safer.



HI wedding

Thks for shring with us your unhappy encounter.... Hope everything turns out fine now!! I'm sourcing for a bridal boutique & become worry as to choose the wrong shop & end up with a mess.

Do you mind sharing with me the bridal shop name?? You can email to my email address: [email protected]



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Hi Wedding,
Thanks for posting this in the forum, I think all the gals here would appreciate the word of caution. I am also sourcing my bridal boutique currently and like reebok, worried that I will end up choosing the wrong shop.
Could you also share with me the bridal shop name. My email address : [email protected]



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Hi Wedding:
Thanks for sharing with us your experience.
Sad to hear that you've such a bad encounter with the bridal shop.
I hope everything will be fine for you on your wedding day.

Could you also share with me the name of this bridal shop so I can be more aware.

My e-mail:

Thanks & Regards:


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Hi Wedding

After reading your story, somehow I find that it might be K himself that wants to earn the extra money and thus told you about the extra charge, which your bridal shop might not know about his unethical way of doing business.

But nevertheless, I would not be happy with K after the whole incident and so if I were you, I rather spend a bit more to source for my own bridal car.

Wish you all the best and don't be affected by such incident. Just take it as a minor hiccup to make your wedding day more memorable, that's all.


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Hi Wedding,

I would also like to know which is the bridal shop u sign up with. My e-mail is [email protected]

BTW, when I sign up with my bridal shop, they did indicate the car model, but not the colour. Recently, when I checked with them, they told me that they only have white colour or silver colour for the car, which i quite disappointing to me as I prefer a darker colour, such as dark green or grey.

Anyway, hope that everything will turn out well for u and K will honour what he promised to provide.


hi wedding, why not u just tell us the bridal shop here, saves u the trouble for emailing everybody. i bet there'll be more replies coming in asking u abt this including me.


Hi Wedding,

Please tell me the bridal shop's name so that i could beware. Very scare as i don't know whether i
had book the responsible bridal shop or not?

If it not convinent to disclose, kindly email to the following: [email protected]


HI Jen Jen & BB

I thot it's not very good to mention the name here... I remember an incident where the person identification was exposed.

So to aviod any unhappy incident, I think it's more appropriate to send it to those who requested for it.

Juz my personal thinking.....



isn't this forum suppose to keep us inform of services of different bridal shop. Aren't we suppose to share our experience and to praise the good and to avoid the bad ones... so if the name of the bridal shop is not disclosed, then the purpose of this forum is defeated.

Appreciate if Chin Leng can gives us some comments on this. Awaiting your wise words. Thanks.


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Hi visitor,
We shd respect wedding's decision not to disclose the name of the bridal shop in her first posting. Theres nothing right or wrong with her decision but i guess that she just want to be caution abt her posting.

just my thots


Hi Rolly1,

i do respect wedding's decision as much but i hope she can be brave enough to tell us the name of the bridal shop. This is for the benefit of everyone who is looking for a bridal package. in this case, it is not the fault of the bridal shop but the car rental firm. So if we were told the name of the shop, then if we proceed to book our package at that shop, we can request a different car rental firm. And if the shop is informed of this incident, i'm sure they will be very upset with the car rental that Wedding! They have no reason to be angry or take any legal action against wedding coz she is not in the wrong and has not commited any offence. If the Bridal shop is concern abt their image, then they should reflect on their customer service and biz partners as well. Let's not fault anyone in this case except that greedy car rental firm.


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hi wedding,

i'd also like to know which bridal shop it is, in case i'm their customer.

if it's really not convenient to post it in the forum, then pls email me the name of the shop. Thx.

[email protected]


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I find it very funny. Wedding has related her bad experience. Even or not the name of the shop is disclosed, the people involved would have known all about this case and Wedding's true identity as well! Not trying to scare you but Wedding, if people from your boutique has read what you wrote, it does not matter if you disclose the name, they already know who you are and can take follow-up actions which you are so worried of. I hope what I said makes sense here.


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Hi visitor,

It is up to wedding to decide the content of the posting. We should respect the decision of the writer.

Chin Leng.


Hi! Wedding,

That's very unreasonable...
Which idiot bridal shop is that...i think we got to boycott this shop man.

Same same can email me the name of bridal shop...
My email: beautiful_bride@

Thks for your advise!


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Anyone recieved a reply from (Wedding). I think she's hasn't reply to anyone yet, maybe she has been logging on to this forum any more.



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Hi all,
Did u guys received any junk mail? I wonder why wont she told to the bridal shop if there is a man tried to call her abt the wedding car thing?

Why dun (Wedding) publish the name of the bridal studio here? Since their service isnt good, alert the other b4 they become the next victim.