Best mascara??


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Hi elise,

i'm using anna sui. i'm using the Long ones. As for me, if i apply 2 layers of Long Mascara, i'll have very long looking and thick lashes. The lashes are like going to touch my lids like that.
So anna sui, quite good. And moreover when the curling effect is there, it's not heavy on my lashes so it wun droop after some time. In fact cos' its curling and staying power is there, i seldom experience smudges as well.


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Hi ladies,

I'm very new at applying make-up. Just wondering, which comes first, eyeliner, eyeshadow or mascara? And what do you use to wash off those eye make-up? Can I just use normal facial cleanser? Thanks a lot!


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venusian & clearwater
how do these higher end brands shu u and anna s compare to say loreal and maybelline? i have never tried the higher end mascaras before but will like to hear if they are better. can you offer any help?


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mascara will be the last thing you apply. use an eyelash curler to curl your lash before you apply the mascara.
if you want a more dramatic effect, wait for abt a minute followed by a second layer. (Try not to curl your lashes after mascara coz tis does cost the lash to drop easily.)

I used higher end brands most of the time but currently read from Cleo abt Fasio's mascara. Went to get myself one since it was highly recommended. It's indeed value for money coz the effect is as good as Lancome/Anna Sui!


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hi sheron,

i've tried Fasio also but i apply, my eyes felt itchy so i guess my eyes not very used to it.

Hi anna,
actually some of maybelline's series mascara maybe good but so far my experience with them is the mascara will smudge below my eye area. After a while i'll look like panda, haha.

Actually is my friend who keep persuade me to try anna sui. moreover they let you try the mascara. so after trying, i din quickly buy on the spot cos i want to test the staying power and whether it'll smudge. But i realise after an hour on my way home, it still stays and it's really very curling for me. People in the bus who walk past my seat stare at me also. The after effect was like those Jap dolls's look lor.

So anna, i can only say high end ones are probably those at the shopping ctr counters where they allow u to try. Pharmacies brand like L'oreal or maybelline dun allow trying and thus you may not know the effect. Plus i dun like to spend my money on the not-so-good mascara and chuck them in my drawer when i'm not using it. So now i only use anna sui lor.

Hope above you all wun find long....just my experience lah.


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fasio is gd. quite lasting. another 1 is maybeline mascara in which zhang ziyi was the spokeswoman last time.


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HI verie,
no, we dun mean that. different people use different brands may have different preferences.

Some may prefer volume while people may prefer curling or lengthening effect. but if you have found loreal or certain brand good for you, that's good!

Some of us ladies here have oily eyelids, thus certain brands may smudge but some may not feel that way. So, whatever we recommend here is truly based on our experience and is up to each of us to try and test it.


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Just my 2 cents worth...
I used to buy Loreal & Maybelline mascaras. But I found that they smudge easily and the curling & volume effect is not so good.

I have recently switched to Kose Volume Mascara, and found it very good. This mascara worked wonders for my short and sparse lashes!


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I recently bought Lancome's Flextencils (i think thats what its called - or Flex WP) Its the waterproof version, and I think it really curls! Of cuz, u have to use the eye lash curler first, then it works like magic after that. It still curls up at the end of the day!
I used to use Maybelline, but it smudges very much, and after the day,I look like a PANDA.
But after using Lancome ($40), I will definitely recommend to everyone...!


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there's this new brand selling at watsons very good... forgot the name, but that brands sells glue to create double eye lids also... not bad, my lashes curl up even without using eyelash curler... but it a bit thick so got to apply skilfully.


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i know i know!!
it's koji heart springs...
i have the point mascara and it's very good for the corner lashes or those lower lashes..


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cecilia yeah hehehe i tink the Sasa at wisma is promoting has got a stand of its own ahahaha its a red tube wif silver tip


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Anyone knows of any good staying power clear mascara? sometimes just wanted to coat the lashes with clear mascara to open up the eye but not to have a dramatic effect.


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I strongly recommend Fasio's mascara too. A trick about applying mascara is u have to start from the roots of your lash (as close to your lid as possible.


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I have 2 brand new Lash Prism Waterproof mascara. Retail at $8.90, am letting go at $6.50 each, interested pm me


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hi all

heard there's a BN Majolica Majorca 15 times lash expander mascara which is highly recommended in NU REN WO SHIU DA, anyone tried???


same as srumpee...I also recommend Fasio's mascara.
Currently using their 3D curl and length. So far I feel it's better than Maybellines (though Maybelline's one provide long length, Fasio is less messy)


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I'm currently using the Fibrewig. Wanted to buy the Loreal one actually (where you apply transparent coat at one end and the colour at the other end of the tube), but the Sasa lady recommended me Fibrewig from Japan instead. Red tube, silver cap.

Must say it works very well! It has the same effect as the Loreal one (adds tiny fibres that stick on yr lashes to make it longer) and curls without smudging too. she let me try it at the store and I was quite convinced.

Only thing is that my lashes are very short (hidden under my single eyelid) and so I think no matter what mascara I use, the change is not so dramatic until people on the bus will stare type. Haiz!! :p


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I have tried many brands of mascara from the low-higher ends..
loreal, maybeline, chanel, lancome, shiseido, biotherm...anna sui.

So far, Biotherm and anna sui is my favourite.
long long lashes....


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My fav mascara is still the ZA cutie curl. My oily eyelids smudge a lot, this is the only mascara that doesn't smudge at all and curls very well. And value for money.

I tried Lancome's Hynose (spelling?), smudge like nobody's business.


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Dun try Revlon's newest luxurious lengths mascara. Not good at all...lushes remains soft? More like sleeping...

I discovered so far. Lengthen and curl like jap kinda lashes.


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hi xiaobai

i'm using Majolica's Expander!!!saw in Nu Ren wo zui da and was lemming for it and bot it from yahoo auction last week. Simply fantastic! My lashes are so long!


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i think the loreal mascara is good..esp the waterproof one..but i got a question: usually how many coats of mascara do you gals put on? i normally only put on 1 coat..


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there's a unstoppable from maybelline that is smudge proof & so easy to apply & easy to clean. But its not in singapore so got to get fr Malaysia Thai HK or China.


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try channel, INIMITABLE, Multi-dimensional mascara
it's really good,it's water resistant, and the good thing is that it's so easy to remove with makeup remover.
It does makes your eye big as the lashes are curled to a big extent.


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hi there,
Anyone interested to buy electronic eyelash curler?
It helps to promote lash growth and it is a better alternative to traditional eyelash curler.
U will get curl lash within 5sec instantly!


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Hello everyone

I have a problem with mascaras. I will get panda eyes with the mascaras i use. Is it because the skin around my eyes are oily or the mascara itself didnt really dry up after i've applied them?

Any recommendation of mascara that wouldn't let me have panda eyes?? Please help..


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Do you get panda eyes right after applying or sometime later?
If it's right after, probably you need to keep your eyes open for longer duration to let the mascara dry up. before blinking ur eyes. If not, try using oil-based/smudge proof ones.


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Hi Tsukushi

Nope, its not right after i apply. Its like after half a day has passed or maybe after a day of work and the panda eyes will appear on the eyebag area.

Any recommendation of mascara which will not give me panda eyes??


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Which brand are u using? See whether it's oil-based or water-resistent. Try to pat some loose powder underneath your eyes too.


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Hi Tsukushi

I'm using Fasio at the moment. Heard of reviews that its pretty good at preventing panda eyes and thus i gave it a try. But guess my skin is too oily already.