Beijing - Where to go?


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Hi all!

I'll be going to Beijing for a conference in mid-July with my friends. We will be there for about 6 days there. May I know what are the places to visit and what are the "must-see"? Also what are the things to take note there? Thanks in advance for your help!


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HI Maggie,

There are a few places to visit like Tiananmen and Fobbiden City (behind Tiananmen), Beihai, Yi He Yuan (Summer palace) and Tian Tang (Temple of heavens).

If you can like shopping can shop at YaShow that sell counterfeit bags, clothes and some souvenirs.


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i just walk in any decent one I see!!! if u r going in dec, u can try out the zaotang (bathhouses)


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Cheaper and more convenient to go on package tour, icebaby! CTC specialises in China package tours.


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cheaper or not depends on indivdual. v hard to say going by package tour is cheaper cos the package might not include some of the places u might wan to go see, eat or visit. then wont be worth the price and time spent to go there.

instead the time will be used to send the tourist to the shops and factories for some "educational" tours but it's actually meant for shopping.

the only good thing abt package tours is laziness. dun hv to go any research, juz get spoonfeed all the way. no need to wake up and plan wat to do for the day, where to eat and how to get from place to place.


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Go on package tour, all meals included. I went in September, can't stand the food there, saltish and oily although all the meals are in big chinese restuarant. Food there not very cheap.... Traffic always jam, so can be troublesome if you are taking public transport there. Beijing has very wonderful and rich history to understand abt, so go on a package tour, will be more meaningful. Of cos, u can oso engage a separate day tour from hotel, but shouldn't be cheap.


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Of course, those "shopping demo-cum-lectures" are part of the package tour. There is no obligation to purchase anything from those shops really. You only need to help your tour guide by walking in so that he/she can earn credits. Personally, I find some of those shopping lectures rather useful. I don't mind buying a local snack or two as a gratuity to my tour guide. But I won't buy those jades, pearls or antiques...

I've been to Beijing a few times and never fail to marvel at the distance from point to point. Walking to the subway station is so troublesome. Taking a taxi doesn't solve the problem either due to the city jams and the one-way boulevards in the inner circle. Besides, you need to hire a vehicle or join half-day tours to get to the Great Wall Ba Da Ling or Jin Shan Ling, Ming tombs, Chengde Summer Garden, Yuan Ming Yuan ruins, etc.

However, with package tours, you might not get to explore those cosy hutongs and siheyuans in Old Beijing. Nor could you go clubbing at Sanlitun, watch Beijing opera at LaoShe Teahouse, eat Peking Duck at Quan Ju De, or shop at XiuShuijie & LiuLiChang. At most the guide will take you to shop at Wangfujing shopping street at night. With package tours, the Forbidden City tours will be chop-chop. It's a pity they don't let you linger there for hours. It's always nice to enjoy a cup of coffee by the Beihai Park around the perimeters of the Forbidden City.


hi yule, haha i'm just wondering if i can judge whether the place is 'decent' from the exterior
i'm going with a package tour next week and staying in a most out of way place.

what's this zaotang? this is the first i've heard.


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hi Cassie

U can try going to this place called Bodhi... it's near the worker's stadium at Chaoyang area.... near ya siew shopping centre ..No 17 Gong ti bei lu ... never fail to head down monthly for their foot reflex and /or body massage!


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hi cassie
I doubt u dare to enter those public bathhouses or "zaotang", so pls forget I ever mentioned it here

Many large hotels in Beijing have foot reflexology salons, but they're > expensive. Near to the China World Trade complex is a reputable venue specializing in reflexology called Tianhe Zuliao. It's under the reputable Liangzi Health Group I think. Others u may wanna try are:
a. Xing Hua Foot Health Care Centre
Chain One: East of the No. 201 Building,
Jixiangli, Chaoyangmen wai Dajie.
Tel: 6552-2728/6508-3425.
b. Liangzi Healthy Company
Tel: 6506-4466, ext. 6087.
c. Renming Foot Massage
Tel: 6415-9758.
d. Aboson Blind Massage Centre
Tel: 6465-2044.

Again, I prefer to hop into a cab and ask the driver to take me to any "decent" foot massage salon. They are very eager to play tour guide. By "decent", I mean staff should wear neat uniforms, pte rooms are clean and equipped with tv, dimly-lit ambience, fruit platter and other herbal snacks are provided.

As for the massage skills, I'd say it depends on whoever is assigned to u. If u r a resident in Beijing, u might request for your regular "Masseuse Number" each time u go there. as you're a tourist, it's up to your luck.


hi yule and val,

thanks so much! haha have printed out this page to bring there. all the best for the New Year!


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Hi Blur,

it really depend on urself. u can buy some of their local food & tibits there. as for price, so so.

re u planning to go beijing? tour or f&e?



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Hi Irene,

Yes i'be gg to beijing end of this month. Mine is actually a F&E. but just that we have book a tour guide to bring us around.


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Hi Ms Blur,

For food, I find the chinese restaurants along the beijing night food street to be good. S$25 for a good meal like fish, pork ribs, veg with very good service.

I personally find the QuanJuDe over rated - so if u do not `need' to try their peking duck becoz it's famous, then i suggest u try other food.


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Hi Ms Blur, there is a food street called 'Gui Jie' or rather Ghost Street where there are many Chinese restaurants serving baby lobsters! Very yummy and if I'm not wrong, now is the season.

I agree with Arte that Quan Ju De is over rated. You can easily sample equally good Peking duck at the other restaurants. One more you ought to try is 'Ba Si' which is sweet potato, coated with a thick layer of syrup. Very yummy! They have even varied the dish with bananas, strawberries, kiwi and etc.

Go to WangFuJing for exotic street food. I have eaten scorpions and starfishes while there.


Hi all,
Any1 knows if my trip to Beijing clash with their golden week fr May 1-7, is it simply impossible to visit the places due to crowds? How bad will that be?
Was even wondering if i can get to airport for my departure flight in time

Also, any recmdn on hotels along wangfujing street that are good and also value for money?

Would appreciate all your replies, thanks!


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Wondering wats the weather like in Beijing around April? I know its kinda dry and cooling but is it gonna be cold?



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Will be going Beijing soon next week. Really need more info about it as this will be my 1st trip. Any kind souls here? Thanks a million!


I will be going in early nov, anyone can advise the weather there? Will be going with my mum n 2 children, wonder will it be cold?


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You can visit these places��Imperial Palace, Temple of Heaven, Beihai Park, Old Summer Palace, Summer Palace and Badaling Great Wall, Wangfujing and Beijing University.
What must-see in Beijing is the Peking opera. Appreciating the Peking opera in Beijing definitely is the original taste and flavor.

_______________________________________________ -Peking opera


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You need to go to the Hongquiao Market in Chong Men Wen. I haven't been there in nearly 10 years, but this is the Beijing pearl market. As far as treatments go, it isn't easy to tell whether or not the pearls have been over treated. They've all been treated, but only the over-treated pearls are going to dull that quickly.

If the seller has a lot of pearls that seem to be chalky or burned in any way, this is a sign that their technology isn't very good and you are likely dealing with a seller backed by a small family factory.


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Hi all!

We'll be spending 2 full days in Beijing this 20-21 January and will be staying in
161 Hostel located at Lishi Hutong, Dongsinandajie, Dongcheng District, Dong-Cheng, Beijing.

I have prepared an itinerary below, is this feasible (distance, route, transport), any advice?

Day 1: Great Wall, Ming Tomb, Hutong Tour/ Olympic Village (evening)
Day 2: Forbidden City, Tiennamen Square, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven


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Noamie : Your itinerary is almost impossible!

Did you factor in the notorious traffic jam in Beijing? You taking subway, cab or ride bicycle?

Forbidden City itself already need a day.
Summer palace + Temple of Heaven also need an entire day.

Unless you are planning to just take photo of yourself outside and not entering and exploring the vicinity.

4-5days for your itinerary would be more feasible


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Some advice for you
1. Forbidden City ( Forbidden City Travel Tips – The Palace Museum Travel Tips )
2. Tiananmen Square ( Tips for Visiting Tiananmen Square )
3. Temple of Heaven ( Tips for Visiting the Temple of Heaven )
4. Summer Palace ( Tips for visiting Summer Palace )
5. Ming Tombs ( How to Visit Ming Tombs in Beijing )
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