best treatment for acne scars/enlarged pores?


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Hi girls, I am getting married soon and would like to cure my face ASAP!!
I have acne scars and enlarged pores on my face left by acne :(
Went to do skin rejuvenation laser at SUMMIT MEDICAL CLINIC (JURONG) but didn't see any effects at all!!! Don't ever go to this clinic.
Signed up for 5 sessions at $2500, went for 3 sessions but still see NO improvements at all. Doctor still dare to claim that I will see improvements after 1 session.
Went to ask for refund on the 4th time and he only refunded me $700 in cheque.
Complete waste of money and time. Spent over $2000 on 3 useless treatments and useless products that he urged me to buy after every session.
Just don't go there for skin treatments. Felt so cheated!!
Don't waste your money like me too. Any recommendations for fast & really effective treatments?
Don't wanna waste my hard earned money on useless treatments again :(