Best mascara??


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Try not to apply anything oily under your eyes or anything that is water based like cream or gel... and try and see how? or like what tsukushi said, pat some powder under your eyes every now n then throughout the day.....


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Hi noscon

Patting powder under my eyes seems a good idea but i'm afraid it will make my the eye area cakey and the fine lines will be more obvious.. Haha!


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I bought Fasio mascara and Loreal Volumizer.

Both produce lumpy results i.e. one eyelashes sticking another eyelashes! Argh....

And both very very very difficult to remove!



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Hi all,

I bot Anna Sui's volume and at last, not lumpy results. I love it!

Thanks for letting me know!

FYI: the rp is $41.


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BN Majolica Majorca << does anyone know where can we get this brand products in Singapore? i love their eyebrow pencil..but i got it in is a sub brand of Shisedo. Thanks!


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i'm using anna sui, the Long ones. Really very long looking. The lashes are like going to touch my lids like that. Also the curling effect is there, it's not heavy on my lashes so it wun droop after some time, not clumpy too.


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actually to avoid having clumps on lashes, best is u use tissue to remove the excess mascara on the brush... just cover over the brush and press. then u apply on ur lashes quickly.

for me, i use only waterproof kinds, cos my face is oily lah, the eyelids easily oily... i use fasio and shu umera. fasio for me, is pretty good, tho abit difficult to remove... cos i'm lazy, seldom use those removers... must use oil-based one then can remove... shu umera is not bad too, i prefer its brush... n it's more natural looking n easy to remove... easy to apply too... i dun curl my eyelashes, just use the brush to curl n can see the effect le...

of cos it helps tt i've got nt too short lashes... for shorter lashes, need more work like curling the lash first...


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I have been using Charming cat mascara. Purchase from LJ spree. It's indeed a good choice. It's cheap too, only $3. It has lengthening effect too. Something like fibre wig kind. It does not smudge and hassle free when washing off. Just use cleanser and water. Really amazed by this little product.

Love charming cat mascara to bits. Have also stock up the newer generation, spotty mascara and angell mascara. Have not try them though...


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hello, anyone can recommend a non-smudge mascara? The ones I've tried - loreal, maybelle, peggy sage all smudge and make me a racoon by mid day


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Personally like Maybelline Volume Turbo Boost mascara. It is very volumizing &amp; does not weigh down my lashes. Even my ex-colleague says so. She uses other mascaras but her lashes will droop, only this Maybelline's does not.


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I think there is a Maybelline green &amp; pink tube that was recommended by lotsa makeup artists? Anyone any comments about it?


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i use Fibrewig currently. it's good that it nvr smudge, but it does not volume &amp; thicknen.
think of changing new brand. survey on Shiseido &amp; MAC. which one better? Any idea?


Using Flamingo 300 it's good. Dun clump and can extend as long as possible.

It's cheap too if you buy online (they dun sell in singapore). It's around $10 - $12 (depend on the seller).


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I have tried lancome L Extreme and Maybelline and most recently Majolica which served me well.

I still like Majolica best coz it lasted very long and smudgefree and really lengthens my lashes.


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Hi Yan Ling,

I bought it at a pushcart at suntec near to Mango at level one. its near to the escalator leading to the food area.


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Chance upon this forum, anyone has good recommendation for staying power clear mascara? sometimes just wanted to coat the lashes with clear mascara to open up the eye but not to have a dramatic effect.


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There's no one perfect mascara for me, the Chanel Faux Cils comes very close though.

After trying different brands,types (lengthening, volume, etc) such as Estee Lauder,Maybeline, Loreal and Mac, what works for me is 1 coat of Integrate for lengthening (from Japan under Shisedo)followed by another 2 coats of Majolica Majorca, Lash Expander (can be found in Watson's)



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The mascara that I'm using has ingredient that not only lengthened for that very moment but eventually lengthened my original eyes lashes after a number of use.


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i dont know if any of you people out there agree but i have found the best mascara ever invented- CHANEL INIMITABLE.
it gives you THE most beautiful eyelashes.
if anyone else has found a better one id love to know but i think its doubtful!!


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this is brand spanking new on the market, but it is in the new Sephora catalouge and it is called TexasLash by Cargo and it is awesome. It is full volume, but is not drying and doesn't flake or anything. I have been using it on some shoots lately and it is insane. Hardly have to retouch and doesn't look clumpy/spidery looking at all! I highly recommend, go try it on 1 eye at sephora and compare to what you love... you may have to switch like me!